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Enunciate just got 1,000 hits. Thanks to all my readers.

Still not active here; engineering sucks. Sorry if that disappoints anyone.




I'm pretty much nonexistent on this site anymore. Haven't written in a long time; I'm trying to survive college at this point. Engineering will do that to you.

I get my Aggie Ring in November(finally), so at least I'm nearly done. Still, I get to take four "victory laps," aka two more years of classes before I graduate. Yay.

I'm surviving, and better than I was last year, but school still sucks.

Take care, people.



This profile exists so that I may keep track of my favorite stories/authors more efficiently. I have no desire to write stories(funny how things change, isn't it?); I am simply an avid reader, and if this is being read, it is because you/a story you wrote has quirked my interest.

I can't say precisely when I began reading off of, but I CAN remember what it was that captured my interest. At the time, I was addicted to Starfox Adventures on the Gamecube, and at some point or another, I decided to look up stuff about it online. I quickly found sites such as Krystal Archive, and multitudes of artwork concerning the game. I cannot remember exactly how, but I eventually stumbled upon Reflections of Krystal by Kit-Karamak. As soon as I started reading, I was blown away by the tale, and became hooked. It was exactly what I needed to feed my (for lack of a more useful term) addiction. To this day, Kit remains one of my favorite authors, and I am forever grateful to him for opening my horizons. I spent countless hours roving the Starfox section, reading various works in an attempt to quench my need for good literature. While I am very fond of many published works (the Inheritance series, the Pendragon series, and the Artemis Fowl series, just to name a few), I found it extremely interesting how far fans would go to put their ideas into vivid and quite simply amazing works.

While off at college, around Christmas in 2010, I found How to Train Your Dragon, the movie. I was in a Walmart with a few of my buddies, just burning time on a Sunday night. It was playing on the TVs in the electronics section. The "Welcome to Dragon Training" scene was playing. I wasn't really paying attention, but luckily someone called my attention to the movie, in the form of exclaiming, "Wtf, that guy has a freakin' hammer for a hand!! That's awesome!" Looking up, I realized what he was talking about, and we all began laughing because it was so weird and epic to see. I continued to watch, and quickly became interested. What got me hooked was the Toothless scene after that. I found Toothless' character to be very amusing, and he reminded me so much of my house pets that I couldn't help but find him... adorable. I later purchased the movie, and after watching it, I found myself another addiction. It was inevitable, I suppose, that I looked up the HTTYD fanfics and became enamored.

My Pokemon fanfiction interest is quite recent. However, Pokemon was my childhood, and I still possess my Blue version and the Gameboy Pocket. I also have retained my collection of Pokemon cards, although I have no earthly idea where they currently reside(found them, actually). Sometime earlier this summer, I found myself to be insanely bored, bored enough to bring out some of my old VHS movies(yup I've still got those). On a whim, I inserted Pokemon: The First Movie. After watching, I had the random idea to google it, just to see stuff about how and when it was made, etc. I happened upon a piece of information that intrigued me: there was a sequel. I remembered Pokemon 2000, and maybe one other, but could not remember another movie about Mewtwo. I was pleasantly surprised, and managed to watch it. Irritated by my lack of knowledge on such an integral part of my childhood, I researched for a list of Pokemon movies. I was surprised at how many movies there were, and decided to try and watch all of them. I was successful, and by the end I became hooked on them as well. Pokemon fanfiction quickly followed. At first, I was overwhelmed; there was so much stuff to sort through, and I didn't recognize many of the recent characters/Pokemon from the series. To be completely honest, I'm still woefully ignorant of much of the topics the current fanbase writes about. I made the decision to read mostly about the Pokemon themselves, rather than the characters. I'm drawn mostly to stories about the Legendaries, with a few exceptions.

I read from my phone, and am constantly on it, seeing who updated, and if their story is worth my time.

That pretty much brings me up to date concerning my history with this site. I'm sure you have more efficient ways to waste time than to read me ramble on, though if you truly took the time to read through this, thank you, for I find your dedication to such a boring topic immensely amusing.

About Me

If there is something you wish to know about me, simply ask. I always found it irritating when authors wouldn't divulge information about themselves ie. physical characteristics, the general area in which they live, hobbies, etc. I understand their concern; in this day and age we have to constantly protect ourselves and our loved ones from those with malicious intent. Despite that, knowing things about authors helps a person relate, and can give better insight into what that particular person means in their stories.

That said, I'm not an author. At least not currently. (Things sure do change…)

Name: I'm not going to say. However I will divulge that my first name means "Crossroads" in another language, and that my surname has to do with a certain Texas resident who finds amusement in dishing out heaping servings of Roundhouse Kicks to the face. If you really are that interested, try and guess. I'm sure I'll find it amusing.

Sex: Male

Birthday: 11/25/91.


Physical characteristics: 5'6", thin, semi-muscular, tan skin, brown hair, darkish green eyes. I generally wear jeans, a T-shirt, and Pumas.

Location: Texas. I live in a suburb on the outskirts of one of the major cities. That said, I possess no stereotypical Texan accent. And before you ask, yes, I have a farm. No horses, just cows. Like any good Texas boy, I learned to drive stick shift on a tractor.

Religion: Catholic. I'm not devout by any standard.

College: Texas A&M College Station. I'm a junior Chemical Engineering student, but more importantly, I'm a proud member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2014. I am also a proud member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band.

Siblings: None; I'm a spoiled only child, and that's the way I like it.

I am adopted. I was adopted pretty much straight from birth, and have lived more than comfortably ever since. I have never met my biological parents, but the prospect of meeting them intrigues me; I wish to thank them for their choice.
I have ADD! Woohoo!! Then again, who doesn't?
I play piano, and have for 14 years. I also play french horn. I have neither the desire nor the dedication to do anything with those professionally.
I am an Eagle Scout.
I drive a supercharged stick-shift Mustang GT. No, I do not blame you if you are jealous. Yes, I take excellent care of her. No, I've never raced, nor do I intend to. I only "play around" with the torque when it is safe to do so. No, I'm not a pompous, "holier-than-thou" Mustang driver. That said, I'm an extremely good driver, and pride myself in my driving.

Game Systems: I possess a SNES, N64, Gamecube, and 360. The latter two are my most used systems. Sure, Halo is cool, but I'm far more fond of the Metroid Prime and Starfox series. I'm gonna be exceedingly blunt and say that the DS killed the Starfox series when it released Command. I refuse to acknowledge it as canon, even though the Kursed fanfictions interest me, and Syxx Fox has done excellently as well. I believe the Metroid Prime series still has a hope however.

Music: Linkin Park mostly. I have a multitude of other things, such as concert pieces, heavy stuff, and even the ending theme from Portal 2: "Want You Gone". Needless to say, my music interest is varied. I'm one of those people who sings in the shower. I'll sometimes pace around my house listening to my music really loudly. This can lead to awkward situations, such as when your awesome next-door-neighbor walks into your house to borrow an egg and sees you spazzing out and singing, completely and utterly oblivious to your surroundings. My current favorite is Undisclosed Desires by Muse. Every time I hear it, I think of Angelic Shadows by WiseAbsol. I doubt I'll remember to change that when I discover a new favorite song. So if she happens to read this, I will simply say that A.S. is my current obsession, and that I'm being driven ABSOLutely insane with anticipation for the next chapter. Hehe, wordplay=yes. More recently, Chaotrope has caught my interest. It's some good music, and I recommend checking it out. A simple google search is all that is necessary.

To all authors: I'm convinced that reading is the only thing keeping me sane these days. If I have happened to favorite your stories, PLEASE keep working on them. Please keep you updates semi regular. I realize my request is difficult, if not impossible. Yet I beseech you, for my sake as well as my fellow readers', to keep your stories alive.

Think that's it for now. At least until I succumb to boredom because YOU AREN'T UPDATING FAST ENOUGH TO KEEP ME HAPPY!!! Lol.

Vesper out.


Remnants on hiatus. It has been removed for editing purposes.


sighs exhaustedly* I really don't have time to either write or read on ff this semester. Chemical Engineering is a b*tch, and I'm pretty sure I'm failing both the engineering class and my Organic Chemistry class. On top of that, since A&M moved to the SEC(football conference), the band has been conscripted to go to all kinds of away games. Just last week they bused us to Mississippi for an away game. We literally spent 22 hours on a coach bus, and it uber sucked. We actually have another away game today, in Louisiana.

This majorly sucks. I have like 16 story updates in my inbox that I haven't been able to touch.

But enough of my whining; what you must take out of this is that literally nothing is going on in terms of my activity here. So, I suppose enjoy Enunciate for the time being. As for Remnants, stuff is still completely up in the air.

Take care, people.

Very Respectfully,



Since I fail to get anything done, I have decided to switch things up. No more chronological chapter posts. Instead, I will post what I have written in the order I feel like writing it. I will also post two or three random things I wrote to give a better perspective of Vesper.

I've been depressed and demotivated thanks to the random BS life just loves throwing at poor unsuspecting fools like me. I'm sorry if I've let anyone down. I've been struggling to write, not just because of writers' block, but rather because I've had literally zero motivation to write.

Regardless, enjoy whatever I post, I suppose. Some of it makes me rather self-conscious, but whatever.

Very Respectfully,



Any of the Remnants universe stories have been moved to my fictionpress account, to protect my material.



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