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Author has written 18 stories for Okami, Mario, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

You may have known me in a previous life as PixelatedFirefly. Or perhaps DrawingDays.

Feel free to send me messages/questions/concerns about stories. And if you'd just like to talk, that's okay, too!

One of my aspirations as an author on this site: I would like just one (only one!) story to get on the TV Tropes Recommendations Page. Well, that and perhaps get a piece of fan art. But, one step a time, hmm?

"Growing old is compulsory; growing up is optional."
Bob Monkhouse

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."
Henry David Thoreau

"Pursue one great decisive aim with force and determination."
Carl Von Clausewitz

Greetings, fellow readers and writers! Welcome to my profile, where story schedules are constantly being changed, crack and uncommon pairings run amok, and where my stories, in all their mostly real-life oriented and sometimes ridiculous glow, are presented to you, my dear readers.

A little about me...

I'm a strange person - though I'm sure the people who follow me already know that, if my author's notes are anything to go by. My name is odd, so I won't bother to reveal it online, but if one wishes to refer to me by anything other than my username, feel free to make something up. I'd love to see your creativity.

I'm a huge history nerd (even before I found about Hetalia, thank you very much), love biology, and French is my worst enemy. I tend to ramble on about things (case in point), I'm hardly a romantic person, and I have no grace. I'm also hopelessly awkward. I hate liars, I don't smile as much as a normal person does, and have a horrible habit of keeping my face completely expressionless for hours at a time, therefore occasionally giving off the impression that I am either a bitch or I'm not capable of feeling emotions.

I use sarcasm far too much, my sense of humour is both dry and dark (excluding whatever the hell I used to make Hardly a Love Story as popular as it is), and I am hardly a popular person. I've traveled to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, The United States of America, and obviously, I live in Canada. I am planning to backpack across Europe once I graduate high school. I speak English, have a decent understanding of French, some German, some Spanish, some Italian, and a few words here and there in Icelandic. I am planning on learning German fluently within the coming months.

I upload too many stories, I prefer the more uncommon pairings to the popular ones, and I'm constantly experimenting with styles of writing and different genres. I am often plagued with insomnia, so my stories tend to be updated in the middle of the night or ridiculously early in the morning, just remember that this is completely normal. I love writing snarky banter between characters, cliches are my best friends, and I will never write a first-person story unless the main character is a sarcastic little shit. I'm a borderline atheist, keep up with the politics in my country and others, know a lot of useless facts (did you guys know that whoever the current pope is doubles as both the king of Vatican City and the head honcho of the Roman Catholic Church?), and make a habit of watching the news every night. I swear too much, listen to too much music, and haven't completed junior high yet. I'm also a female.

I love strawberry ice cream, the colour green, and astronomy. Historical stories are my favourite kind of story to write, but fantasy comes in a close second. I'm an animal lover, have two cats of my own, and am planning on getting a German shepherd - who is already named, of course. I love learning and reading about different cultures - I could sit all day reading about them and not be bored at all. I take great pleasure in researching the complexities of the former British Empire and the countries formerly and still currently associated with it, attempting to understand the EU (seriously, how many fucking exceptions to the rules are there in this organization! It's ridiculous!), and digging into European/Canadian history in general. I don't think Pluto is a planet anymore, despite that I had always been taught that it was, have no idea how many continents there are (is it four, or five, or six, or seven? Twelve? Are we counting each of the tectonic plates as different continents, if we're going by that definition? Are the Americas all considered one continent? And if that's the case, and we're going technical here, shouldn't Europe, Asia, and Africa all be the same continent, since we're disregarding the Panama Canal? What about Zealandia?), and find the space between Canada and The United States (or, the no-touching zone, as I prefer to call it) to be unintentionally hilarious. Different things fascinate me, you guys have no idea.

Obviously, I love writing. I wouldn't be on this site if I didn't. I think that one was a given. Music is my main form of inspiration, and I have a very wide variety of tastes - basically, if I like the song, I always have it saved somewhere. I love fantasy and romance (secretly, my inner romantic squeals in delight when I read a good romance). I love the bonds I can create between characters. I love describing beautiful, majestic landscapes. I love weaving unlikely relationships (hehe, crack pairings), and writing about friends and family that fight. Protecting the ones you love, at any cost, heroes that have to learn how to control themselves, rebellion... I love it all.

A problem of mine, however, is that even though I know I can write, I always get stuck in my head. I'm sure anyone who reads this and has attempted writing can relate. It's much, much easier to form sentences and plots in your head than on paper or a computer. My fingers are fast, but they often type out nonsense. My mind is foggy and I am often tired when I write, but I always try to believe that I want to do justice to myself and the ideas that form in my head, the ones that had been developing since the first day I ever sat in front of a computer and wrote. Everyone's ideas deserve to be written.

There's no other place I could belong.

I just want to make my mark here.

From Canada, with love,


Im starting anew! Well, for the most part.

On the subject of Shipping...

I don't just have ships, guys...

I have an armada.

Try to sink it. I dare you.

Because apparently I need one of these...
I get these questions in PMs all the time, and honestly, I'm getting tired of answering them individually.
So, here are the most frequently asked questions answered.
You're welcome?


(1) Why do you write Canada so much?
Well, for me, it's half patriotic pride (I love being Canadian, eh) and half... well, comfortableness. Canada, to me, is a character that I can fit in almost any situation. I can merge and twist his personality into nearly every plot I come up with, while still retaining his original character, and I can't do that with a lot of other nations. Canada is not as developed as some of the other characters, which makes him quite diverse, so there are many, many chances to show different sides of him that I think could exist in my writing. He's also a very... shippable character, and I find at least a little bit of joy in pairing him with nearly every other nation in Hetalia. He's an easy character for me to write, so I often fall back on him.

(2) Why do you write crack/uncommon pairings so much?
Ahaha, well... I like them, of course! I don't particularly like writing for the more popular pairings (though that isn't to say that I don't like them, because I do... most of them) and I prefer to spread the love to some of the more ignored pairings. (Guys, seriously, NorCan is so adorable. How can you not like it?) I often get messages and reviews from users on the site who really enjoy my writing of their uncommon OTPs, and it makes me glad that I could please someone. It only makes me want to write more.

(3) Why do your interpretations on the characters keep changing from story to story?
It's not exactly that my interpretations keep changing. I keep a pretty solid characterization on whichever character I write, but with each different plot I create, there comes the chance to show different sides of the characters. For example, in The Spoils of War, I wrote Prussia with a much more sombre side than I usually would (see: Synergy, Hardly a Love Story, anything else I've written with Prussia for comparisons). Why? Because I tried to consider how he, as a nation that was aware that his supposed death was approaching, would see the world. He's very aware of what is happening around him, and he knows that he and Germany are losing the war. I tried to get into his head, to explore how I think Prussia would act in a serious situation, and as a battle-hardened soldier. However, because most of the other plots I've written involving Prussia aren't nearly as serious as The Spoils of War, I write him differently. Does that make any sense?

(4) Why do you write PruCan so much?
Ah, askers, you're making me feel nostalgic! PruCan was the very first pairing story I ever read in Hetalia (the very first story at all, actually) before I ever saw the webcomic, or the manga, or the anime, and because it was rather well written, and advertised cocky, shirtless albino Prussia, I might have immediately fallen in love with his character. -swoon- No, but seriously, I studied European/Canadian history (and was very much interested in learning about one of the most powerful military powers in European history, aka, Prussia) well before I ever came across Hetalia, and when I did stumble on this series that had personified nations, incredibly attractive characters, and my favourite thing ever - history - I jumped on the fandom boat. Hetalia and PruCan has held a special place in my heart ever since.

(5) Who is your favourite character?
Nooo, don't make me choose! Here, I'll give you a top five, in no particular order. Will that make you happy?
1. Norway
2. Prussia
3. Romano
4. Hungary
5. Canada
Number six would be Iceland, but I said I would only do five, so there.

(6) Do you take requests?
Sure! Why not? Bring 'em on!

(7) Will you ever write a USUK story?
Here, I'll put it in simple terms:

(8) But why not?
I don't like USUK. There. Plain and simple. I have never liked USUK, though I might have been able to if I hadn't been scared off by some of those... more devoted fans of the pairing. (Holy fuck, you guys are intense.) I will never like USUK. There are very few pairings in Hetalia that I do not like, and even then, I will always give a pairing a try to see if I can find any enjoyment in it, but... no. Not USUK. It can go sit in the corner with RusLat and SeaLat.

I tend to write AUs more than I write canon. Keep that in mind.

Also, for any Hetalia stories, the way to tell whether I've written an AU or in canon-verse is look to see whether I put human names or country names in the summary. I have a thing against using human names in anything but dialogue when I write Hetalia canon, so I never mix country and human names in the narration. It's just my thing.

Norway is my spirit animal.

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