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Hello peoples of! Come enter my domain, if you dare! (Not that there’s much here right now, but anyway.)

Name: Jennifer, but that's the most you'll get out of me! I prefer Syxkea (six-kee-ah).

Occupation: I'm going to college to get my degree in art and animation right now, so I guess "student."

Young Justice OC Contest

Oh yes, another one of these. With the show being cancelled, I decided to try my luck at an OC story, and I need the fan's help! I have one OC of my own that I will be using, but I need more to make up a new team. I would like to end up with a total of six to eight characters for the main team. The story takes place about twenty years after the end of season 2, and will be extremely AU. Rules and the OC template have been posted below.

Rules and Regulations

1.) All character templates must be submitted via PM. I will not be looking at characters that are submitted in reviews.

2.) Any OC that has any direct blood relation to a canon character (i.e. Batman’s daughter, Blue Beetle’s long lost twin, etc.) will be automatically disqualified.

3.) A single person can submit up to three characters, but I will only choose one OC from any one person. That way, three OCs don’t come from one person.

4.) If I do not choose your character to be part of the main team, chances are good that I will use them as a supporting character at some point.

5.) If I do choose your OC, I will inform you via PM. I may ask for some more details or clarifications at that time.

6.) I am also interested in any villain ideas that anyone may have. I'm not going to post a villain template here (mostly because I think the one below would suffice), but even just general ideas would be appreciated. Also, as there has been a little confusion with rule #3, there is no limit to the number of villains a person can submit. I would not count it towards the "three OCs per person" rule. That applies only to characters that might join the Team.

7.) NEW - I will no longer be accepting any OCs that have elemental powers (so no power over water, fire, weather, etc.). It's not that I think these are bad characters, far from it. The problem is that I've received a number of these already, and it's hard enough to pick among them as it is. I would like to have a little variety in the team's powers and abilities after all (for instance, I've only had two people give me non-superpowered characters).

8.) NEW - I would also like to have some more variety in the race/nationality of the team characters. Most of the ones I've received have been Caucasian American (with no more details as to what origin of Caucasian, as this usually refers to anyone of white skin tone), with most of those being blonde-haired, blue/green-eyed. I have nothing against these characters and it will not be a determining point on whether I pick an OC or not (I'm not intentionally trying to be racist or anything), but I would like a few who are a little different. Look at the team from season 1 for example: there was an Atlantean, a Martian, a half-Kryptonian, Artemis who was half Vietnamese, a Homo magi (Zatanna, at least in her original appearance in the comics), and an African-American. Again, variety is not a requirement but would be appreciated.

OC Template

Name: (First and last names please. Include any nicknames.)



Age: (Range 12 to 17)


Date of Birth: (Month/Day)

Physical Appearance (This is all self-explanatory.)







Civilian Clothing:

Superhero Outfit:


Specific Powers: (If your OC has any. Please be as detailed as possible.)

Power Origins: (How did your OC gain his or her powers?)

Power Limits/Weaknesses: (Every superpower or ability has a corresponding weakness. Someone who uses archery or gadgets is going to run out of ammo eventually. A pyrokinetic can’t use his powers underwater. Someone with improved night vision may go blind at sudden bright lights. Try to have at least one weakness for every two or three powers/strengths, just to keep things balanced.)

Skills: (Skills and abilities other than any powers listed above. Things like martial arts skills, computer skills, certain knowledge, etc. would go here.)

Equipment: (Any gadgets, weapons or other equipment go here. For instance, Robin’s batarangs or Artemis’ arrows would go here. If your OC focuses more on equipment than powers, please describe what he or she uses here. Also please be as detailed as possible.)

Backstory and Relationships

Family: (Please give the name, age, current status (such as alive, dead, estranged or missing), and relationship to your OC. Any close friends or surrogate parents/grandparents/siblings/etc. can also go here.)

Mentor: (Mentors for the characters, if they have any, will play a small role, especially in the beginning of the story. However, equal consideration will be given whether a character has a mentor or not.

If your character has a mentor that is also an OC, please give a little detail about the mentor’s abilities and past. If your character has a canon mentor, please explain how your OC met his or her mentor. This information can be put in more detail in the “Personal History” section below as appropriate. Please try and have who the mentor is fit with your OC’s powers/abilities. For example, a speedster is not going to mentor someone who uses primarily gadgets.

Since this story takes place twenty years after season two, some of the canon characters from the show can be mentors. I would prefer that you create original mentors. That being said, I will not automatically disqualify your OC if he or she has a canon mentor. If I don’t choose your OC, it probably will have very little to do with whether the mentor is original or canon. However, for the purposes of the story and what I already have planned/written, members of the Bat family, Arsenal, Artemis, Blue Beetle and Static are off limits.)

Dating: (Would you allow your character to become involved with someone else? Is your OC already involved with someone? Who? What kind of person would he or she fall for? How would your OC act around that person? I’m not guaranteeing that I will write your character into a relationship. I just would like to know if you would be okay with it.)

Nemesis: (Does your character have a nemesis or rival? What are they like? Please give some details about how your OC knows this person and what kind of a relationship they have. Also, like with mentors, I would appreciate it if any nemeses were original rather than canon characters.)

Personal History: (Where did your OC come from? Where was she born? How did she get her powers? How did she meet her mentor, if she has one? How did she end up where she is today? Again, please be as detailed as possible.)


General Personality: (How does your character act in certain situations? How does he react to certain people? How does he handle different problems? How does he act in combat? Broken record: please be as detailed as possible. The more detailed you are, the better I can properly portray your OC.)

Personality Strengths: (Is your character good at listening to people? Is she courageous? Logical? Emotional? Honest? The sky’s the limit with this one, but please don’t have too many of these.)

Personality Flaws: (As with strengths, each character has flaws. Is your character short-tempered? A pacifist? Overly suspicious of others? Socially awkward? Like with strengths, don’t have too many or too few of these.)

Misc. Information

Likes: (Including but not limited to favorite color, food, pastime, etc.)




Would you be willing to have your character die or otherwise become indisposed?: (I don’t plan to have any characters die at this point, but if the story did go in that direction would you be okay with me killing off your character or taking him or her off the team for a while? Equal consideration will be given to all characters regardless of the answer to this question, so don't think that you have to answer "yes" in order to be picked.)

Anything else to add: (Any miscellaneous information that you would like me to know but doesn’t fit in any other category.)

Favorite Movies (Yes, most of these are animated. So sue me.)

Harry Potter (though honestly, I prefer the older ones to the newer ones)

Lord of the Rings

Beauty and the Beast



Finding Nemo

The Incredibles





How to Train Your Dragon

Kung Fu Panda

Original Star Wars trilogy

Original X-men movie

Favorite Video Games

Kingdom Hearts Series

Jak and Daxter series

Ratchet and Clank series

Metal Gear Solid series

Sly Cooper series

Sonic the Hedgehog series (Pre-Sonic Heroes anyway)


Favorite Books (I honestly don’t read many books…)

Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter

The Hobbit

Wicked Series

Chronicles of Narnia

Favorite Cartoons/Anime/Shows



Teen Titans

Young Justice

Angry Beavers

Danny Phantom


Some of the Dragonball series (not all of it)

X-Men Animated Series (from the early 90’s)

X-Men: Evolution

Current Goals:

Improve my writing ability (general goal, at least)

Draw (anything really, right now working on the human body)

Complete an animated movie I’m making based on a fanfic I’ve read here

Find voice actors for said animated movie