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"Life is pain, anyone who says differently is selling something," -- William Goldman (The Princess Bride)

"When angry, count to four; when very angry, swear." Mark Twain

Status 8/30/11: I swear I'm working on fanfictions. Just... again give me some time, okay? I'm praying that by the second or third week I'll have one of the stories up and ready to go. I'm adjusting a TON of things right now so it might be a while... (: And if you have 200 vocab words that you have to copy down for some of your classes then I think you would understand my pain.

P.S. (10/21/11): A couple days ago I found out one of my best friends mom died because of cancer. I feel like crap because I complain when I have to do something simple such as pain a dumb fence for my dad. ): Spend time with your family! You never know how much time your'll have left with them!

Name: Call me Cookie-kun or Cookie-chan. I don't mind either way. (: Or just CCA.

Age: It changes yearly. (:

Location: Hel-- I mean... Heaven! Yes. That's EXACTLY where I am. That explains why I'm cleaning my days away. I pray to God you caught the heavy usage of sarcasm. xD

Main Fandom at the moment...?: My main fandom is Durarara!! or Kingdom Hearts. This account will only have Kingdom Hearts fanfictions though. Why? Because it looks nicer this way. It's not cluttered with Yugioh and Harvest Moon stuff.

How long have I been here...?: According to this fanfiction... a while. Amazing. My other account (yes, it's still in use. I just want a separate account for my Kingdom Hearts fandom since it's about to go out of control) has been here since 06/18/09. (: Seems like it's been forever for me.

Will I beta you?: Yes. It would be my pleasure. I adore betaing. I would also love a beta. If you'd like to be mine, because I wouldn't mind it at all, in fact, that would be the sweetest thing you could possibly do for me, message me!

Cool Peoples Profiles:

Jessica: One of the best writers I will ever be friends with. I'm not going to get all cheesy here but, she is one of my closest friends that I will ever hope to have. (: I hope that we will stay friends for the rest of our days. I love her like my sadistic, pervy big sister who should have me over this weekend because my house has no food. If you can't tell, I know her in real life xD

Fay: Also, Fay shares the Partners-N-Crime account with Jessica. She writes Fayfics (Go to their profile to see what a Fayfic is... they have the definition somewhere). xDD She's pretty awesome to. Read her "The Fuzzy Lemon" (Beware, rated M) for a good laugh (it's Akuroku...? xDD) Also know her in real life. (:

Megan: Another awesome friend of mine who is like a big, evil, blackmailing sister to me. She's taller than me by like two inches... Darn her. I hate her for that. She writes for Shizaya a lot. 8DD Tell her I sent you. She's awesome! I also know her in real life.

Kena: Another awesome person. She's my Harry Potter fanfiction buddy! I'm not sure if she's been on lately but, hit her up. Her stories are hilarious. (: I know her in real life also.

Paige: The coolest and most awesomest person on here. She's... er... well, never mind. I'll let you guess my relation to her.

Stories: (in order from publishing date)

None yet. I'm working on three right now! Ugh. Please wait a bit longer.