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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter, and Hunger Games.

I am Tom Without A Turkey, the artist formerly known as Miss775. She's kinda gone because, well, I can't reveal too much, but she's very busy now, for all the good reasons, don't worry.

My name comes from the play that the Janitor from the television show "Scrubs" wishes to see his son perform in during one of the Thanksgiving episodes.

I also have a strange affection for sodas in glass bottles, preferable served with a straw.

And my two favorite Thanksgiving Day dishes? Mashed Potatoes and Stuffing.




My favorite HP pairings are: SS/HG (That's my absolute favorite), SS/RL (Sometimes)

I'm open to pretty much any other pairing in HP-dom... except for ish with Lord Voldemort. That just freaks me out. No judgement on people who do like it... I just have a problem with it.

My pairing for Hunger Games is: Haymitch/Effie. Yeah, you can hate if you want and I don't care. I ship Hayffie so hard and I regret nothing.

Also, please, please, keep in mind I like this pairing lemon free. Very lemon free. I just like them as characters and find their dynamic interesting in a very friendship-based, relationship sort of way.

The pairings I dislike from HG: Haymitch/Katniss. I find it to be creeper, esp. with lemons. I don't know why. I just do and, as always, I don't judge people who do like it. Just don't expect me to write it. I also find it hard to write Gale or Peeta. Don't ask me why. I am just attracted to dark characters with baggage - Like usual - and Gale and Peeta aren't dark enough for me, for whatever reason. Haymitch is my brand.


Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing... my awesome, non-sleazy, motivational guru of a beta... TycheSong!


Yes, she is so great that she deserves that virtual ticker-tape parade and then some (particularly chocolate and high-priced Manolo-Blahniks)

She is the one responsible for the wonderful editing that you enjoy while reading "Friendship Cluttered" She's kind, imaginative and patient when I keep making typos and spelling errors... excessively. Thank her in the review section, because she is just that wonderful. Thank-you.


The Stories - Harry Potter

Friendship Cluttered: This will be a story that has plenty of humor mixed in with the drama, both relationship and procedural. It also features a OOC Severus (Although there is a good reason for this, all explained in the story) and a strong, sassy Hermione Granger who engage in a wonderful, close relationship. Oh yeah and Lupin isn't dead either. Also, this story will be updated once a week, life permitting.

Additionally, according to my outlining calculations, this story is going to be 16 chapters long... Aren't you happy that my old writing professor beat outlining into my cranium?

Author's Note: I haven't forgotten about this story. It's just that Chapter 6 is gonna be a long one, so me writing it is taking longer than usual... You'll be happy once it's posted though, since you'll have three times as much to read then usual.

Best Laid Plans: Oh this story... It's going to be awhile before I update it because it wasn't mine to begin with. I don't know how to move it forward, but I will, esp. since this story is the reason why I was recruited to this post in the first place. It'll get done... I just need to think over my next move.


The Stories - Hunger Games

Coming Soon...

Because The Night Belonged To Them: This is going to be Haymitch/Effie - Hayffie (YAY!), but it's going to be a bit dark, esp. in contrast to "Friendship Cluttered". This will be in a short story sort of format... for now anyway. I might change my mind and convert it to multi-chapter. This is a piece where echos of Mary Gaitskill and Miranda July will resound. It will be good. I swear.


Tumblr Account!!!!: You can follow my fanfics here also, along with entries, fanart that I think is fun (I can't draw though...worth a crack), playlists created specially for fics, for your listening pleasure, and other extra goodies. You can access this at... http : // tom- without - a - turkey .tumblr .com /

Just take out the spaces...And there may be mature content in this account so, please, keep this in mind if you're underage. The content shouldn't be that bad but... I don't want to hear ish from your parents/legal guardians/etc. Thankie!!!!


That's all for now and thanks for stopping by...

--The Management

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