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1. No copying characters from the TV series please! Make them unique and original.

2. No Mary-Sues. Nobody is perfect!

3. Please be diverse with your characters. I don't want everyone to be and look the same. You don't need to be a badass to be an interesting character!

4. You can send up to two characters but they cannot be romantic interests to each other. However, it can be unrequited or they can be exes.

5. Face claims aren't necessary, but they can help with character descriptions and I'll probably choose one if you don't! Just be sensible when picking them, don't choose a 30 year old model to play an average teen girl.

6. I'm looking for ANTAGONISTS also! I'll probably be accepting 2-3. They can be good at first and turn bad, or vice-versa.

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Age: (13-17)


Nationality: (From the 12 nations. Can be mixed. They are Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Japan, Russia, U.S.A, United Kingdom, Uganda and Venezuela)



Body Type:

Skin Colour:

Hair Style/Colour:



Unique Accessories: (E.g. Jasper's goggles, Raven's necklace)

Face Claim: (Optional)





Crime: (Reason they were placed into lock-up)



Strengths: (Max. 3)

Weaknesses: (Min. 3)



Romantic Interest: (Type of people they are attracted to)

The Thieves of Ordia Main Characters - In Order of Appearance

Erin King, 15 (FallingSunset) - Erin is perhaps the most determined person you'll ever meet. She's feisty, aggressive and loves a challenge, but not as much as she loves her younger sister, Lola. She hopes to defeat the Pokemon league and become a top coordinator, though thieves keep getting in her way. Her fiery attitude makes her a strong team leader, but her impulsiveness can become overwhelming. Her parents are both deceased and she lives with her guardian known as Uncle Jack.

Assigned Pokemon: Chimchar

Current Team: N/A

Lola King, 10 (FallingSunset) - Bright, giggly and loving, Lola is the mirror image of Erin when she was young. Despite her appearance, Lola is very tomboyish and will happy get muddy and dirty, and she's no stranger to pranks. She has determination to match her sisters (her number one idol) and doesn't like giving up when she can't do something. Her parents are both deceased and she lives with her guardian known as Uncle Jack and her sister Lola.

Assigned Pokemon: Pachirisu (Risu)

Current Team: Chikorita (Chika)

Oscar Forge, 16 (FallingSunset) - Oscar is a regular 'nice guy' and a natural people pleaser. He usually just follows Erin's ways and tries his best not to argue back. he likes teasing people, especially girls, and is a proper gentleman. Oscar hates being in the spotlight and can be pretty shy around strangers. He wants to become a Pokemon trainer and hopes to become a gym leader. His shyness means he is uncomfortable at events such as contests.

Assigned Pokemon: Growlithe

Current Team: Flygon

Charlotte Torrent, 16 (Storm229) - Charlotte always has a purpose, no matter what she is doing. She can come across as both cold and intimidating on first meetings (even more so to rivals) though she treats those close to her with respect and kindness. She dislikes people who slack off and act lazy. She has a very elegant aura about her, but she can be brutally blunt and honest. She sees Erin as a friend though Erin sees Charlotte as a personal rival.

Assigned Pokemon: Servine

Current Team: Archeops, Palpitoad

Lily Henderson, 15 (Alice the B-Rabbit) - Lily is strong, both mentally and physically. Her short hair and tall figure means people often see her as a typical tomboy but she can be surprisingly sweet and friendly when you talk to her. She likes life in Ironstead, working in a factory with Oscar and exploring ruins of abandoned buildings. These all add up to her tough physique. She hates people judging her and her temper means she quickly retorts.

Assigned Pokemon: Metang

Current Team: Sableye

Shane Harper, 17 (CaptainPrice) - Shane, also known as Harper, can come across as a very quiet guy when meeting people for the first time, but he is actually very confident and cocky. His charisma and slyness means he is an expert escape artist and he is great at getting out of sticky situations. He seeks adrenaline and will try wild stunts just to gain this boost. For some unknown reason, he is being chased by a band of thieves.

Assigned Pokemon: Pikachu (Chief)

Current Team: Charizard (shiny, Soren)

Beatrice Carson, 11 (LOKandYJfan) - Beatrice, also known as Tris, wants nothing more than freedom. She is the sweet, yet sly and clever daughter of Lord Carson, weapon maker. Her luxurious lifestyle means she struggles to understand the way of life from Lola's point of view, but her stubbornness makes her very protective of Lola and a loyal friend. She hates people making fun of her typical 'cute' Pokemon and builds them up so they are just as strong as more intimidating enemies.

Assigned Pokemon: Eevee

Current Team: Azurill, Togepi

Damien Murrow, 17 (Hakerius) - Damien's greatest passion in life is to create and refine gadgets. His parents hoped he would take a more proper route, though they know they won't be able to stop him and his dreams. He can come off as a bit eccentric, reclusive and unorganized, but he loves going out and exploring the world and doing research that way. He enjoys a challenge, but doesn't dwell with failure and can be very helpful to his allies.

Assigned Pokemon: Electrike (Vindir)

Current Team: Sneasel (Svell), Ponyta (Bruni)

The Thieves of Ordia Minor Characters - In Order of Appearance

Uncle Jack (FallingSunset) - Oscar's father and Erin and Lola's guardian, Uncle Jack is famous for his bushy moustache and friendly personality. He works in the same Pokeball factory as Oscar and I very jolly. He is very protective of Oscar and the girls.

Taffy (FallingSunset) - The leader of a small band of thieves, the black-haired woman is notorious for her hatred of children. She is affiliated with Lord Carson's company and has a feud with Lola and Beatrice.

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