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Hey everyone! Princess Monokoe here :) If you're wondering if I spelled princess Mononokoe wrong you're right. I swear, right after I entered my name on here I was like: 'Wait, is that how you spell her name? It feels like there's a 'no' missing in it... oh well'. Then I Googled it and I realized I spelled it incorrectly after all, but I don't feel like changing it now :)

Why do I have the distinct sense that this is like blogging, but for fanfictioners? Lol! I don't care anyways, I find this cooler than facebook sometimes! I love to laugh a lot and I think I have a sickness where all I can do is read books! Let's see... I read Twilight before people got all physicked over it and I am proud to say team Edward all the way! Jacob is a walking flea bag and he's super fugly in the movie unlike my sparkly hubby ;) IDK if anyone who is reading this has every watched some of my favorite animes or mangas (if so, we can be all nerdy and talk about it and stuff 8D):

Ouran Highschool Host Club- Watched! I thought this was the cutest I've ever seen! I think Tamaki had issues with the whole mommy and daddy thing, but I wish I had one of him at my school! Is it just me or do you think Honey was like, so kick butt?! I was tempted to buy my own ousa-chan at f.y.e. but my mom said no :(

Bleach- This was my first real anime that I ever watched! Sailor moon doesn't count because we all know Serena was just a pre-teen hooker in a leotard with a skirt and some random skirt that was way too short for her age. Bleach is the only anime I keep up with the most. I watched Ichigo die like, 4 times all because of Orihime and I have laughed so hard at hearing Rukia say the whole 'hado 33: sokatsui' in both english and japanese! I like the japanese version better btw, but I'm waiting for episode 359 and they seem to be taking like ten years to upload it.

Full Moon- Watched. I love all the music and sound tracks to this anime! Takuto reminded me of Ikuto from Shugo Chara (which I haven't finished either). I love the little dramas Mitsuki has to deal with and her doctor is Fine! with a capital F! I could slice his hotness with a knife! I cried when I heard that Eichi was dead and then all that crap Mitsuki had to put up with because she wanted to try her hardest to meet Eichi halfway :'( its makin' me tear up right now!

Shugo Chara!- I think this should be called Sugoi Chara! (sugoi is japanese for awesome and go figure on the chara part... idk what it means either). This was the second anime I ever watched- and I am still not counting Sailor moon. This plot line was so good, the characters were kawaii, the villians were awesome enough to be likable, and the charas were adorable! I dont want to overload your mind with its awesome magnitude, but i havent finished it yet and I'm still on episode 80... yeah... I have a long way to go still. I can't believe there's a ton of episodes yet the manga has only like, 8 volumes o.O

Imadoki!- I actually just finished this at school today and I almost cried at the end! Tanpopo was a moron for dating Yoji and Koki needed to drop Erika like she was... well trash I guess. She has some serious issues with trying to kill herself! I wanted to kill her myself in the last volume! I think I want to start a hate group against that chick.

Vampire Knight- I have watched this anime twice because it was so fantastic! I want to fly to Japan and meet Hino Matsuri! This has to be the best drawn anime I have ever watched! I mean not that I hate Bleach or anything, its just that it takes a girls hand to draw something as sexy as Kaname Kuran! Lol! Thought I was going to say Zero, didja? Zero is a waste of space and he has like, super greasy hair! Omw, has he never heard of a comb?!

11eyes- I actually just started this Friday afternoon and through the first episode I was glued to the computer screen thinking: WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF????? I tell you, I had question marks floating everywhere around my head! That show was so wack! I really like the opening and the ending is pretty in itself, but serious wtf is going on with the show?? I'll tell you guys if I have any luck understanding that crap. I'm on episode three and already I'm about to shank Yuka. Can't she do anything else but scream? Useless girl. And wtf is up with Kakeru? When I saw his eye patch for the first time I thought it was leopard print and I was about to write him off as gay. There is some foolishness goin' on in that show.

Feel free to recommend any anime to me or to rant about some random show I've never heard of! :D I really don't mind and since I usually procrastinate homework I'll watch that episode right along side of you! Kyotsukete minna!

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