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Author has written 3 stories for Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy VII.

- Update -

17 July 2013: Oh goodness, where has the time gone? sure has changed a lot. Thank you for all the encouraging messages to continue When Hearts Collide, it really did help me get out of the terrible spiral I was in. I hope I'm not too rusty on the new chapters, and I hope you all haven't forgotten the story. I tried to work in some "reminders" on what previously happened already. Also, thanks to Glaring Eyes who messaged me in my made the story cover and encouraged me to continue with my writing! Here is the link to the original artwork: http:///art/When-Hearts-Collide-348158217 . This story art feature wasn't around when I last updated, but I love it.

- About me -

I'm a university student from Sydney. I'm currently studying Law and also doing a degree in Arts in International Studies, majoring in Japanese. When I'm not studying, working, Facebooking or sleeping, I'm playing video games, watching anime, reading, or writing fanfiction.

Favourite game series: Final Fantasy (FF7, Crisis Core, FF8, and FFX are my favourites), Suikoden and Phoenix Wright.
Favourite anime series: Death Note, Code Geass, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
Favourite manga: Liar Game.
Favourite book series: A Song of Fire and Ice, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Tales of the Otori and Sword of Truth.

- Projects -

When Hearts Collide - This is a crossover between FF7 and FF8. The main themes for it are regret and redemption, as I always thought that the FF7 characters end up pretty miserable. For example, what if Cloud could meet Aerith and Zack again? What if Vincent and Lucrecia met again? What if Lucrecia could find her son?

I never realised how much of a pain in the rear writing a story about time travel would be - I've had to re-edit chapters over and over again so things can make sense, and a lot of the time I ended up confusing myself. Hopefully it all makes sense when you read it. I'm trying to keep as true to canon of FF7 and FF8 as possible (yay for Final Fantasy Wiki). I also still have a slight love for romance so I can't cut it completely out of my writing repertoire, but romance will not be the main focus (you'll only see cannon pairings here because that's how I roll). If you're looking for hardcore romance, read my older fanfics.

Lost Memories of My Love - Complete. My first Final Fantasy 8 fanfic, slightly AU. Some know this as the FF8 adaptation of the K-Drama, "Stairway to Heaven". I started this fic a very long time ago in my early teenage years, so it may be a bit "ugh". Reading over it years later, it seems to be very angsty and emotional, so this'll appeal to anyone who loves extremely dramatic romances that will probably never spawn in real life unless you're on the set of a soap opera or Hollywood movie (it's nice to dream). And yes, I am aware that I spelled "Leonhart" wrong for the entire fic. But despite the truckload of flaws, I'm happy with the response this fic got. I would love to rewrite this fic one day.

Flying with Broken Wings - It's dead. I'm sorry. If I ever get the urge to finish it, I'll try but I'm not really motivated to do so.

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When Hearts Collide reviews
Ultimecia succeeds in time compression and creates a world where Sorceresses reign. In the new world, Squall and his friends meet a flower girl and they try to save the world together. Meanwhile, Rinoa is lost in time and meets a blonde mercenary, so they set off to find Squall.
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