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-What's his face

contains spoilers

Name: Godrael Bone-Breaker

Nickname(s): Goddy, Half Breed, Kit, Uncle Godrael, Cousin, Dragonborn, Dovahkiin, Cat.

Age: 22

Species: Khajiit/Nord

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Birthday: 14th day Midyear (June 14th)


Life Story: Godrael was born to a Nord woman named Evette, an open worshipper of Talos, and her husband Darisha, a Khajiit man. As a child, Godrael grew up just outside of the village of Riverwood and was friends with Ralof and Hadvar. When he was six years old his father was imprisoned by the Imperial army for unlawful worship along with his brother, Ma’keer, who was a Khajiit monk. Evette then took Godrael away from Riverwood and the two spent years escaping the Thalmor, only the cross the border into Cyrodiil, where Evette died in Godrael’s arms from starvation. The young boy was then taken in by a refugee village, where he learned to hunt and provide for the inhabitants.
When Godrael was nineteen, his village was hit by a famine and had went without fresh meat for weeks. At that point Godrael himself had gone hungry for four days to feed the young children and his elderly neighbor. He was very desperate for food, and chased an Elk too close to the Skyrim border. There, he was captured by an Imperial ambush and taken to Helgen for his and the captured Stormcloaks’ executions, which were interrupted by a dragon attack. Godrael escaped with Ralof back to Riverwood after suffering near-deadly burns on his entire body. Ralof and his sister, Gerdur, cared for him until he was able to walk. At this point Gerdur begins to suspect that she has seen Godrael before, and comes to the realization that he was Ralof’s childhood friend, Goddy. She recounts this to Ralof, who takes Godrael out for a drink and the two reminisce the past. Godrael then drunkenly confesses that a song Hadvar used to tease them with (“Loffy and Goddy sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!”) actually never embarrassed him, implying that he enjoyed the fact that Hadvar was insinuating that Ralof and Godrael were courting.
Two days later, after a hard bout with a hangover, Godrael goes to Whiterun to tell Jarl Balgruuf of the dragon attack on Helgen and the danger that it puts Riverwood in. Upon arriving, he delivers the message, but is then angered by the Jarl’s waste of food—a touchy subject, as he’d seen many people close to him die from starvation—and throws a knife at his head, which sets a bounty for attempted assassination in Whiterun. As he is leaving the city, he is drafted by Irileth, the Jarl’s housecarl, to help kill a dragon. Godrael is then haunted by his newly-formed intense phobia of fire and dragons, but somehow manages to kill the beast rather quickly, absorbing the soul and spurring Irileth’s men to begin rumors of a Dragonborn.
Upon returning, Godrael receives an axe from Jarl Balgruuf for his service to Whiterun. He is given the quest to retrieve the Golden Claw for Lucan and is almost sexually assaulted and killed by a hired assassin. He is saved by Hadvar, much to his displeasure, and they both travel through the Barrows until they get to a Frost Spider’s lair, where Godrael’s old friend Arvel is trapped. Godrael quickly frees the thief, and accompanies him through the rest of the journey until Arvel’s death at the hands of a Draugr, when Godrael learns a Shout and uses to kill the Draugr seconds too late. He returns home with Hadvar. Soon after, Godrael is called by the Grey Beards to High Hrothgar, a trek he doesn’t make until many years later. He is summoned by Jarl Balgruuf to prepare him for the journey, only to be distracted by his Uncle Ma’keer’s appearance at Whiterun. After returning home, with an amulet of Mara given as a present from his uncle, one of the boys from Godrael’s refugee village visits and begs him to return. He refuses and the boy disappears in disappointment, and Godrael ponders over whether or not he’ll return eventually.
Later, Godrael is being trained to control his pyrophobia by his third teacher, an Argonian named Thez. The man soon angers Godrael so severely that Ralof is forced to hold him back, but he eventually kills the man after he makes a comment about Godrael’s late mother being a whore and traitor to her kinsmen. Godrael, fairly comatose and kitten-like after the kill, is carried by Ralof to a carriage to return home and is promptly awaken when Darisha makes an appearance. Godrael sticks by his father the entire ride home, but the visit is cut short when they stop in Riverwood and Frodnar accidentally alerts the guards that Godrael brought a Khajiit inside the town. Godrael and his father are taken into custody—a punishment that Godrael frees Ralof and his family from by saying that he forced them to take him in—and he is tortured by the Thalmor for over two months, which results in him developing PTSD and his physical form changing drastically. He leaves Riverwood behind, despite Ralof begging him to stay and even confessing his love and proposing marriage, and ends up in Windhelm. He takes the Stormcloak oath and eventually becomes Jarl Ulfric’s personal guard.
Four years later, Godrael is still in the Jarl’s service and has become renown among the soldiers. He is so famous that Frodnar hears that the Jarl has the Dragonborn as his guard and hurries to meet him, only to find a hallow husk of the man he used to know. Godrael has not spoken since taking his oath, due to the difficulty he has with his scarred throat and tongue, but he does talk to Frodnar. Godrael is then forced to defend Windhelm from a dragon attack, but is thrown off the beast’s back just before it dies and he blacks out to the sound of a familiar voice.
Godrael wakes up to Frodnar and Ralof, who he does not remember as a result of hitting his head after being thrown into the air by the dragon. He is told about his past and is not allowed to leave his room in fear of furthering his injuries. He quickly realizes that his former self has manifested into a heart arrhythmia, which is actually caused by stress and intense fear, and he personifies it as "Old Godrael" tapping on his heart to be released. It only worsens when Ralof expresses worry at the heart pains, at which point Godrael is forced into unconsciousness and is met by himself just after Helgen, burned and injured. This version of himself tells Godrael that he must free "Old Godrael" or it will continue the viscous cycle of pain.
Godrael, despite the warnings from a medic, continues his alcoholic mannerisms, which Ralof despises. Just after an argument over his drinking, a Stormcloak soldier interrupts them, bearing bad news of the search for Godrael's father and uncle. Both men's bodies had been found in a relocated torture room. Godrael, despite saying he understood and talking about both men in a past-sense, subconsciously doesn't believe that they could be dead. He seeks time alone and eventually is pulled back into the "purgatorium" that he has associated with his burned self lending advice to him. Instead of his post-Helgen self, he is met with a healthy version of himself, who confirms his fears of being alone in the world and the last surviving member of his family. He asks why he must be alone, and is told that it is because he forces it upon himself by carrying all of his stress and woes on his own two shoulders. He is awoken by Ralof, who leads him by the hand back to his room and comforts him over the loss of his family. Godrael, after discussing being married to a woman and having children with Ralof, confesses that he would've accepted the other man's proposal of marriage had he not been taken by the Thalmor. The two share a kiss, and confirm their wishes for marriage.

Several years later, Godrael and Ralof live in Hjerim in Windhelm and have adopted two children, a Nord girl named Aeta and an Orc boy named Sten. Ralof muses over the fact that he'd been unsure when speaking to Godrael about children, but was reassured when he looked at his husband with the children. Godrael is a good father, of course.

About Him

Personality: Godrael is regularly docile and easy to get along with. When agitated, he can either be easily angered and violent, or can resort to his basic hunting instincts and take great pleasure in your death.

Like(s): Dogs, horses, hunting, weapons, Arvel (pre-mortem), alcohol, pointless conversation, sleep.

Dislike(s): Cats, the scent of death, Skeevers, mice, rats, Mudcrabs, Skeever meat (though he’ll eat it anyway).

Hobbies: Hunting


Fear(s): Failing in protecting those he loves.

Strength(s): Godrael is not easily swayed in battle and can be a heartless monster when his life is in danger.

Weakness(es): He has been known to be angered easily, often going into fits of rage and killing the nearest edible animal.

Special Powers/Abilities: Dragon Shouts, hunting skills, Night-Eye, unusual strength.

Extras: He has been known to chase cats—domestic and wild—for his own amusement because, despite being a half-Khajiit and adoring his father’s people, he hates feline animals with a passion.


In the past chapter, he suffered from PTSD from both his torture at the hands of the Thalmor and reoccurring dreams of his loved ones being crucified and Ralof repeatedly telling him “I loved you, and you left me to die.” The reasons as to why this horrifies him so are that he believes he truly left them behind and hates himself for it.

He is widely known in Khajiit caravans as being a good customer, but a rare one, as he never touches the Skooma but is quick to buy everything else. This is because he wants to help his fellow Khajiit without making it illegal.

He is a known alcoholic.

While it is generally accepted by his family that he and his mother went directly to the border after Darisha’s capture, they actually spent a few years travelling around the country of Skyrim and dodging the Thalmor, at which point Godrael became good friends with the up-coming thief, Arvel.

He and Arvel made a pact at a young age to always be partners—a promise that only reared its head when they met again several years later and Arvel offers the profit from the Golden Claw to be split between them.


He eventually makes the trek to High Hrothgar to study with the Grey Beards during his service to Jarl Ulfric. He refuses to speak of it because he remembered that he’d planned to take Ralof with him up the mountain, and the memory of going alone saddens him deeply.

He hates shoes.

He speaks like a Nord (accent-wise), though I imagine him having an African accent for some reason.

As a child, he was often confused for a girl because of the way his mother braided his hair, which was something akin to a French braid to keep it out of his eyes.

He and Ralof taken the surname Bone-Breaker, which was Godrael's favorite rank name. It is also their adopted children's surname.

Dreams and Talents

Ambition/Life-long Dream: As a child, before his mother’s death, he had always dreamed of being a blacksmith, since he greatly idolized Alvor who, at the time, had just started in his career.

Occupation/Job: Hunter/Dragon slayer/Armor-maker

Family and Friends

Parent(s): Darisha and Evette

Husband: Ralof Bone-Breaker

Sibling(s): None

Children: Sten and Aeta Bone-Breaker

Relative(s): Ma’keer (paternal uncle)
Hod (future brother-in-law)
Gerdur (future sister-in-law)
Frodnar (future nephew)

Lond (maternal cousin)
Unnamed aunt (Lond's mother)

Pet(s): None

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks: Godrael is of average Nord height with a lithe Khajiit build. He is often praised for his ability to sneak up on prey while hunting. His hair is dark brown with a small vein of grey reaching from his roots to the tips, and his eyes are pale blue. His face is thin and bears many scars, like the rest of his body. If he were living in modern times in America, his shoe size would be about a 10 at the biggest.

Blood Type: Unknown

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 151 lbs.

Outfit(s): Godrael can most often be found wearing his dragon-skin armor, but also wears his civilian clothes made of wolf hide.

Accessories: A hunting bag, and several weapons.

Makeup: He occasionally wears war paint.

Scent: Blood and his natural Khajiit sent.


Hairstyle(s): Before his imprisonment, it was to his shoulders with his bangs braided around his head into a crown, like his mother’s and father’s hair. After his four years of serving the Stormcloaks, it has grown out to his waist and simply hangs freely.

Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings: He has too many scars to count all across his body and in his mouth (his tongue being the most effected). He also has two spaded lip rings and an amulet of Mara.

Extra Information

Theme Song: Awake and Alive—Skillet
Diary Of Jane—Breaking Benjamin

Quote(s): “No. Where I come from we don't have names. We just growl at each other and hope it's the right person.”
“There are one hundred and sixty-five boards in this ceiling. Did you know that? I wish I didn't.”
“Ralof thinks I’m a piece of ass. Fantastic.”
“People may have been doing that for Manna, but this unholy axe on my back wards off most people—especially suitors.”
“My mother…A Nord. She was…Proud. Died…proud…by Imperials. Only person I'll ever love is a Nord. I want to fight…to fight for them.” (“My mother was a Nord. She was proud. She died proud—killed by Imperials. The only person I’ll ever love is a Nord. I want to fight for them.”)
“I’m strange? You’re the one that proposed to me and then starts talking about me continuing the blood line. Unless there’s something you aren’t telling me about yourself, I don’t think I’m having children of my own. Not such a bad thing either.”
"Until the Divines take me."
“For Divine’s sake man! Put on some pants!”

Favorite Food(s): If it’s edible, he’ll eat it.

Favorite Color(s): Blue

Favorite Number(s): None

Favorite Season(s): The rainy season, as it provides a nice cover for hunting animals in a heavy storm.

Favorite Holiday(s): Heart’s Day

Favorite Time of Day: Twilight or dusk.

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