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You probably don’t need to know my real name for this site, so just call me “Chuck”. I am American, in High School (sophomore year to be precise), and a boy, if you couldn’t figure out that from my nickname. I am a military brat, and proud of it. It really puts into perspective the cost of our freedom. Don’t assume that reflects on my political views, I have been taught by my parents to look at all sides of an issue. The problem with that is that it can be difficult to end up deciding on a view at all! Thus, I really won’t be leaning on any direction with my fics. I have a very active imagination, and I am hoping to put it to good use writing.

Likes: Music, close friends, reading, humor, computer games, dragons, traveling, my siblings, and sour foods.

Dislikes: Bullies, oppression, fads, Westbro Baptist Church (I REALLY dislike them), and biased people (I believe in keeping an open mind)

As far as what I like to read goes, I’m not a huge fan of mystery or hurt/comfort, and I really don’t like angst, horror, and tragedy. I love good action stories, however that is not the limit of my favorites, as demonstrated below. I am also not above reading a romance fic here and there, though I usally perfer it when the romace is just part of the plot (In case you were wonderng, my favorite pairing is SpyroxCynder, and I rarely, if ever, look at stories that break up these two and pair one or both of them up with an OC). When it comes to content, my two major dislikes are taking the action away from the canonical characters and screwing up canonical relationships. Other than that, I’ll read more or less anything. I have actually been looking at this site for almost a year before I got the guts to sign up, so I already have a few favorite stories. I haven’t been able to review on most of them though.

As far as what I like to write, expect a fair amount of humor, and a good amount of action. My first story will be an exception to the above though, as I want to try my hand at stuff I haven’t before. I will be uploading OC Bios as I introduce them. I need to beg your forgivness for spelling mistakes. I spent a few of my elementry school years in Germany, going to a German school. As such, my naturally bad spelling never got the attention it needed. I love constructive criticism for my stories, and flames will just give me a laugh. I hope to make a few friends on this site, and I hope the information above doesn’t put you off my writing. I don't respond to individual reviews very often, but I always respond to PMs, so if you need to ask me a question just shoot me a message. See you all in the stories!

Note: I am a terrible artist, so I won't be doing any pictures of my characters or stories. However, if you would like to draw them, I would be happy to discuss it, just shoot me a message. Thanks!


I have recently learned that SOPA is coming back for round two. STOP IT AGAIN!

Current Stories


A Dark Fate: Cynder wins in Convexity, and succeeds in bringing back Malefore. But rather than killing Spyro, Cynder takes him captive and makes him her pet. But she has a few other plans for him as well. SpyroxCynder, with a twist I haven't seen much.

What I am writing right now:

Wars and follow the adventures of the British dragon Temeraire and his captain, William Laurence. I'll put up more deatil about the story when I've hammered out the plot a little more.


These are stories I intend to start writing someday:

I am trying to decide which of three plotlines I would like to use first for a Halo story. I may end up using all of them, but I don’t believe I can take on more than one full story at once. A Guardians of Ga’Hoole story is also waiting in the wings (pun intended).


These will probably end up as stories eventually, but don’t hold your breath:

An Ace Combat fic is floating around in my head, but I can’t pin down the plot, at least enough to consider writing a story for it.

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