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If you're looking at this page, YES I have deleted all my stories, mainly for good reason...I barely have a real fanbase here, and also there are a bunch of brats here that need a good thwaking to the head, so as of now I will no longer be uploading any stories here, but I will be uploading stories to my deviantART page...I have a Sonic fic being made but It's not a Sega Sonic one, and god forbid a Sonic X one...It's a fic based of the SatAM Sonic series and the Archie Sonic series...why? Because I fracking loved these series, and if you bash me for that then you need to fucking hang yourself! Of cource there are anti-sally clubs and worce Kill-Sally clubs...And to me the reasons why you hate Sally are just fucking retarded and lame as hell...and you like Amy better than her and call her compatable with Sonic because she and he are hedgehogs, and nothing more and that's just fucking stupid! Also, the only REAL reason you don't like Sally is because you want Sonic and Amy together and not Sonic and Sally together which makes your hatred towards a fictional cartoon character even worce...you don't hate her just for her, you hate her because she loves Sonic...you people make me fucking sick, it's true!

You people are worce than PS3 fanbrats, Worce than Angry Video Game Nerd Fanbrats, Worce than the worst fans of Family Guy(don't get me wrong I like Family Guy sometimes, but there's just a horrible horrible fanbase for this show), you're not real fans of the Sonic franchise, you're just a bunch of trolls that deserve to be eradicated of the face of the earth because there will be no fucking peace on this planet as long as you walk on this land!!

If any of you are TRUE fans of the Sonic Franchise that take the good with the bad, then you're allowed to view my deviantART page

Everyone else, you can go to the bowels of hell and get fucked six ways through Sunday with the devil himself and all his barbed wire tentacles!

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