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Hey guys!

We are a group of friends, and we enjoy Glee, Starkid and Harry Potter. We also each have special powers.

Phoebe - Super Wankiness

Lorna - Apparition

Bri - Flight (Ha! You Wish you were cool like me! -B)

We are also girls who sneak into Dalton.

My name is Phoebe Elizabeth. (GoldAtTheEndOfTheKlainebow) I am sixteen and currently studying my A Levels. I live in the United Kurtdom in the countryside of the Surrey Hills.

In my free time I like to write fanfiction, read fanfiction, act, sing and play my guitar.

I love Klaine, CrissColfer, Harry Potter, Glee and Starkid

Oh and smut :P *cough*

Hello! I'm Lorna Elizabeth (aka HPfangirl4life). I'm 17 and I live in North Wales in the United Kingdom, probably the most boring place on earth. I live in a tiny town in the middle of the island of Anglesey. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, Glee, StarKid Productions (AVPM FOR THE WIN) and chocolate. Oh, and also Klaine, CrissColfer and Drarry. I have a slight slash addiction. Sue me.

In my free time I write and read fanfiction, watch movies, read, surf the glorious world of the Internet and listen to Darren Criss or the cast of Glee. Toodlepip! ((FYI: She also likes Smut. -B))

Hey Everyone! I'm Brianna Elizabeth (but call me Brianna, and you won't be happy. lolz. But I'm not kidding. It's Bri)! (AKA: Mandy Alexica) I am 14 and I live in Michigan in the US. For now at least. I'm from London, England originally. And Lorna may say that she lives in the most boring place ever, but here in MI, It isn't too exciting. :/

I LOVE LOVE LOVE: Fanfiction (reading and writing), singing, GLEE, RolePlaying with Phorna (Lorna and Phoebe), KLAINE, CRISSCOLFER, and I'm also obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and Wrestling.

I may live "across the pond" from Phorna, but we are bffs and are literally like sisters. Although we don't agree on some things, we love eachother and want you all to enjoy our stories! :)