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Name: Kyra. Yes, my pen name is my real name. Not the most creative, I know, but I happen to like my name; it's unusual. It's derived from the Greek, means "ladylike", and is pronounced to rhyme with "deer-a". In fact, Kyra-Deara is my mother's pet name for me to this day. The 4 was just assigned to me by FFN, I assume because three other Kyras registered before I did. I have the same last name as a famous singer. People always ask me if we're related. To the best of my knowledge, we are not.

Location: Northeastern Washington State. Formerly San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Age: Not a teenager anymore! But not too far from being one, lol! I'm young at heart.

Occupation: Field of Early Childhood Special Education, having just earned my Master's in this subject in May 2007

Relationship Status: As Facebook says, It's Complicated

Someday I Want To: Light a candle in St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. Stand in awe beneath the Northern Lights. Go back to the Australian Outback, one of the most beautiful, desolate places on earth. Be a published, not to mention paid, author!

Interesting Personal Tidbits:

I can touch the tip of my tongue to the tip of my nose.

I draw, but I write better.

I'm a leftie! (Which is why "my" Draco is always a leftie! Why my Draco and not my Hermione? I dunno - just seems to suit him better.)

I have "Harry Potter Green" eyes.

I have "Hermione Granger" bushy brown hair. Actually, it's really not very bushy anymore but if you could have seen me in high school - I pretty much was Hermione Granger! (Alex25 can vouch for me on this - she's seen the photos from those days.)

My husband and I look alike - people ask if we're siblings. Not as much as they used to, though, when I had henna-red hair (he's a natural redhead - my very own "Weasley" boy - the shorter, stockier variety, a la Fred, George and Charlie.)

I'm adopted. My biological mother was a teenager who gave me up at birth. At age 21 I searched for and found her, and now consider her as a very close older friend. My parents who raised me from five days old on are my PARENTS. My brother, also adopted and of a completely different race than me, is (despite his ability to piss me off so severely that I can hardly see straight) my BROTHER. Actually, perhaps his ability to piss me off so severely that I can hardly see straight just proves that he's my brother. They are my family. Why do I mention this? There is a surplus of stories on this site that feature an adopted Hermione, and I have yet to read even one that I don't find personally offensive. The insensitivity that is displayed is astounding. Sometimes adoption is portayed as the character's dirty, shameful secret; other times she accepts the news that she is adopted, usually revealed on her 17th birthday, with complete calm, and basically says, "well, so long Mr. and Mrs. Granger, thanks for looking after me; I'm going off to join my real family now; have a nice life." I can hardly decide which offends me more. Please, if you're going to write about this very loaded topic, try to have a bit of sensitivity. In fact, unless you are adopted, or have a family member or friend who is adopted and can give you some real insight into what it's actually like, maybe you should rethink writing about it at all. If all you want is an easy way to bridge the social abyss that exists between canon Draco and Hermione so that you can skip straight to the PWP, there are plenty of other cop-outs... ahem, I mean routes... to take.

(Here's a nursery rhyme my mother used to sing to my brother and me. I hope it will help non-adoptees understand the depth and strength of love between adopted children and parents.

Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone, but still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute, I bore you not under my heart, but in it.

Pretty, no? And I want to thank the other adoptees out there who've emailed or PM'ed me kind words of agreement and support!)

Recommended Reading: As far as novels go; the Harry Potter series by Rowling (well DUH), the Lord of the Rings series by Tolkien (think the movies're good? Try the books!), The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, The Earthsea Trilogy by Ursula K. LeGuin, the Belgariad series by David Eddings, Wicked and Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire, and the Gunslinger / Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Ooh, and a newbie to the list - Eragon and its sequel(s). Hmm, I'm noticing a pattern here- all fantasy, every last one of them! Fantasy isn't all I read, believe it or not; I shall have to think of some non-fantasy titles to add to this list. So more will be forthcoming. As far as fanfiction goes; Lori (HP/HG), Maya (DM/HG; DM/HP), and Cassandra Claire (DM/HG; DM/GW; DM/HP) over at, and Vashka (DM/HG), Rainsrabble (DM/HG), and Alex25 (DM/HG; SS/HG) here on Or consult my favorites list, obviously. Happy reading!

Okay, non-fantasy books I recommend in no particular order (see I said I'd come back and add this later, and here I am!)

Middlesex, The Lovely Bones, She's Come Undone, The Red Tent, The Pillars of the Earth, Watership Down, Gone With the Wind, Clan of the Cave Bear (though not any of its pointless, smutty sequels- unless of course you happen to like pointless smut!) The DaVinci Code, The Secret History, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (which is sci-fi, not fantasy, there is a difference!) and Cold Mountain. Also Sarum and Russka by Edward Rutherford. And anything by Jane Austen. Um, that's enough to get started with; I'll add more as I continue to read new ones and/or remember old favorites.

Them's the facts, folks.

I would just like to say that I proudly support Pedro for President. Pedro offers you his protection: VOTE FOR PEDRO!

Okay, quick lesson for other Draco fans/authors from an English major (actually, grad student now), concerning the term blond/blonde. Few people know this, but blond is a "gendered" word. Think of the name Gabriel/Gabrielle. One is a boy's name, one is a girl's name- savvy? Blond/blonde is the same way. Draco is blond. If he had a twin sister, she'd be blonde. Reading about Draco's blonde hair just bugs the holy hell out of me! So I figured I'd put this in my bio and maybe all of five people would read it. Muah! THIS JUST IN: I even found canon proof of the blond/blonde rule, for any doubters out there; it's on page 101 of GoF (American edition, I don't know if that makes any difference)- the quote is as follows: "Harry and Draco Malfoy had been enemies ever since their very first journey to Hogwarts. A pale boy with a pointed face and white-blond hair, Draco greatly resembled his father. His mother was blonde too; tall and slim, she would have been nice-looking if she hadn't been wearing a look that suggested there was a nasty smell under her nose." SEE? Rowling is hip to the rule! WooHoo!

(7-18-05) Just finished HBP! Am now taking a deep, shaky breath and beginning the recovery phase. Think it will be at least 2-3 more weeks before I put up the VE epilogue or anything else. I have a lot of new canon to digest! Holy shiznit- what did ya'll think? Needless to say, all of my stories have been rendered officially AU by the startling conclusion of that book. Which I bought, by the way, at a midnight launch party I attended with Alex25- see our joint profile page for all the lurid details; it's listed among my favorite authors!


(10-28-05) VALENTINE ENCOUNTER IS DONE! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO! Another loose end tied up! What a great feeling! Now the only work in progress I have left is Bermuda's Triangle, the Snape/Hermione fic I'm co-authoring with Alex25 under our joint pen-name, "Kyra and Alex". Check it out... SSHG isn't all that different from D/Hr really... those Slytherin men, they rock my socks!

11-21-05 HOLY MOLY! Did the fouth movie rock, or did the fourth movie ROCK? I thought it was as good as the first three combined! Sure there were a few scenes missing but in my opinion it stayed absolutely, positively, one hundred percent true to the spirit of the book... and honestly, that's about the best a movie can aspire to do. And the company I saw it with could not be beat! The girls from my college were even more gung-ho into it than I was- they insisted we get there by 8pm (for the Thursday night midnight screening) to get first place in line... and the funny thing was, we still weren't first in line! There was a group of about half a dozen forty-somethings in front of us eating pizza on the sidewalk in full wizarding regalia- velvet robes and capes and wands and brooms... made us look pretty tame by comparison, lol! Alex and I actually skipped out on a lot of the waiting... we came waltzing back just as the movie was about to start... and OMFG the rest is history! Great movie. Great, great movie. I don't say that about every HP movie, either. I was and remain pretty disappointed in PoA... so I was all the more excited about this one by comparison. Will definitely see again in the theater... hopefully IMAX!

(11-25-05) Status: Stuffed with Turkey. Gotta love Mama's home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner!


(1-1-06) Happy New Year, everyone! I just put up the first chapter of my first SS/HG fic, called "Worth Waiting For". Check it out! Smut alert!

(3-6-06) Hey, this is so cool- Valentine Encounter is in the process of being translated into German (with my full knowledge and consent) right here on FFN! The author who's doing it is named Talvi so look her up and shoot a review her way if you read German- or even if you don't- because it has to be a LOT of work to translate such a long and involved story, so she deserves all the reviews she can get.

(3-16-06) A quick shout-out to Lisa; HI CUZ! It's beyond cool that there's another fanficcer in the family! ;-) Why didn't we ever talk about this sooner? And a super big thank-you to Alex for the super-duper awesome Batman birthday party! I still can't believe I had a Batman party at last... I've been cracking up thinking about it for days.

(1-26-07) Well, back to the grad school grind this week. But the end is in sight! I can hardly believe that I will have a Master's degree in May! You know what's the weirdest thing? Since I'm getting my Master's in the same subject that I got my Bachelor's in, I really don't feel like I've learned anything new at all since getting my BA. There are just longer papers, and more of them. But SSSHHH... for God's sake don't tell my professors I said that!! So guess what? Some kind soul nominated my story Sacrifice in three different categories over at the Dangerous Liasons D/Hr fic awards, which you can find here: Sacrifice was nominated under the categories of best drama/angst, best first kiss, and best Draco characterization. But when the mod sends out the email that you've been nominated, she doesn't disclose who did the nominating - so since I don't know whom to thank, I'll just say thank you here and hope that kind soul happens to see it. Whoever you are, thanks for the nominations! Here's a big smiley just for you - :o)

(2-10-07) Just put up chapter 1 of my newest project, "Unanswered", a ficlet written for this year's DMHG Valentine's Day fic exchange, which can be found here: there are loads of great Dramione Valentine-themed stories there, mine included, so check it out. It might get you in the mood to have a happy Valentine's... or not, as there's quite a bit of angst floating around over there as well, again, mine included. Oh yeah, and the ratings there don't stop at M the way they do here; they go right up to NC17, so hell, I'm nobody's momma, but you know whether you're of age to be reading that stuff, so act accordingly!

(3-1-07) Just felt another earthquake - 2.8 on the Richter Scale. I felt one last Friday, too, and several in December. Asked hubby what it all means, and he said it means it's time to get the hell out of Dodge. Something's coming - just hope the "Big One" holds off until I get my Master's degree in May - then we're off to Washington State, if all goes according to current plan. So when California sinks into the sea, we won't be here! Just... um... most of our family and friends :( In other news, a new chapter of "Ties That Bind" will go up either tomorrow (March 2) or a week from tomorrow (March 9). It will not be the chapter in which the proverbial sh-t hits the proverbial fan. It will, however, be the chapter before the chapter in which the proverbial sh-t hits the proverbial fan! ;-)

(4-17-07) Oh my freaking God, writing a Master's thesis sucks! I don't want to discourage anyone from doing it, but be prepared to pull your freaking hair out! Funny how writing 50 pages of fanfic can come so easy to me, but writing a 50-page research paper... well. You're not allowed to swear on these profile pages, so I'm not gonna say anymore about it at present - you get the picture, I'm sure. I am afraid that there will not be any updates to anything until at least mid-May - I walk on May 12th :o) But until then I am just swamped - Swamped, I say. I keep telling myself that there's less than a month left to freedom and that I'll get through it because I always do... and the only alternative is to not graduate and that's no freaking alternative at all... but send luck and karma and good thoughts my way, okay??

(6-30-07) Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who sent well wishes my way as I struggled through the last few weeks of grad school and the ordeal of writing, and revising, and revising, and revising, and @#& REVISING my thesis! I got so many words of encouragement and support and I know that I didn't respond personally to everyone who messaged me because I was just so swamped and exhausted, but it really did mean the world to me and all the good thoughts and karma paid off, because I have a Master's Degree now!! I still can hardly believe it... I don't feel highly edubacated, I just feel like... me. With a Master's Dregree! Weird. Anyway, thanks a million - again.

(8-30-07) Well, one interstate move and new job later, my computer's finally hooked back up and I've been working on the latest chapter of TTB for a couple of days now! That's not to say that it will be up tomorrow, or even next week, but for those who have expressed concerns about it, it's coming, I promise! I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank my friend Maureen for allowing me to use her laptop over the past couple of weeks, so as to at least be able to check reviews every day - not to mention that other tiny little thing of keeping a roof over my head, and my husband's, while we searched for housing! Thanks Ree! And speaking of reviews, here's a few words for the person who anonymously reviewed Lovely Delirium and said my writing style needs a lot of work because it contains long sentences and creative use of punctuation; That is my style, genius, and if you don't care for it you're entitled to your opinion but there are hundreds upon hundreds of other reviewers out there who like it just fine so I think I'll stick with the popular consensus, thanks. Here's a newsflash, too; I'm writing these stories for adults, or at the very least, literate teenagers. I'm not writing "See Dick Run. Run, Dick, Run." So I'm sorry if long sentences confound you. Please do come back when you can keep up. Oh, and just for the record? I'm not a grad student anymore. I've got my Master's Degree. Once you've got yours, I might be more receptive to writing tips from you. But, uh, I'm not holding my breath. Tootles!

(12-06-07) Awesome news! I was just notified that Valentine Encounter has won the Dramione Award for Best Completed Epic! Thank you thank you thank you to whoever nominated and voted for my fic! I'm super excited and I can't wait to see my award banner :o) Also - to those who are waiting for an update on TTB. Here's the scoop; the next chapter IS written! There's a problem, of course. I wrote it on my laptop during my interstate move, when I had no access to the desktop computer because it was in about a million pieces in the trunk of my car. The laptop has since crashed. Isn't that always the freaking way of it? So I'm waiting on hubby to fix it with no real idea when that will happen, but I'm not ready to rewrite yet because for me, rewritten chapters are never as good as the originals. Not even spitting distance. So I'm holding out hope that maybe, maybe the laptop will be salvaged and the next chapter up by the new year. So anyway, that's the reason for the delay. Also, I'm working on a little SSHG one-shot as a Christmas gift for my friend Alex (shhh, don't tell her - I don't think she reads this page anymore so hopefully my secret's safe) who's gone abroad for a long, lo-o-o-o-ong time and who I miss terribly. So for those of you who like that ship, look for that in the near future. For those of you who don't... just pretend it's Draco, which is what a whole bunch of reviewers for Worth Waiting For said they did anyway! ;o)

(8-16-08) Another story complete and a nomination at the Quibbler Awards: So yay, MargaritaVille's done! That was a fun little ficlet, still can't believe it was inspired by a cell phone! Not that I would ever mention a cell phone in a Harry Potter fic (shudders) I can't stand stories that introduce technology like "wizarding IM"... Yuck! But that's just me, hey, whatever floats your boat. And then some kind soul has nominated "Unanswered" over at the Quibbler Awards. This is a brand-new award site for Harry Potter fanfics that is currently accepting nominations for their first-ever round of awards. So if you'd like to nominate a story, check out the nominees, or vote (FOR ME!! Hem hem) you can find the site here: it's a cool concept so let's give them some support and help them succeed :o) A word to the wise - this site is not Dramione-centric. There are fics there that feature a variety of pairings including both het and slash. Just wanted to be clear on that; there are many Dramione fics nominated there, but a wide variety of others as well. Not that I mind that - variety is the spice of life! (except when applied to wizarding text-messaging in poorly written fics. Okay MAJOR pet peeve. Not as major as poorly written adoption fics, but still up there.) Just wanted everyone to know what to expect! Go and enjoy. Nominate. Vote. Happy reading! ;o)

(8-29-08) Cool beans! "Sacrifice" has been nominated at the Quibbler Awards too! :o) "Unanswered" was nominated in the best het category, "Sacrifice" was nominated in the best fanon category, and they're both nominated in the best angst category! Nominations are closed now, but the voting is open (hint hint!) And there's tons of great stories to read in all ships, genres and ratings. Definitely worth checking out - the link is in my 8-16 post, just above this one.

(12-31-08) Well, Happy New Year, y'all! If I'm going to be honest I have to say that 2008 has been kind of a shit year for me. I started it out recuperating from ankle surgery. We bought a house that's now probably worth less than we paid for it thanks to the housing market crash. My husband had an affair. And yesterday I learned that my brother has cancer, and a 5 year life expectancy if the chemo doesn't work. He's 27. So whoever you are, wherever you are, I'd be so grateful if you could send some good vibes my way! I need them making my way into this new year. Thanks.

(3-4-10) To be perfectly honest, it's been a slow recovery from everything that was terrible in 2008. And, things got worse before they got better. But I'm happy to say that my brother is in remission from his cancer, I'm happier and healthier than I've been in a while, and after my computer crashing in early 2009 and losing everything, EVERYTHING I'd ever written, not only hundreds of pages of fanfic but also my master's thesis and newborn novel, I managed to recover it all a couple of months ago and am now writing again. I know it's been a LLLOOONNNGGG time, but there will be updates, and relatively soon. Love you guys!

(6-3-10) In response to the person who left this review: "I know that one reviewer really pissed you off with his/her criticism of your writing style, but I have to agree with them. Your stories are good; I'm not denying that. But you do tend to get a little long winded. When you drag the sentences on and on like that, the reader can lose track of what you started off with. In other words, you get sidetracked in the middle of a sentence and take too long getting back to the point. Also, I just want to add that the way you responded to his/her review was a bit defensive and childish. Usually when your readers send you criticism, it's meant to be constructive. I can only speak for myself, though. I like your work and the only reason I'm sending you this review is in the hopes that your writing skills can equal your storytelling skills, and maybe you'll better understand your readers' take on it. Reviews aren't there for readers to say only what you want to hear. You should welcome tips and feedback."

I wonder if you ever read the original review, or just my response to it? That review was couched in a very negative / insulting manner. And yes, I respond to negativity with negativity. I'm not necessarily proud of that, but it is human nature so I'm not unduly ashamed either. Your review is not insulting just for the point of being insulting. You have stated an opinion, to which you are certainly entitled. If you'd had the courage to review as a logged-in user, I have told you the same thing directly. Thanks for the feedback and happy reading.

(12-19-10) Okay, I've just had one too many person bawl me out for having my characters say things like "Jesus Christ!" because "Harry Potter and everyone at Hogwarts are Wiccan and all they ever say is ""Merlin!"" and stuff." So put on your listening ears, morons, because it's time for a lesson in canon. I would like one person, JUST ONE, to point me to one reference, JUST ONE, in any of J.K.'s books, that shows the denizens of Hogwarts celebrating Beltane, or Solstice, or any other pagan holiday, ritual or rite. Any takers? Anyone? Anyone at all? Come on, just one stinking little page number... that's all I'm asking for. Where they're dancing around the Beltane fire? In any of the books? Come on, there's got to be ONE, right? I mean, from the start of book 1 to the end of book 7, we're talking THOUSANDS of pages. Anybody? No? Oh... RIGHT... let's see... what kind of celebrations do they actually have? Well gosh... there's the YULE ball, isn't there? And, oh... what's this? every year it seems that there's a CHRISTMAS Feast... yes, that's right, CHRISTmas. As in, CHRIST. During which the Great Hall is decorated with 12 enormous CHRISTmas trees. And they exchange CHRISTmas presents. And then go home for the CHRISTmas holidays... I never read about them going home for the Solstice holidays... but if I missed something, go ahead and send me that page number... I'm still waiting. And then... oh... what comes in the Spring? Gee... didn't Ron's mom send them all EASTER eggs? Why gosh-a-roony, she sure did. She sent them all nummy chocolate EASTER eggs, by owl-post, and then they went home for the... wait for it... here it comes... the EASTER holidays! Maybe I read it wrong and it actually said "Equinox holidays"? Nope... just checked. It's Easter, all right. Wow... I guess J.K.'s really off-base, isn't she? She must be a regular ignoramus, huh? I wonder if these same idiots are sending HER letters telling her how wrong she is about the characters she created. You know, like, "Hey! J.K.! You freaking idjit! Whaddya mean, Mrs. Weasley sent them Easter eggs? Don't you know they're all Wiccan? Oh... wait... YOU created them? Well... that doesn't matter, I know better than you do, because I'm some fake-goth poser going through a Wiccan phase that I'll grow out of by the time I'm 20, but for now I feel like a total badass blowing up Hot Topic with mommy and daddy's credit cards... so I know better than ANYone else, including you!" So -- RETARDS -- and you know who you are: do yourselves a favor and keep your appalling dumb-assed-ness, and the fact that you apparently never read a single one of the actual Harry Potter books, to yourselves. You're embarrasing yourselves... and saddening the rest of us, who've actually, you know, READ Harry Potter. And by the way, whatever you do, don't go see Deathly Hallows in the movie theater... because when Harry says that if his parents were still alive, they'd probably be in that little church with the rest of the villagers of Godric's Hollow singing CHRISTmas carols, on CHRSTmas Eve, and then a couple of minutes later Hermione lays a CHRISTmas wreath on their graves, well, you'll probably get so pissed off you'll lob your soda at the screen. Especially when you pause to consider that Godric's Hollow is well-known as being an entirely wizarding enclave... not a single Muggle family resides in that village at all. Those are ALL witches and wizards inside that picturesque little chapel, folks, singing their hearts out in celebration of Christ's birth. So yeah... lest you end up throwing your popcorn on the floor in a fit of temper, I'd say it's better just to stay home and avoid further humiliation ;)

(The above rant is not intended to offend REAL Wiccans... all the authentic Wiccans I've met are mature, intelligent, literate people, who are well-rounded and respect the beliefs of others, and who I'd think would find these ignorant, self-righteous, uninformed, poser-wanna-be jackasses just as annoying as I do. And to everyone who has sent me positive feedback about the above rant, thank you - I do enjoy giving intelligent people a chuckle at the expense of idiots! Glad it was appreciated!)

(1-22-12) For anyone who might still be interested, I haven't given up on Ties That Bind. I'm still committed to finishing it... I'm just not sure when. A little over a year ago something happened to me that was so devastating it changed who I am. It sort of killed the part of me where the creativity lives, because that's the same part where the joy lives. But I'm crawling back. Finally. And I've started working again. Don't know if there's anyone left who cares. But if there is, don't give up yet because I haven't. Well, actually I did. But like I said. Crawling back.

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