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Tie Kerl. The very name strikes fear in the heart of faeries. They know my power. They know my intentions. And they know my ...

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm a fourteen-year-old kid with a stupid school uniform and an even stupider dog. And a parrot who won't stop cursing Hitler. Very long story.

Basically, here's a short summary of me and my co-writer, Kel.

Tie Kerl- Hyperactive, random, a normal kid. Wishs co-writer Kel would give up on trying to convince him to jump on the Holly/Juliet train. Likes Holly/Root, Holly/Trouble, and Holly/Foaly. Worships Julius.

Kel- A super-genius of some sort. Very, very picky about grammer, sentance structure, and a whole lot of other junk no one wants to know about. Earthy, and don't even get her started on 'Meat is Murder'. Likes basically all slash, but mostly Holly/Juliet, Butler/Root, and Artemis/Butler. Also loves Holly/Root and Holly/Foaly. Cannot stand Holly/Artemis.

Basically, I write anything that pops into my head when I have paper near by. I have the memory span of a goldfish ... If I need something serious done, Kel's more than happy to do it. She can't keep away from anything morbid. I mean, the girl's parents wanted to send her to a shrink when she was six because she laughed everytime Mufasa fell of the cliff. That was so sad ...

I currently have stories in Artemis Fowl and Cats, and none of them are any good. Don't read them. If you don't take my advice, drop me a review and tell me how much you hated them. No letter bombs, please. I get enough of those already.

Okay, ranting now. Most end bio ... Now.


What is with the fin thing? I mean, can't we just write 'end' in English? Or is it to make it like one of those morbid French videos where all the girl does is smoke and look out the window? Okay, still ranting ...

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