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My story The Mission Stays The Same is discontinued. There will be no more updates. I apologize to all those hopeful to see it continued, but I've burned myself out as a writer.

I want to thank everyone for their continuous support. It's been a fun ride.

Some people were asking me for some details about how my story would have progressed if it was ever finished, and then they suggested that I post my answers here. So, here are some Q&A for those of you interested:

Q1: Were you actually planing for Gallardi and Maeteris to get together at the end?

A: Yes, Gallardi and Maeteris do get together in the end.

Q2: It would be cool knowing what Javik and Maeteris would think of each other

A: Javik would have been rather thrilled about a chance to talk to someone not "primitive", but that would have been his mistake, because he would have treated Maeteris as an equal, while to her he is hardly all that different from the rest of the ME people. His psychic abilities would not really impress anyone at that point due to large number of psykers present in the story at that point - Jack, M'tarr and the rest of the Gyrinx, Mirala, Rila, Falere and the rest of Ardat-Yakshi, Rachni Queen etc.

Q3: Im mostly interested in how the imperial technology would change the universe, and if it would change the war.

A: It pretty much decides the fate of the war. However, I would have given it a giant boost after the assault on Collector base, because simply giving laser and plasma tech would not be enough to win the war against Reapers. There're just too many of them. You need Deus Ex Machina device like the Crucible in ME. As I promised myself not to use the Crucible and the Star Child, I instead introduced a different plot device - and Ark Mechanicus with a DAoT doomsday device on board, which pretty much destroys most of the Reaper fleet making the forces of Reapers and Citadel Alliance roughly equal in power. Queue giant battle that Citadel Alliance wins by the skin of their teeth when Shepard and Gallardi board the Harbinger and kill it from the inside.

Q4: Was Morinth actually possessed by a daemon like you alluded to? And what do Samara and Maeteris think of each other?

A: In my story, Morinth was the name of the daemon that possessed Mirala (the real name of Samara's youngest daughter). During Samara's loyalty mission, instead of killing Morinth (and Mirala) Maeteris engaged her in psychic duel and beat the daemon, freeing Mirala from possession. After that she helped Mirala control her powers, making her the first Asari psyker.

As you can guess, after that Samara was venerating Maeteris.

Q5: And what happens with Cerberous and the Illusive Man? Do they go full retard like in canon or some other path?

A: In my story Cerberus managed to steal plans of Crucible from Mars. After that they pretty much stayed under radar during the war until they launched one desperate assault on the Citadel in order to use Crucible to get control of the Reapers. It failed simply because by that time the Star Child was destroyed, so the whole system was inoperable.

Also, Illusive Man managed to unlock some of his psychic potential through a combination of Reaper tech and research he performed on humans, asari and gyrinx. He managed to briefly take control of both Shepard and Gallardi, ordering them to shoot one another. Shepard didn't have much training against psychic powers, so her willpower was only enough to slightly shift her aim, making sure that Gallardi received a non-lethal wound. Gallardi however, was better trained to resist psychic powers and resisted TIM's almost completely and then killed the later with a plasma pistol.

Q6: And on a different note, i had this idea that the reapers where cleansing the galaxy of life to keep the warp calm. Since without intelligent life, chaos cannot exist. This is why reapers keep saying that their plans are "Beyond your comprehension.", since chaos and the warp is pure madness. Did you have similar ideas?

A: Reapers were not aware of the warp, therefore the cleansing and the warp are not related. They were exactly the same thing they were in the game - apathetic machines that truly believed they were doing the right thing. The only twist I added to this was Harbinger slowly evolving from a simple AI to a daemonic entity (you know, cause of all the suffering that he had caused). And he was actually pretty close to becoming a greater daemon/chaos god, but, as you already know, Shepard and Gallardi stopped him.

However, in the last scene Gallardi asked Maeteris if she thought it possible that this whole thing was orchestrated by someone or something, as there were simply too many lucky coincidences that ensured their victory. To that, Maeteris said that such a possibility will always exist.

Q7: Where did the Arc Mechanicus you mentioned come from? Is it from the actual 40k verse? Or is it something the alliance managed to build themselves? And was was the doomsday device onboard you mentioned?

A: The Ark Mechanicus is from 40k universe. Well, to be more precise it's from Great Crusade era. Its arrival was the downside of it using its DAoT weapon against the same daemon that Gallardi and Maeteris banished at the beginning of the story. The ship was pretty banged up and ended up in in the center of ME Galaxy, not far away from Collector's base, where Normandy found it. The doomsday device is pretty straightforward - it generates a big shockwave that causes massive amounts of damage to everything in front of the ship. The downside is that it overloads the ship's systems, rendering it mostly inoperable.

Q8: How does Gallardi's and Maeteris' romance progress? When does it start?

A: You could say that the start of G/M romance would have been after Gallardi's "loyalty" mission where Maeteris, Shepard and some other crew members had to invade Gallardi consciousness to prevent him from committing suicide (he gets into a conflict with some humans harassing a quarian junk dealer on Omega and ends up accidentally killing one). After that there would have been many small, sometimes silly, things that would get them closer together, like the two of them having a mock duel on the Normandy, which Maeteris would win, only to find out that she stripped herself topless on reflex, because that how Eldar Warriors practice with their fellows. Stuff like that. The whole thing would culminate in the two of them going on a date on Earth a week before the arrival of Reapers. As you can guess, the ending of that date was Extra Heretical.

Q9: Does the knowledge of Gallardi and Maeteris' universe ever become public knowledge?

A: Well, when they make a warp jump on Galahad (the Ark Mechanicus ship) to Arcturus, it all becomes pretty well-known. Because it is impossible not to notice an Ark Mechanicus.

Q10: How does the suicide mission play out?

A: Suicide mission would have been pretty boring, actually, because the crew of the Normandy was not abducted. Plus, the team was pretty OP by that point: original team Maeteris and Gallardi laser weapons Jack's pyrokine powers Mirala = one giant can of whoop ass.

Q11: Lastly, since i might as well ask, what do you see becoming of Gallardi and Maeteris after the war? And how changed would they become by their time in the ME universe?

A: I didn't go far with the epilogue. After the war finally ended (it lasted several years, they were mopping up the remaining Reapers) Gallardi mostly worked as a peacekeeper and military instructor for Systems Alliance grav troopers. He also helped establish a colony on ME equivalent of his home planet, Harakon. After he retired he lived with his family on Thessia.

Maeteris spent most of her time either on Thessia, Lesuss (where Ardat-Yakshi monastery was converted into Seer Acadamy) or on Moarheff. Moarheff, besides being Gyrinx homeworld, also became a colony for Eldar Remnant (yes, they actually survived, one ship managed to slip past the Reapers and landed on Moarheff, where Eldar created a gate to a pocket dimension and they were sitting there ever since. Wouldn't be the first time the Eldar managed to fool everyone).

Maeteris and Gallardi had two children - twin sisters Arcadia and Lileath. They weren't "hybrids", but pure eldar. Maeteris picked up a few tricks from the Asari. Maeteris also had an accident which resulted in at least one Asari daughter from one of her Ardat-Yakshi/Asari psyker students.

That's all for now. Again, sorry for never actually finishing the story.

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