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Gender: Male

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Name: G

I am a guy who enjoys writing as a hobby. Somehow that seems more appropriate to say as opposed to referring to myself as a "writer", because in my mind, a writer makes words his profession and treats them professionally. I, on the other hand, often feel little more than an amateur. But then that is the point of my writing exercises, so that perhaps one day I might dare to refer to myself as a writer, and be counted among authors I have long respected.

At this point, I am halfway through (if not perhaps a little further) a rather ambitious project I set out for myself in August of 2011. A fanfic novel entitled "What is Written in Blood", in which I desired to further the tale of those characters I became so involved with. No anime had ever moved me so much as Elfen Lied did, and I became so swept up by it. It was this desire for "more" combined with gracious encouragement from an English professor which finally pushed me past my fear of starting it, and publishing it here. It did not take long for this project to become a large part of my life, even as busy as I often have been.

I write this as a general acknowledgement to those souls out there who have been following my progress on it; the ones who review, and those who have not, or do so rarely. I am grateful for all of you who are reading it. It is a constant reminder for me to keep faith in myself, when I sometimes lose it. I know I'm always saying it, but thank you all for that. I only say it so much because I never feel like I'm saying it well enough. Now, some frivolous details about me.

Getting the physical stuff out of the way, I'm tall, have waist length black hair, skinny but by no means fit whatsoever. So pretty much just a post goth/metalhead wisp of a human being that probably couldn't survive a stiff breeze anymore than my constitution could survive a stiff drink. I tend to look like a walking 80s metalhead cliche (not hairgel metal. Bulletbelt, combat boots metal), and I'm hopelessly introverted. If you spoke to me after reading any of my stories (or even this profile) you'd be hard pressed to believe you were even talking to the same person...if you could get two words out of me.

I'm very interested in themes of philosophy, and human connections, probably because I've often had such difficulties understanding those connections, being removed from such things most of the time. Because of that, I empathize with the underdog a lot of the time, finding that what is proper in this world isn't always what is right. In my opinion, anime, probably more than any other medium of visual entertainment, puts themes like love, honor, and passion into sharp relief, casting them in the form of impossible situations that could never reasonably happen in the real world the way they happen in anime. If that sentence was confusing, I'm sorry. That's the best way I can put it.

Some of my favorite animes have been Armatige the Third (cheesiness and all, Elizabeth Berkley's voice makes me want to pretend Showgirls never happened), Blue Gender (a chilling dystopia above, an apocalypse below, and the compelling ways it changes the survivors), Vampire Hunter D (because come on...who DOESN'T love a good old "i'm the baddest vampire in all of Vampiretown" flick?), Fushigi Yugi (don't mess with pre op trannies...they will FIGHT you), Tenchi Muyo/Universe (I'm a Ryoko fan...may she one day savagely obliterate Tenchi's virginity...Haruna doesn't count), and of course, Elfen Lied, which brought me here finally (the juxtapose of innocence and violence is striking, and my heart always ached for Kaede/Lucy/Nyu).

For the time being, I'll likely focus efforts on Elfen Lied. I hope I'm found worthy here, I've read a lot of great authors on this site. I'd like to think I could draw someone in as they drew me in.

Update 8/18/2012: It has officially been a year since I began this story. I cannot begin to express my gratitude towards the people who have stuck with it for that long, or near that long. I often regret not being able to update with more frequency, especially considering the nice things many of you have had to say regarding this story. I was floored to be told that someone had actually stayed up well past the witching hour reading this story (sealtowel, yes, I'm talking about you _).

Thank you all so much for your patience and for sticking with this project of mine. Rest assured no matter how long I take to update, I WILL finish this. Updates have been slow because of a constant diet of full time work, and school, which will continue until at least the end of September, or longer if I cannot find a way to give myself some kind of break. But as they say, "needs must when the devil drives".

I can't overstate how much the support for this story has helped me, both as a writer (due to vastly intelligent criticism, most notably from TheCuriousReader, and my resident grammar nazi Thechristian without whom there would be endless typos), and as a human being who sometimes slides into destructive self doubt. The kind words, particularly from folks like Dengen, Rocci (I still have that drawing), ThatZACHARY117 (hope you come back to your own story soon, I'd like to see how you're developing as a writer), and iShiny (with the now trademark "nice update!" comments, and who's name reminds me of the Firefly show), really go a long way towards fighting back those doubts. Many of you who I've written in PMs should be well aware by now of my somewhat neurotic personality. You're all freakin saints for putting up with it.

Still hard to believe I've been working on this for a year now. I've never kept up with a writing project this long, and I know for sure that I largely have all of you to thank for that. So thank you. The story is well over halfway finished, and the final ride to the end has already begun.

Hope to see you under the Red Sky.

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