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Author has written 23 stories for Touhou Project, Digimon, Warframe, RWBY, League of Legends, Legend of Zelda, and Bloodborne.


Hazard of Hatred Chapter 18, Part 2 of 3 has been released!

SCHEDULE (Subject to change)

Updates set for this month:
Hazard of Hatred - 5%
Dreams Crushed - 70%

Updates set for next month
Hazard of Hatred - 0%
Heritage - 33%

Hazard of Hatred Arc 3 Chapter 9

Dreams Crushed Chapter 11 (End of the month)
Heritage Chapter 3 (Early October)

Disfigured Series Installment III (TBA)

League of Legends:
Bad Day Post-Series Installment: A Cold Joke (TBA)

Oneshots (different series):
Dance above the city (TBA)
Eclipse (TBA)

Postponed until further notice: One-shot: And the Lost and Found

Update! (14.09.2018): And it's Hazard of Hatred! And it won't remain the only one of its kind, either - being the first of its kind, from now on, updates will be shorter, but more frequent, as voted by you. With another Hazard of Hatred chapter and an update for Dreams Crushed set for this month, it's time to make up for all the time I kept you waiting.


Well, how should I begin? My penname, as you should've seen, is SorrowfulReincarnation and I am male, why thank you. I love writing above all. Call me Sorrow or S-Rei, will ya?

What do you have to expect of me, you may wonder? I've started with Touhou Fanfictions, as Touhou was and still is one of my most favorite games out there. However, I have since then improved greatly and expanded into several directions as my interests kept spreading, including Warframe, League of Legends, RWBY and Digimon (of which the latter was an important part of my childhood). Though it sometimes might not feel like it due to how life just loves to mess me up, I plan to first of all finish my current stories (HoH, RWBY "Dreams Crushed", LoL "Bad Day"), revisit the old and bad ones (I-Negative Bullet), but still want to keep expanding every now and then, going into new directions, though this will happen mostly in one-shots. I write for the entertainment of myself and others, but also to pay tribute to those series of games/anime/manga/shows that have influenced me in certain ways.

As for what music I listen to, it's mostly J-Rock and J-Pop, videogame music (hell yeah!) and Melodic Death Metal. I've also read lots of manga, novels and other written works, and watched just as many anime - it would take too long to count them all...

Series I'm most interested in currently, though: RWBY (CG-animated web-series), Warframe (game), League of Legends (game)

BIO OF TIME96 (My personal Beta-Reader):

Under construction. Follows as soon as he's back for good.

Current stories:

- Touhou: "Negative Bullet Project"-Series (NBP), "Book II - Negative Mind" (II-NM): It's been twenty years since he has last set foot into Gensokyo. He has changed, but so has the land. And as he finally returns to the land of fantasy and forgotten things, he sets a chain of events into motion that threatens the peace anew. Only this time, he cannot do a thing. His homecoming draws closer, but is it really a good idea to return to the place you have abandoned?

- Digimon: "Hazard of Hatred" (HoH): Picks up towards the end of "Runaway Locomon". Takato is forced to make a sacrifice, and is seperated from his friends and family. Upon trying to return to the real world, he ends up in the eastern quadrant. And it slowly begins to seem like someone set this all up for a greater purpose...! And what has it all do to with the Digital Hazard? Season02xTamers Crossover. Rukato.

- Warframe: "Disfigured"-Series: The story of the berserker Valkyr. How she came to be, and how she learned to accept who she had become. As of now, two installments, but is planned to have five in the end. Possibility for more exists as the story of Warframe unfolds.

- RWBY: "Dreams Crushed AU" (DC AU): Set in an alternate universe, Yang and Ruby have been orphans fighting for their lives and struggling to find their place in the world. A nightly stroll of the older sister, however, leads to an interesting acquaintance that could as well change everything in their life.

"Heritage": Set after Volume 4, this story follows Yang as she arrives in Mistral in search for Ruby and what has remained of JNPR. Even broken and still attempting to find her way back into her old life, however, she can't help but be a magnet for trouble, and before she knows, she has made new enemies. That she will gain more than she ever thought possible from this, however, was not something she'd ever expect...

ALSO: Taking notes for future RWBY stories, as well as for the additional chapter of "Matchmaking Madness", which might appear eventually (no ETA yet) if people still want it. Also got more continous stories planned for when Hazard of Hatred is done and I find the time for it.

- League of Legends: "Bad Day"-Series: While it is now officially over, the final installment being out there, I'm not going to say that there's never ever going to be anything for this series. At any point, I might pick it up again and add some smaller installments to it. If you've read the final main installment, "A Final Joke", you'll get it.

The 4th joke, "A Christmas Joke", has continued the series after its final main installment. The 5th joke, "A RWBY Joke" has been added in February. "A reenacted Joke", the 6th joke, has been added on April 1st. April 2016 brought you "A Joke of Misfortune" (7th installment) and "A Demonic Joke" (8th installment). The ninth installment, "A cold joke" is set to appear soon.

In need of rework:

Negative Bullet Project Series (Touhou)

- 0 - Negative Memory
- I - Negative Bullet
- Reincarnate my Rivalry A MimaxYuuka one-shot with references to NBP.
- 1.5 - Negative Interest

Finished Stories:

'Bad Day' Series (League of Legends)

- A Killing Joke
- A Joke of Nature
- A Final
Joke (End of the 'main series', continued)
- A Christmas Joke
- A RWBY Joke (Crossover with RWBY in honor of the late Monty Oum)
- A reenacted Joke
- A Joke of Misfortune
- A Demonic Joke

'Disfigured' Series (Warframe)

- The Disfigured Beauty
- The Bond of the Disfigured


- Snowflakes (Touhou): A Touhou one-shot that gives Daiyousei an origin.

- Matchmaking Madness (RWBY): A humorous RWBY one-shot, in which things aren't always as easy as they seem to be.

- Eclipse of the Moon (Hyrule Warriors): What were Cia's thoughts at the end of Hyrule Warriors? Have you ever wondered what reasons she really had? This one-shot shows you what I thought her final thoughts were!


Hazard of Hatred

And so, Takato ends up in the eastern quadrant with a mission. A mission he's managed to fulfill somewhat good so far. But it gets only more dangerous over time...

Next Update: Chapter 19: Knight without Justice
Progress: 5%

Dreams Crushed

Ruby and Yang, two orphans, in their desperate search for their place in the world - Could they have found it? In the most unlikeliest of places?

Next Update: Chapter 11 - Her Legacy

Progress: 70%


Yang, in search of Ruby after Volume 4, reaches Mistral - and quickly makes new enemies... Where that would lead her, however, was not something she could even ever hope to dream of...

Next Update: Chapter 3 - The Oni

Progress: 33%

Planned Stories:

Quite a few are planned, but I'm not going to reveal them just now. Once the time is right, you'll find the planned stories exactly here.

Warframe - "The Disfigured Monster": The third installment of the series, touching on Valkyr's reaction to the Suspicious Shipments and Breeding Grounds, is planned and prepared! [Date of Release: 2018]

? - "And the Lost and Found": Quite a change from my usual works - written for an actual non-animated TV Series, and with quite some language. If you can't guess now from the title and that, you've probably never watched it. [Date of Release: Unknown]

Story log (shortened every few months, for information beyond that please PM if for some reason necessary)

21.12.2012: "I-Negative Bullet" comes to an end!
10.01.2013: "Hazard of Hatred" has begun!
07.02.2013: "1.5 - Negative Interest"
14.02.2013: "II-Negative Mind" begins!
20.05.2013: Standalone story: Snowflakes
13.08.2013: I am exactly two years on FFnet now! Already?!
18.08.2013: "Creation" Update / Hazard of Hatred Chapter 5
02.10.2013: "Black Heart?" Update / Hazard of Hatred Chapter 6
14.10.2013: "The battles of Scarlet and Komeiji Part 1" Update
21.10.2013: "The battles of Scarlet and Komeiji Part 2" Update
16.12.2013: "Tamer again" Update / Hazard of Hatred Chapter 7
16.12.2013: "The disfigured beauty" Update / 'Disfigured'-Series installment 1: The disfigured beauty
17.12.2013: Removed part of the story log to prevent it from getting too long.
23.01.2014: "7 Seconds - Green Twilight" Update
31.01.2014: "Gaining trust" Update / Hazard of Hatred Chapter 8
05.02.2014: "Matchmaking Randomness" Update / Standalone story: Matchmaking Madness
23.02.2014: "Family Feud" Update
02.04.2014: "The antagonist appears on stage" Update / Hazard of Hatred Chapter 9
18.05.2014: "The Sacrifice Queen" Update / Hazard of Hatred Chapter 10
04.06.2014: "Daydreams about the past" Update / Hazard of Hatred Chapter 11
22.06.2014: "Finale, not quite yet" Update
06.07.2014: Big profile update. Removed NBP Theme Song overview. Updated notice regarding stories and planned stories.
11.07.2014: Changed my Avatar to the "Negative Flame".
11.07.2014: "A Killing Joke" Update / 'Bad Day'-Series Installment 1: A Killing Joke
22.07.2014: Did a little housekeeping of my profile.
23.07.2014: Some more housekeeping.
31.07.2014: "A Joke of Nature" Update / 'Bad Day'-Series Installment 2: A Joke of Nature
13.08.2014: Three years on FFnet - it's been a long ride, guys and gals! Thanks for supporting me all this time!
08.12.2014: I'm back! Did some housekeeping! Expect more housekeeping during the next days to get this profile back up-to-date!
21.12.2014: "A Final Joke" Update / 'Bad Day'-Series Installment 3/Final installment: A Final Joke
29.12.2014: "A Christmas Joke" Update / Christmas Present 2014 for all readers of my 'Bad-Day' Series! (Installment 4)
06.01.2015: "My new friend Reika" Update / Hazard of Hatred Chapter 12
29.01.2015: "Klaxons for the finale" Update
30.01.2015: Some housekeeping of my profile, added schedule for the next two months, reworked my message to you guys.
30.01.2015: "Eclipse of the Moon" Update / Standalone story: Eclipse of the Moon
04.02.2015: Added a new sentence to "The disfigured beauty". It'll be a theme for each installment to end with a certain sentence now. Next installment went into beta-reading as of right now.
07.02.2015: "Bond of the Disfigured" Update / 'Disfigured'-Series installment 2: The bond of the disfigured
15.02.2015: "A RWBY Joke" Update / 'Bad Day'-Series Installment 5: A RWBY Joke (LoL x RWBY Crossover)
01.03.2015: "Dreams Crushed" Update / Dreams Crushed Chapter 1
04.03.2015: "Bad Omens" Update / Hazard of Hatred Chapter 13
23.03.2015: "The heat is on!" Update
24.03.2015: Removed part of the story log to prevent it from getting too long.
01.04.2015: "A reenacted joke" Update / 'Bad Day'-Series Installment 6: A reenacted joke
06.04.2015: Beta-Reader is feeling better. "A reenacted joke" is now in the postponed beta.
13.04.2015: A Reenacted Joke has been beta-read and is now updated. Fixed mistakes. Also, ͔͍̓̈ͦ̃̅̏̚S̵̬̲̟̻̹̽ͥͩ͌̉H͔͕̟͉̼̝̰̿́͡E̝͇̲͖̥͜ ͔͍̓̈ͦ̃̅̏̚has made an appearance again at the end...
17.04.2015: My Beta-Reader will be gone for the next week (school trip), so things will be a little bit slower around here when it comes to LoL and RWBY...
30.04.2015: "The Black Moon rises" Update / Hazard of Hatred Chapter 14
15.05.2015: "Dreams Renewed" Update / Dreams Crushed Chapter 2
21.06.2015: Bad news, everyone...
30.06.2015: "Dreams Changing" Update / Dreams Crushed Chapter 3
13.08.2014: Four years on FFnet - We've had our hardships and problems, as proven by me adding this entry in late November, but we always emerge stronger from them, right?
17.11.2015: Good news, everyone! I AM BACK!
17.11.2015: "Our new dreams" Update / Dreams Crushed Chapter 4
24.12.2015: "A Letter of the Past" Update / Dreams Crushed Chapter 5, Part 1 of 2
31.12.2015: "A Call of the Past" Update / Dreams Crushed Chapter 5, Part 2 of 2
04.02.2016: "The Twin Moons" Update / Hazard of Hatred Chapter 15
04.02.2016: "Fallen Monarch's promise" Update / Dreams Crushed Chapter 6
15.03.2016: "On the Run" Update / Dreams Crushed Chapter 7 [Non-beta'd]
31.03.2016: "A Joke of Misfortune" Update / 'Bad Day'-Series Installment 7: A Joke of Misfortune
04.04.2016: "A Demonic Joke" Update / 'Bad Day'-Series Installment 8: A Demonic Joke
16.04.2016: Added numbers to the 'Bad Day' series installments to make it easier to see in what order they are set. Removed numbers from some Negative Bullet Project installments because of redundance.
22.04.2016: My burn wounds have healed fine, so I'm back to work!
02.05.2016: "Ruby's Trial" Update / Dreams Crushed Chapter 8, Part 1
07.05.2016: "Raven returns" Update / Dreams Crushed Chapter 8, Part 2.
Start of the Dreams Crushed Chapter 9 poll.
18.05.2016: Dreams Crushed Chapter 9 poll ends. Next chapter, you're going to see Ruby and Yang together on a mission, congrats! Hope you're as excited as I am!
02.08.2016: "Snake in the grass" Update / Hazard of Hatred Chapter 16, part 1 of 2
03.08.2016: "Dog in the shadows" Update / Hazard of Hatred Chapter 16, part 2 of 2
13.08.2016: It's been five years since I've joined this site - thanks to everyone who has joined me since then, for every review and every follower I've gained! You guys are awesome, and I try my best to repay you with the updates you've been waiting for! Let's all do our very best again and continue to face every new day!
15.08.2016: Did some housekeeping of my profile. Removed redundant and currently not necessary parts.
28.08.2016: "Electrica" Update / Dreams Crushed Chapter 9, Part 1 of 4
15.09.2016: Removed the 'Plans for 2016' entry. It's been nine months, and I'm only three months away from writing the 'Plans for 2017'.
13.10.2016: "Jolt" Update / Dreams Crushed Chapter 9, Part 2 of 4
24.11.2016: "Curiosity of a Fool" Update / Standalone story: Curiosity of a Fool
14.12.2016: "Thunder" Update / Dreams Crushed Chapter 9, Part 3 of 4
20.12.2016: Added my review of 2016 and my plans for this year to my profile.
27.01.2017: "Storm" Update / Dreams Crushed Chapter 9, Part 4 of 4
12.02.2017: "Zero Arms" Update / Hazard of Hatred, Chapter 17
03.05.2017: Fixed a smaller mistake in Dreams Crushed.
16.06.2017: "Inside Job" update / Dreams Crushed Chapter 10, Part 1 of 2
13.08.2017: Six years now since I joined, and look how far we've come - and yet, we still have so far to go! Hope you'll stick around, everyone!
04.09.2017: "Taking the fight home" update / Dreams Crushed Chapter 10, Part 2 of 2
06.09.2017: Fixed a continuation error in the latest Dreams Crushed Chapter - Unless Miltiades has been tinkering behind even my back, she has two and not three claws, and they're not randomly teleporting, either. More fixes and typos to come over the weekend, should they be required.
14.09.2017: "Gone Home" Update /Heritage Chapter 1
30.09.2017: "Chasing Echoes" Update / Heritage Chapter 2
28.04.2018: "Honorless Duel" Update / Hazard of Hatred Chapter 18, Part 1 of 3
10.06.2018: "Trust and Betrayal" Update / Hazard of Hatred Chapter 18, Part 2 of 3
14.09.2018: "Dead Ends" Update / Hazard of Hatred Chapter 18, Part 3 of 3

Nonetheless, please enjoy my stories

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My lesbian life with Monster Girls: Monster Yurisume by Natron77 reviews
Yuisu's a lesbian, and a pervy one at that, but she definitely wasn't thinking of beautiful monster girls when she decided to become an Exchange Program host. Okay, maybe she was thinking of them a little bit... Slice of life / Romance / Comedy. Rated M for sexy situations and lots of nudity.
Daily Life with a Monster Girl/モンスター娘のいる日常 - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 147 - Words: 417,956 - Reviews: 764 - Favs: 715 - Follows: 719 - Updated: 10/14 - Published: 11/4/2015 - OC
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Crossover - Metal Gear & RWBY - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 10 - Words: 38,256 - Reviews: 32 - Favs: 55 - Follows: 73 - Updated: 9/10 - Published: 3/31/2016 - Ruby R., Blake B., Yang X.L., Adam T.
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