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Oh gawd. covers eyes in shame I'm so, so, so, so, so sorry...unfortunately I don't have a life-threatening disease that's preventing me from updating my stories, which means...I take all the blame. looks at the floor I'm sorry.

This doesn't mean I'm not trying! I'm finding it harder to write HP nowadays but I do have half - okay, quarter-completed chapters on my computer. Thank you all SO MUCH for your reviews, e-mails and support. I wouldn't have been motivated to continue if it weren't for some of you =)) (and also the reader who actually thought my last chapter had been just that - the last chapter of the story. Hey when my story finishes it's going to have a much more satisfactory ending than that!) =.="

I'm much more boring than my stories suggest. My name is Lynn, and I'm 16, I live in Malaysia and am rather proud of it. (We're going through a haze period right now. Damn haze. Damn Indonesia's open burning. Damndamndamn haze.) I love a whole bunch of things and hate very few. I love my reviewers and everyone who's ever offered me constructive advice on my writing. I am against smoking (Do you know what happens when you smoke? You die.), posers, wannabes and Hilary Duff. I wanna learn Japanese, French, the drums and bass guitar. And proper HTMLing, and proper Photoshopping (not the screwing around with both I normally do).

Now this is very VERY important: if I don't update for a while, please do me a favour and kick me. But since that wouldn't be very effective over the Internet, you can always drop a review (they're automatically e-mailed to me), or directly e-mail me at diamond.duet@gmail.com, or even tag me at . The aforementioned being my blog, and for those Lessons fans out there, you might see a little bit of Katie in that from time to time. (:


Oliver Wood has a problem that has nothing to do with Quidditch - his studies. After getting terrible examination results the year before, Professor McGonagall has secured someone as a tutor for him due to the impending NEWTs - the smartest Gryffindor seventh-year, a very unwilling Katie Bell. Told in Katie's often twisted, always funny POV, and occasionally Oliver's when the author feels like it, this is what happens when two friends thrust together by unusual circumstances slowly (slowly, slowly..) evolve into something more.


A little girl's body is found in the halls of Hogwarts. Upon revival, she does not speak. A touch of her hand can open any locked door, or bring the world to an end. No one knows who she is, but Draco, Hermione, Harry and Ron are going to find out. No one has any idea what they're in for. It must be nice to be a Spellkeeper...

Enjoy. And don't smoke, kids. (:
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