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Hello there. I'm the original darklover. If you try and look up my penname you'll come across many others who have taken on that penname but I've been here since '02. I originally wanted to be darknesslover but that penname was taken. Why that name? I enjoy series that pertain to the supernatural. As you can tell I'm an ancient member of this site. Most of the writers I've had the pleasure of reading their works have retired altogether from writing instead of a particular fandom. I'm amazed at all the changes this site has gone through. Most for the better.

For most of my tenure here I have been mostly a reader rather than a writer despite my intentions to be both. It's only within the last three years that I finally delved into my writing. My first attempt at writing was poor(edits have been made since then). I struggled to get the formatting right and to get my stride in writing, even though I've always been naturally good at spelling and grammar and an avid reader. As I continued writing other stories, I improved. Writing is an art and only through practice can one improve.

I'm thouroughly grateful to all my first readers who offered me advice and guidance to improve my writing abilities. Your support was invaluable. I continue to strive to do my best and offer advice to others. It is through feedback that writers improve.

I invite others to take the time to provide constructive criticism in a polite and honest matter to writers whom you feel are in need of instruction. Please do not flame them. We all learn from mistakes and grow from them. Everyone has the potential to improve in writing. Some people have natural talent to write, but everyone hones their skills with practice and time.

Every writer has a distinct style and talent. Keep that in mind. I'm sure you have realized this from all the professional works you have read. Some writer's strengths lie in their plot writing and characterization (J.K Rowling) while others are amazing describers.

"A writer is someone who writes, that's all," Gore Vidal, novelist and social commentator.

"Writing is (like) making a table. With both you are working with reality, a material just as hard as wood. Both are full of tricks and techniques. Basically very litte magic and a lot of hard work are involved...What is a privilege, however, is to do a job to your own satisfaction." Gabriel Garcia Marquez, author of Hundred Years of Solitude

I know some of my stories have been neglected. (sighs) Life, lack of ideas, and concentration have been the culprits. I have to admit writing the middle part of my stories has been incredibly difficult for me and thus has left them in limbo for many years. Ascension is the first story that many of the main plots were born with so much detail and planned for.

My advice to anyone who has also suffered completing a story or intends to write a story for the first time: Plan out your story. Grab a notebook and pen and jot down the main ideas that come to mind. Once you have these ideas down then begin to write. It will help you keep a better focus as you move from one chapter to the next and it help you stay on course to finish it. The details from getting to point A to point B will eventually come, but as long you have them written down your brain will work on trying to come out details for all your chapters.

BTVS story statuses:

Inner Revelations will be updated once I finish typing out the rest of the story. I do not want to keep you guys waiting anymore than you have already.

Once I'm done with that I will edit and revamp Watcher's Son in order to complete that story.

Favorite TV Show of all Time: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I'm a major Spuffy fan. I've read so many Spuffy fics ever since I joined ff.net that I actually ended up believing that they ended up together. That reality came crashing down when Joss Whedon decided to continue BTVS and ATS on comics books. At first, I thought perhaps this would be okay if gave a finite ending, but was I nervous about the series getting ruined. I grew disappointed when the number of issues continued to grow. I was okay with the idea of ending the show. The truth is you can continue any series infinitely, but you might mess up the characters by just adding a bunch of twists just because you want to make it interesting.

On that note, I feel that Joss has definitely changed whatever his original plans were for the series. Granted, the comic book medium allows him to explore the characters more in ways he couldn't have in the tv series and that writers/artists ideas are constantly evolving as they create a story and its characters, but I feel that he is just dragging out the story. I'm disapppointed to learn he has allowed the writers he has hired to make a mockery of BTVS and Angel with the scenarios they have written which are not true to the characters or series. I never imagined he would allow such a thing to happen, but he has. I have called fanon discontinuity upon the comics books. It was never truly canon to me, but now it truly isn't. What has happened in the fanfics is canon to me.

Favorite Anime/Manga: Sailor Moon (Have to mention it, since it's the first one I've ever seen. It's a classic after all), Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, and InuYasha.

Fave Bleach pairings:

Ichi/Ruki (I love them! They're just so good together!)



Ascension Status: Ongoing

I've been trying to edit my older chapters so that all my chapters contain the same formatting, but I haven't gotten around to uploading them. I will eventually. I know it's more important to actually finish the story, so that is my main focus.

Art for Ascension:

By yours truly: (colon)// asdarklover(dot) deviantart (dot) com /gallery/

Fan art by the amazing KidRou: http (dot) //kidrou (dot) deviantart(dot) com/#/d3ifunb (Cover Art)

Fan art by the lovely IrisIrine:

http (colon) //irisirine01 (dot) deviantart (dot) com/#/art/Mai-356530984?q=gallery%3Airisirine01&qo=3&_sid=70082b>

http (colon) //irisirine01 (dot) deviantart (dot) com/#/art/Mai-361052008?q=gallery%3Airisirine01&qo=0&_sid=1742a02e

http (colon) //irisirine01 (dot) deviantart (dot) com/#/art/Young-Mai-Masaki-363053602?q=gallery%3Airisirine01&qo=0&_sid=46330615

Fan art by the up and coming mangaka Laikkuseia:


http (colon) //laikkuseia.deviantart.com/#/art/Sketches-for-Yami-san-363238719?q=gallery%3Alaikkuseia&qo=1&_sid=2add37f7>

Ascension Bootleg TBA

Honors for Ascension:

Named one of the 'good' non-AU Ichiruki fanfics on Sept. 8, 2011 on this site:

http (colon) //fuckyeahichiruki (dot) tumblr (dot) com/post/9979775896/ichiruki-fanfics-non-au

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