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Chapter 1: Is up!

Chapter 2: Is up!

Chapter 3: Is up!

Chapter 4: IS UP!

Chapter 5: IS UP!

Chapter 6: IS UP!

Chapter 7: Its up!

Chapter 8: IS UP!

Chapter 9: IS UP!

Chapter 10: Note

Chapter 11: IS UP!

Chapter 12: another note

Chapter 13: IS UP!

Chapter 14: IS UP!

Chapter 15: IS UP!

Chapter 16: IS UP!

Chapter 17: Ok guys, Im on my mothers comp. My comp is broken down and wont start at all so dont expect another chapter for a while. This has happened before so please be patient. Thanks...

^_^ =

Miko: Uh, I am fourteen and my b-day is April 11, 1990.

Miko: I love Joey!
And Mako Tsunami is my older brother, and we are going to sail the seven seas to find our dad!
Joey is my Yami.
Miko: Urg bashes joey upside the head with a blowtorch...
Blowtorches are good!!*smiles big*
miko is not my real name, but only my tight friends know what it realy is! (sorta)
(^_~) hehe any ways let me tell you more.

favorite shows:

dragon ball z, dragon ball, dragon ballgt, south park, yuyuhakusho, salor moon,
invader zim, outlaw star, gundam wing, gundam0080, simpsons, yu-gi-oh, inuyasha, ramana 1/2, yuyuhakusho, Inuyasha, cowboy bebop, outlawstar, Inuyasha, gundam wing, tenchi muyo, love heina, princess mononoke, Naruto, one piece, Inuyasha, Case Closed. uhhh iam tired... and a bunch more!
(all anime)

favorite bands= slipknot, mudvayne, disturbed, coal chamber, mushroom head, static X,kitte, motograter,Inflame, Ramstein,System of a Down, and other people like that

Favorite Songs= People = shit, Prod, Suffocate, The quiet place, Sugar, bounce, Down with the Sickness, Let the bodies hit the floor, Du Hast, and The Only.

Two of my Favorite quotes= "As i walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, I am the evil." and "You laugh because Im different, I laugh because your all the same."

Miko: saygood bye Joey...
Joey: help me!
Hiei: "Feh."
Sesshomaru: Good she didn't notice me. -_-'
Miko: Sesshy-chan!
Sesshomaru: Eeeep! (Runs away with Hiei, Joey and Miko chasing him.)


Miko: Hey, i have decided not to write fanfics for a while, seeings how i am not very good...
but to the people who do write, i saloute you!
I love lemons...
Joey: me too!
Miko: shut up...any way people write more lemons, on Inuyasha and kagome, and Joey wheeler and seto...
well over and out!


Miko: today is special because I got a new muse to replace vegeta...guess who it is...ITS Hiei!
Wow i had to do that but hiei will now be helping me to answer good stories...over and out~.~

Miko: Hello, I have terrible news to bring you today!
Hiei: Joey ran into a car and got ran over and died...
Miko: The murderer is still unknown!
Hiei: ya...Unknown *Inches away from miko*
Miko: Tis a tragic day!
Hiei: Whatever!


Miko: OK, internet dosent work any more!
Hiei: Matter-of-fact, neither does your computer!
Miko: Yes well...how was I suppose to know that cutting the red wire would make it explode and burn down my house?
Hiei: -_-...
Miko: Really...Well I am at a friends house so...no more updates any time soon, depends if I get a laptop for christmas or not...
Hiei: But your mom said she was going to get you one!
Miko: Yes and...
Hiei: Your lucky I love you!
Miko: ^_^

Miko: Ok every one I am soooo sorry for the delay, and uhhh not getting on in soooo long, but some things just cant be helped! I finally have the internet back! But the downside is I can only get on during the weekends...well what ever. Um, oh ya, ok my birthday is in April so I hope to get my own computer...(Ps, I already had my own computer but the internet wont work! GrGrg)
So in conclusion, Sesshomaru has been my new muse for the past three years but, I just havent told you yet! ^_^ anywho, thanks for listening and...OH! for all who stayed and waited for my story 'broken hearteed,' sorry, I had all the chapters written but i dont have my old computer anymore, and well...I really dont remember what my story was about so sorry...But hey! Stay tuned for my new story! COming in Febuary 2004! so DOMO ARIGATO!


Miko: Ok Broken hearted will be continued! Sadly though, dont spect another chappie until march...sorry...(writers block) havent written in so long.

IF you like Harry Potter stories, I recomend 'It never comes easy.'


If you like Yu-Gi-Oh!, I recomend you read 'What I did for love.'



Miko: Hey, has any one ever heard of the person on ffn thats pen name is Miroku?

Joey: The reason we ask is...

Hiei: That was Miko's old account after she made this one, and forgot how to get in...

Miko: THen I remembered and forgot how to get back on the account of Miroku...

Sesshomaru: -_-;

Miko: Thought you ought to know, hey go check out that story, under Miroku...Hehehe I couldnt write back then... And I really can't write well now...But HEY, I have come a loooong way since then!


Miko: YA! Another boost to my ego! All the people in my chorus class say I can really really sing good! YEAH! Anyway, I am not gonna hide it no more, no point in being modest. I CAN DRAW! I CAN SING! I CAN...cant dance...
Sesshomaru: ;huh;
Joey: Ohh!

Miko: I have bright brown eyes with thick long black eyelashes. I have short dirty blond/ redish black hair that looks really cute when its flipped out...
OH! If you have ever seen the one girl that likes Shihai in full metal panic, I look alot like her...in an anime way...
I'm not very sensitive and I get along with all the boys in my community..Need I say more?

Sesshomaru: Yes..

Miko: Well I am a tom boy. there...I am also pretty strong, with a pretty fine structured body for mostly sitting on the couch all the time...I like pretty much what ever every other 'normal' teen does, and I like doing pushup's and situp's regularly...

Joey: And..

Miko: ANd what?!?

HIei: AND!...

Miko: AnD I have a ...

Hiei: and..

JOey: Ya...

Miko: ANd what?@?@

Hiei and Joey: Oh nothing...

Miko: OHH!...


My favorite paring is: Kagome/Sesshomaru

...And a bunch more!

Favorite saying:

Heaven wont except me and Hells to afraid I'll take over...

^_^ =

Case closed:

Rachel's father: Do you know the cause of death? *Looks at two police men staring at dead body on the floor.*
Police men: Uh, we're pretty sure its the knife in his back, Sir.

Favorite Bishi:

Sesshomaru! * Hell, I dont care! This adonis is freak'in HOT! *

Hiei! *OWI Tie me up and buy me leather!*


Miko: Ok, I wont be happy untill I get this off my back. I got an email the other day asking if I was a lezbo...
Hiei: She got so mad she scared me!
Sesshomaru: ME TOO!
Joey: thats kinda disturbing...
Miko: ANy way...NO! I am not a lezbian! I am straight! I have a boyfriend! Girls do not in any way 'turn me on'!...sorry...just thought I'd make that clear...


Miko: okies, hello...Oh! Lasako, you may 'borrow' my idea if you like... I dont have a problom with that...^_^

Sesshomaru: ...
Hiei: ...
Joey: ...

PS! My favorite author is amyfushigiyugi!

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