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Imagination has few boundaries; you can literally be on another planet, in another time, or even in a whole other dimension [reality] where things are not what they seem. - Jennifer Bennett
We are who we make ourselves to be. - Proverb

Hey everyone, welcome to my little fanfic corner on FanFiction.Net! I'm Tawny Kat and though I have not lived long enough for a good biography, or autobiography for that matter, I can give you a little bit of information about myself.

I'm a light auburn, hazel eyed, 4'11" tall Euro-American (Caucasian or white, if you want to be politically correct :P). I was born on the 31st of July in the Julian Year of 1984 and am the oldest of nine surviving siblings. I love stories with cats (and/or other anthromorphs) and futuristic technology, as well as some fantasy and paranormal stories.

I always have an unfinished story in my head or on my computer. I can never seem to get focused enough to stick with one story to the end (I try to finish, though).

I'm also a firm believer in taking the critiques with the praise. How else do people expect to reach their goals with a level-headed perspective? However, I do NOT like flamers nor any of their hateful and abusive messages. Any flames I catch in my reviews will be reported.

If you like my stories, I'm also registered on fictionpress.com as Tawny O. Kat.

2011 NOTICE: My favorite computer finally gave out late 2010, taking half my fanfiction (including SWAT Kats) with it as it stopped letting me burn onto disk in early 2007 and my family's backup server wouldn't accept all my files. Moreover, I've lost nearly 2/3 of my total fanatic fiction collection in January 2011 because when I tried to move what was already on the server my new computer became full and deleted the transferring files instead of canceling the move to preserve them. As such, I'm sad to say any further fanfiction stories by me is canceled until further notice, I'm too busy with real life to rewrite my fanfiction from scratch.

16 JUNE 2011 UPDATE: Thank you Tabbytha, for helping me grab copies of most of my lost files from your server, and thank you for the backing up of my files in the first place. To all those who may be following, I now have most of my lost files back. I will first find a new place where I can again back these up as Tabbytha had to pay for a 3 mo subscription to a server that she had previously let expire because of changes in service. After being safely backed up again, I will go through the files, which are now on my new thumb drive to determine what may still be missing (in an initial look it appears my deaf SWAT Kats character seems to be one casualty). Once that is done, I will truly be back in "business" as the missing files look pretty minor and easily fixed one way or another.

OCT 2012 UPDATE: Finally getting through sorting. In other news, I'm now among the married. Therefore I will be working on sorting through my mess of fanfic/fanart files as my husband and I settle into life as a married couple. When I am done sorting, I'm hoping to get Chapter 2 for the SK fic finally updated (rewritten if necessary) and posted. "Trance" is looking at a complete rewrite from start to finish in order to set a clearer stage for Trance's arrival, including a better-devised surname (new surname is done).

OCT 2016 UPDATE: Life has been chaotic. Lost the flash drive but thankfully nearly all the files were already backed up on a larger drive do to my sorting efforts, and the little bit of info that didn't make it can be redone. Also, turns out the data loss from 2011 permanently lost me only the deaf SK fan character. Everything else from that time was restored thanks to the backup Tabbytha had. In other good news, I did get the first chapter of Trance's rewrite finished over these four years and am working on the second. The posted chapter for "Trance" is slated to reappear in the third or fourth "rewritten" chapter as I decentralize her [i.e. de-Mary Sue her] a little from the story.

It begins with a character, usually, and once he stands up on his feet and begins to move, all I can do is trot along behind him with a paper and pencil trying to keep up long enough to put down what he says and does. - William Faulkner

I'll be leaving here a short list of my fan characters and their related fandoms. Some may have their stories posted here; some may not (yet). If you would like to use them in your stories you may, so long you give credit (and a pm for bios or, if applicable, additional information not yet found in their respective stories).

Swat Kats
Tawny Whitefield/Wild-Kat, CJ Furlong, Dr. Angel Sphinx/Dr. Genome,

Mega Man and MMX
Melody Koval/Trance, Christopher Thomas Light/Tap Man, (majority of staff at) Harmony Submersible Base, (villagers of) Harbinger Village

(BEAST WARS) Chita. Stealthcat, Speedster, Axalon, Sapphire

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