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I was previously known as Blue Desert Orchid and Randomly Lonely Writer. But I changed it because I want to. I'm 14, and now live in a small city somewhere in the world. English is not first language (and it never will be), so I apologize for any grammar mistakes and small vocabulary range in my stories.

I'm not really a Naruto fan, but my brother and younger cousin happen to be, so I know about it and found that the characters are pretty interesting. My favorite pairings as ShikaTema, GaaHina, NejiTen, and KibaHina.

For Harry Potter, I love Nevile L/Luna L and N. Tonks/Remus L. The four of them happens to be my favorite characters, especially Neville and Luna. After I finished one of my two Naruto fics, I planned to post a Neville/Luna fic that explores their relationship during the HP series.

Twilight, I prefer Jacob/Nessie and Jasper/Alice, but I still have got no idea for Twilight fics.

iCarly, I'm a total pro-Creddie, and a total anti-Seddie.

I also had recently watched the School of Rock (have you watch it?) and it was really amazing. It really opened my eyes to rock music, which made my new-found love of 30 Second to Mars band, even though it is not pure rock (and also not in the movie), but alternative rock. I also take a liking to Zack, the guitarist of the band. I happened to be a guitarist, too. But I'm playing classic. I only recently start playing the electric guitar. And also, I also planned to write a School of Rock fic with an OC as Zack's love interest and a rival band.

About my pen name, The Sixth Sense, I don't really have it. I just really like the name. It also one of the many choices of band names I created for my School of Rock fic, but I still can't decide which one. The Sixth Sense is just one of the choices. If one of you that view my profile and read this, would you give some band names if you have any? I would really appreciate it.