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Hey world! (: I'm new to the whole fanfic writing thing, but I love thinking up stories, so I thought I'd try this. I'm a little nervous about other people reading my work, but I decided to do this anyway. After all, if I made a story that at least one person liked, then it's worth it. (:

I'm not very good at talking about myself, and I'm kind of uncomfortable about telling people about me who I don't really know, but I guess I can give it a shot.

First of all, I'm a guy. I know my first story is based a good deal around a girl, so I thought I would throw that out there just in case anyone thought otherwise.

I'm short, nerdy, and not a very social person. To be honest, the only reason I can write stories on here without having a panic attack is because no one knows who I am.

I've always had all sorts of ideas for stories I thought would be awsome, and I've always thought I could give being a writer as a profession if accounting ends up being a bust (hopefully what I'm gonna be doing for the rest of my life). The only problem is I would have to get over my extreme fear of...well, people...

Meh. Stupid life...so my life's been pretty hectic lately, so to anyone who reads my stuff and actually LIKES it, I'm REALLY sorry for the huge wait between updates. ); Don't be angry...

So I said I would put character profiles of my people in What Lurks (a pretty long time ago). I feel like I got the details pretty well in chapter 9, but I guess I could still put these profiles up. It also gives me a chance to add some little extra details. (:

What Lurks in Darkness Character Profiles

Sarah Orwell

Age:21 Gender: Female Height: 5'4" Weight: About 100 lbs. Eye color: Dark-green Hair: Long, black, usually kept in a ponytail

Physical Description: Sarah is pretty boney, despite the fact that she has always loved to eat unhealthy fast food and junk food: the greasier, the better. She is a little pale. She likes to wear darker-shaded clothing. She is currently wearing a white tank top, a dark-gray jacket, and black skinny jeans.

Personality: Sarah used to be very warm and friendly, but living in a zombie apocalypse and losing everyone she ever knew has made her very depressed. She has nightmares about her boyfriend dying almost every night.

Weapon Preferences: Sarah likes to use pistols, and is capable of dual-wielding pistols (not as easy as video games would make you believe). She can also handle machine guns pretty well.

Steve Richards

Age: 26 Gender: Male Height: About 6'0" Weight: Around 140 lbs. Eye Color: Blue Hair: Short, blonde hair

Physical Description: Steve is pretty tall, the tallest in the group. He's pretty scrawny, but he has some muscle on him. He wears glasses, which amazingly are still in one piece. He is currently wearing a green pollo shirt and blue jeans. He can't grow a full beard, which irritates him immensely.

Weapon Preferences: Steve likes to use rifles (head shot!), especially semiautomatic ones. He also keeps a pistol on hand in case the infected get too close for comfort.

Phil Morton

Age: 41 Gender: Male Height: 5'7" Weight: about 180lbs. Eye Color: Brown Hair: Pretty short, brown and gray hair

Physical Description: Phil is the strongest of the group. A little past his prime, he nonetheless can hold his own in a fight. His hair has started graying since the infection. He is currently wearing a red sweater that someone named Anna gave him for his birthday, and a pair of blue jeans.

Weapon Preferences: Phil's a natural with any shotgun, but likes the 'feel' of his pump-action shotgun. He keeps a pistol for long range shooting, his shotgun for mid-range and "clearing a room," and grips brass knuckles for close combat (haven't ACTUALLY said anything about that, but I thought it sounded cool. I'll be sure to throw it into the story somehow).

Hunter (name unknown)

Age: Unknown Gender: Male Height: 5'2" (and hates it) Weight: about 120lbs? Eye color: Whites of his eyes=black/ Irises=yellowish

Hair: Dark brown, almost black. Very messy

Physical Description: He is short and lean, but very muscular. He has a little patch of hair on his chin. He likes hoodies (obviously). He is currently wearing a dark-gray hoodie with skulls on it, as well as a pair of jeans. Duct tape is on the hoodie and jeans.

Weapon Preferences: Obviously, the hunter enjoys ripping things to shreds with his claws. Range isn't an issue, as he can simply leap over to his target if it's not within reach.

Phewww...that's was a lot to write. I'll add more info as it appears in the story. (:

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