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Hi! I am phantom discoveries! I'm am SUPER shy and have a lot of anxiety. So, like to express myself through writing and art and other creative pursuits.

A little about me (so you can 'see' what I look like)

I am 5' 3"

I have big (or so people tell me) grey-blue eyes

I have dark brown naturally curly hair that I often straighten or put in braids

I have freckles on my nose

I have a nose ring on the right nostril

I have my ears pierced three times, one on the right twice on the left

I kinda have crazy thick eyebrows, but I like them!

I like: art, writing, sewing, movies, film making, animals, baking

I find many things funny, but I tend to enjoy dark humor and morbid humor a bit

Movies I like include: Ernest et Celestine, A town called panic, Triplets of Bellville, The Illusionist, Gandahar, Fantastic Planet, Disney movies (animated), Pink Floyd's the Wall, Tommy, American Beauty, Saving Private Ryan, There Will Be Blood, Lincoln, Dear Zachary, The Bridge

Some of my favorite Actors are Daniel Day-Lewis, Jeremy Irons, Kevin Spacey, Michael Fassbender

Music I like: I can usually find at least one song from every genre that I like, but I mostly listen to Movie soundtracks, Technical Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Doom Metal, Alternative Metal and Pop (I have a soft spot for old nu-metal too, but don't tell anyone it's kinda embarrassing)

Books I like: Lolita, The Collector, The Wasp Factory

Other Stuff I like: I like creepy, morbid and gory, weird science, animation, printmaking, Cute stuff, pink, white, lace, dolls, buttons, bows, silly stuff, Comic books, Superheroes, supernatural, ghosts, cryptozoology

My Favorite Disney Princesses are: Ariel because She didn't give up on her dream! plus I like her hair the best, Rapunzel because she liked to paint, bake, and do crafts and she also had a dream that she didn't give up on!, Tiana again with the dream...but she is also determined, and values hard-work and Elsa because, to me, she represented someone who was shy or had anxiety and was able to overcome her 'shyness' and built her self confidence, also she had a good relationship with her sister and I have a sister who I love! (your favorite disney princesses can say a lot about a person)

I'm just gonna write my ships here because .idk

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-TyLee/ Everybody

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Love Hina


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Kakeru/ oh who knows he's just my favorite character :D

Samurai Champloo


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