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Author has written 4 stories for Persona Series, Baka and Test - Summon the Beasts/バカとテストと召喚獣 , and Idolmaster.

Hey there guys! For those reading this, my pen name is SohmaAkira.

Here's my profile...

Gender : Male

Relationship : Single

Favorite Subjects : English, Maths and Arts

Hobbies :

-Playing games (Own a PS2, PS3, Wii, PSP, PSV and PC),

-Watching anime and manga

-Listening to music (Just Japanese)

-Playing the piano (Just for the anime and game music)

A normal guy who is now attending university courses, becoming a busy man. His on and off passion about writing stories never ceases to exist, and her is trying very hard to finish what he started. I started writing fanfics after my senior recommended me. Though my stories have lack polish, I hope you guys would continue to read them, like always.

Please read this:

As some of you guys realized, I may have been inactive in updating these stories. There's a logical explanation for this, so please hear me out. As you know, some people have a game that they need to clear, titled Life. A very hard game that forces you to clear whether you like it or not. Because of that, I have little to no time in making these stories. So please, don't give up on those stories. I'll always finish them, whether I like it or not.

Okay then, here is my schedule for the moment,

-Updating Persona: Prelude To Destruction. Seriously, I have to clear this. I've only put a dent in it and I have a lot more to do.

-Writing Twelve Seasons before end of year. Two chapters in backlog and counting...

-Restart Myself. Clearing this after I'm done with Twelve Seasons. That would teach me to write multiple stories, sigh.

Stories posted...

-Persona 4: Prelude To Destruction : Periodically updating, but will be very slow. A P3 X P4 fanfic, I decided to write a story about Minako's adventures when she meets Yu. There will be a sequel to this (I have already thought of one), but it's pretty hard having the time to think and write, especially if you're a middle school student (in my country). The events will stick to the original story, though there might be some changes and additions. Please read and support it by reviewing!

-Baka and Test : Friendship Blues : Another backlogged story. A Baka and Test fanfic. Liked the novel and decided to include an OC. His personality and background are not decided yet, due to many wacky ideas... Anyway, please read and review! By the way, this is written like a light novel...

-Restart Myself : An Idolmaster fanfic. It involves an OC this time and I don't want the Producer to have a name. This involves his journey to get back into music and dancing. Will be slow, but I'll work hard at it!

-Twelve Seasons : Based on the CD album of the same name. A project that I promised to finish this year, so I will be updating this monthly.

Stories interested in writing...

-Phoenix Wright : Also loved it. With a lot of story and suspense, I enjoyed the game. Still thinking of a story, but it's going to be hard writing it...

-Sword Art Online : Maybe? I don't know... I won't include Kirito and Asuna though...

-Accel World : Don't know either...

If you have any questions to ask, send me a message or pm me and I'll reply as soon as i can.

Thank you...

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Persona: Prelude to Destruction reviews
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