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Hey it's Yume here and i've just recently joined the site yet again as my last account was hacked through me email thus this account was eventually created as soon as i got the chance. That said i havn't been writing for awhile and i'm a litte rusty so please don't expect me to be great to start with, in all honesty it's a passion that i enjoy day to day but life got in the way before. Now hopefully i can get on and produce more fanfics for people to enjoy just as much as i enjoy writing them. I also love to do co writing so if anyone wants to co write me me or likes the way i write then please i'm all ears and would gladly help anyway i can. That's it for now until i can think of more stuff to update to this and until then hope you enjoy my writings! xD

Some Favourite Parings
Nick & Greg
– CSI – One of the best couples ever, end of and if my picture didn't tell you as much then shame on you.
Sara & Grissom – CSI – These two have grown on me although at the start i didn't really like them together.
Garcia & Morgan – Criminal Minds – Haha they just have to be as they matched perfectly.
JJ & Reid – Criminal Minds – Call me crazy but yeah there is just something about them if im honest.
Leo & Piper - Charmed - Destined to be together period.
Tai & Sora - Digimon - Can't believe the real writers made it Matt and Sora what the hell, not happening here.
Mini & Joe - Digimon - Do i feel need to explain the signals were all there.
Fang & Vanille - Final fantasy 13 - Again they grew on me although sometimes Vanille's voice still grates.
Snow & Hope - Final fantasy 13 - I know shoot me but yeah can't help it.
Gwen & Rhys - Torchwood - Love them even if they have completely different personalities.

Fallen Angels reviews
Bosley is found dead at their holiday home and now their loved ones are being targeted by people with more training than even the girls. Will this be their last trip before going to heaven?
Charlie's Angels: The Movie - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,504 - Reviews: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 8/14/2011