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Hey my name is KodochaFan55! My friend Ponyiowa introduced me to Fanfiction.net. It seemed interesting so I joined, plus I want to read Kodocha fanfics.

About Me:

Favorite Books: Hunger Games Series, Monster High, Trading Faces, Letters to Rifka, Percy Jackson and The Olympians, The Lost Hero, etc.(I have a lot!)

Favorite Anime/Manga:Kodocha(DUH!), Shugo Chara, Sugar Sugar Rune, The Familiar of Zero, Special A, La Corda D'Oro , Kitchen Princess,Rockin Heaven, Love Berrish, Chocolate, Orange Planet, Boyfriend, Watashi XXX Shinasai, Earl and Fairy, Mermaid Melody, etc.(I'm a anime freak LOL :P)

Things i like to do:Read(DUH) , Watch Anime, Talk to friends, Hang out with friends, Listen to music, etc.

Favorite pairings: SanaXAkito, IkutoXAmu, LenXKahoko, LouiseXSaito,KaitoXLuchia,ChocolateXPierre, NajikaXDaichi, HikariXKei,MegumiXYahiro,AkaneXSeiya,etc.

Future Jobs: Anime artist(not to brag, I'm a talented artist :) ), Actress, Model, Doctor, and Lawyer

Favorite Songs: Who says, Tonight Tonight, Price Tag, Rolling in the deep, Hurt, B-e-autiful, Mine, Everytime we touch, What Hurts The Most, I Thank God, Note to God, Over the Rainbow, What Makes You Beautiful ( OMG I am in love with One Direction! They are hawt!! Lol :-) ), and etc.

HOPE U LIKE MY PROFILE :) ETC. LOL JK HAHAHHAHA! Alert: OBSESSION WITH ETC.(Jk) By the way, I LOVE One Direction!!!! I love Harry Styles!!

If Justin Bieber was about to jump off a cliff, 97% of girls would be crying their eyes out and screaming "DONT DO IT!!!" But I would be a part of the other 3% that would be screaming and jumping on the couch with excitement with a bowl of popcorn at hand saying "JUMP JUMP JUMP!!!" Copy and paste this onto your profile if you are that 3%. (Even though i'm ok with Justin Bieber since he's a nice dude, i wouldn't mind if that happened, even though it'll be sad,well whatever happens,then that's the way :) )

Post these to your profile if you are a anime freak and if you love One Direction!!

Wouldn't it be AMAZING if anime boys were real!!!!! *sighs*

If One Direction came up to me and asked, " Would you marry me, love?" I would say, " Yes!! Yes!!!" and then faint.

You know it would be better if the author of kodocha makes another season of Akito and Sana when they are adults so they can get married and have probably love triangles again,even though love triangles are ANNNOYYYING!!!!!!! If you agree,POST THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

If you like the fact that anime boys are taller then anime girl,POST THIS...please :)

If you don't like the fact that some anime people's hair colors are blue,pink,purple, and other out of this world hair colors...AGREEE


If you like anime girls that rant a lot and are hyper, AGREE! *Weak anime girls that cry and cry ARE BORING!!*

Have you ever wanted to be like a certain anime character? POST!

Mine (and ponyiowa's) Main OC/Characters:

(The other two characters are on Ponyiowa's profile, so please make sure to check it out :) )

Sana Kurate


Weight:100 LBS

Appearance: Glossy orange-brown hair, slim, hazel eyes

About Sana: Sana is a cheerful bubbly girl. She's smart. Also Sana is a award-winning actress. Sana hates being somebody she's not, and absolutely doesn't flirt with boys. When things go wrong, Sana usually puts on a brave face and moves on. Sana was dense at love in elementary school but Akito attracted her. Sana isn't spoiled and loves what she have already. Sana is the type of girl you will want to be friends with and boys often want her as a girlfriend.

Akito Hayama

Age: 15

Weight; 110.5 LBS

Appearance: Brown-blonde hair, slender, golden eyes

About Akito: Akito is a cold and mysterious guy, he's been like that ever since elementary school. The only way that could open him up is Sana. Akito's closest friend is Tsuyoshi. He enjoys eating sushi, and is a champ at karate. His only wish is to get back together with Sana and correct their misunderstanding--and is get Sayaki to stop following him (like a stalker :P).

Characters for my story; Fall in love with Style

Name:Maddi Jane Zhang

Age: 17 years old (Turning 18 soon.)

Birthday: June 15,1995

Favorite Colors: Purple, Blue, and light pink

Hobbies: Studying, Friends, Reading, and Art

Ethnicity: Chinese

AboutMe: My name is Maddi Jane Zhang, I was born in China, but grew up in New York in a nice house with caring parents, but they still are strict ,they want me to get good grades, which I do. My step-dad passed away when we were living in Chicago, I was really sad. My mom wanted a better life, and she got a job offer in Atlanta,Georgia, so we moved there. My mom didn't like Atlanta at all, so then she got another job offer to become a nurse in London England, and we moved to London and see if we liked it. We actually did like London, the air was fresh and clean. The place is really beautiful. So now we settled in London, England and might not move again. My mom also met a nice guy in London, England, so they started dating and are planning to get married. Now, I have a step-brother! Anyways, I have a little brother name Jack, he is very adorable. I love art, it's my talent. I care about school A LOT!! I study like 24/7, and I am always ahead. I really want to get in to Cambridge University for college. My best friends that I am super close with are Taylor April Martin, Pinky Jervier, Inara Virani, Mira Gordino and Athena. I go to school with Taylor, Pinky, and Inara. We all met in 5th grade. I met Mira in a charity event that my mom had me attend in Chicago. The funny thing is that all my friends moved to London with me.I met Athena in 5th grade, she also moved to London with us. I moved around a lot. First, I lived China, then New York, then Chicago, then Atlanta, and now London. Well, I got to go, I'm going to do some studying. I will you about my other friends later!

Name:Taylor April Martin

Age: 17(Just turned 17)

Birhday: April 5th,1994

Favorite Colors: Purple,black,white,green,silver,and gold

Favorite foods: Chinese, Philippine, and Italian

Hobbies: acting, singing, gymnastics, skating, and playing video games

Ethnicity: Chinese( like about 10%), Colombian, American, Philippine, African-American, British, French, and Mexican.

About Taylor: Taylor April is one of Maddi Jane's best friends, she is very bubbly and hyper. She is really smart like Maddi Jane, except her parents aren't as strict and she hates studying. Maddi Jane is more of a nerd, even though she is one too. Taylor was born in Chicago, then moved to Atlanta,Georgia, and now she is in London with Maddi Jane . Taylor is currently dating Justin Beiber, but Taylor isn't so close with him anymore, she really likes Liam Payne from One Direction. Taylor is a huge fan of One Direction and she got herself and Maddi Jane V.I.P passes to see them. Taylor goes to Cambridge International Preparatory School with Maddi Jane. She lives with her grand-parents, since her mom is studying to become a doctor in Cuba.

Name: Pinky Jervier

Age: 17
Birthday:April 11th,1994

Hobbies: Traveling, Art, and hanging out with friends

Favorite Food: Indian

Ethnicity: Indian.

About Pinky: Pinky was born in India, and got adopted at the age of 7. There is not much to tell about her, she is still new to life in America, and she doesn't understand her own life that much either. Right now, Pinky is traveling with Taylor's mom in Cuba, she is having a blast!

Name: Inara Virani
Age: 17( twins with Pinky, but not by blood-related)

Birthday: March 10,1994
Hobbies: shopping, hairstyling,hanging out with Zayn Malik(her boyfriend), hanging out with friends, and sleeping.
Favorite Food: Chinese,Pakistani, and American food.
Ethnicity: Pakistan
About Inara: Inara was born in Chicago,IL and is 100% Pakistani. She is a girly-girl, and loves makeup. Inara is twins with Pinky since they look alike,and everybody says so. Inara and Pinky are super close, they hang out alot. Inara now lives in London and she is trying to find a good mall to shop at. She goes shopping like every weekend!! Inara's boyfriend is Zayn Malik. They are so lovey-dovey!

Name: Athena Dimas

Age: 17 years old

Birthday: February 4th,1994.

Hobbies: Shopping, Friends,Texting, Singing, Ballet, and Art

Favorite foods: Greek,Chinese, Italian, and American
Ethnicity: Greek

About Athena Dimas: Athena Dimas is Greek, but she was born in Chicago,IL. Athena and Maddi Jane went to the same elementary school together. Athena Dimas is a good friend to Maddi Jane. She is also very talented, she can sing, draw, dance, and is very fashionable. She is a bookworm . Athena Dimas is really into romance movies. Athena Dimas is a smart girl, she gets A's a lot, and very few B's. Athena also goes to Cambridge International Preparatory School.

Name: Mira Gordino

Age:17 (Turning 18 soon)

Hobbies: writing,swimming,reading,going on the computer, and hang out with friends.

Favorite Foods: Chinese, American,and Italian

Ethnicity: Italian, and Chinese

About Mira Gordino: Mira Gordino is Italian and 20% Chinese. Mira and Maddi Jane met at a charity event, then they started going to Chinese school together in Chicago. Mira is a very talented writer. She also can read very fast, she can finish a book in 3 hours. Mira has 2 siblings, an older sister and a younger sister, she also has a lot of pet birds. Mira is like a sister to Maddi Jane!! Mira was born in Hawaii, but moved around a lot. She has lived in Hawaii, Florida, Indianna, Canada, California, Chicago,IL, and now London.

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