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uhhhhh RUBBER DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY MOTHER OF ...

this message has been deleted by the Ninja Stalker Rubber Ducks of Japan. Thank you

ok sooooo anyway...if your here that means you either really hated or absolutly adored my little fanfiction right? oh well. kinda hopeing its not the hated but anyway. i live in texas were its too hot to do anything but sit in an airconditioned room with a laptop irronivly in your lap. soooo i started this to get idea off my chest from playing video games. sooooo if a story ever pops up about say Halo or maybe Black Opps. yeah well blame my brother.

uhhhh what else to say?

ummmmm what do you say in a profile anyway? uhhhh i love cats! cant have one where were living but oh well.

i have been obbsesed with The Legend Of Zelda series ever since i can remember so right around 4? my mom says i used to sit there and yell at here when she would let Link die. so i grew up with a Nintendo 64 controller in one hand and an Xbox controller in the other. my memories are all mixed up when it comes to Zelda. i get a little boy in green...then giant spiders and like a forest. well blame that one the Lord Of The Rings!

yeah...can you tell i like fantasy. ok so for the longest time i forgot about the little hero in green (our 64 broke and i was little at the time so i just couldnt remember) and plus they didnt make another zelda game for a long time. or we just didnt have cable at the moment. i finally got back into it right when Wind Waker came out. i saw a comercial and freaked out on it. my obbssesion for that continues. played every game up to date sept for Oracle of seasons and Oracle Of Ages but ive read the manga soooo not sure if that counts or not...

Before my Legend of zelda obbsesdion kicked back into high gear there was a comercial i saw on t.v that i just could get out of my head. all i could remember was that the title had the word Hearts in it and a giant key sword and micky mouse. (if you've already figured out which game i speak off then thats awsome) i saw a comercial for the first kingdom hearts but couldnt figure it out then a comercial for kingdom hearts 2. but i never had a ps2 at the right time or just couldnt figure out wat the title was. finally! a kingdom hearts game came out for the Nintendo ds!!!!!!!

ok so i rambled on alot hu? yeah its cause i hear the voices of Roxas and Axel and Link telling me too keep wrighting! so yeah if i call someone link yeah thats just my imagination running away from me. If youve made it this far the rubber ducks arent gonna come kill you. but if misteriously see a rubber duck everynow and again almost seeming like its watching you from the trees, behind ur closet door. ur bedroom window...its not mine

Oh no...ive been reading on alot of peoples stories and profiles that they suffer from writers block! I think its rubbed off!!! ohhh noooo how am i gonna right chapter 4 now!!!!!! ohhhh and now some poor helpless soul out there is gonna read this and be like NOOOO the string of writers blovk continues! (this even worse then the cheese touch from the diary of a wimpy kid!!)

Yeah!!! Ive got stories now! Yippy!

Well wrighters block offically sucks. I can't think of anything! And whats with people who add my stories to there favs but then don't reveiw? im happy that they liked it enough to add to there favs but you know, its kinda unmotivational. So yup. If you read my newest story, Vampire Axel Puppy, and liked it, please reveiw. it is kinda annoying when i go to check my email and it says such and such added ur story to favorites! but then no email for a reveiw.

Alright so well i know that the diary thing has been done before but maybe if i do that and corisponde it with my other story...maybe people will read it

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