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Author has written 10 stories for X-Men: Evolution, and Teen Titans.

Woohoo! It's not blank anymore! Ok guys! I'm 16 nowand in high school.to be more specific:

16/F/ TX

I write when I feel like it and hope to perhpas become a writer. Oh yeah I have more stories under my old pen name Lady-Greenleaf including one well wriiteen invader zim one called "Heart of Glass"


Title: Impossible past

Category: X-Men Evo


(Look Below)

Upcoming Stories:

I'm considering making A Devil May Cry/ Teen Titan crossover staring Raven, most likely will be a Dante (DMC main character) and Raven pairing. It will be very action packed and gory

Also I'm making a short story on Raven and her *secret admirer* YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHO IT IS! I had never seen this couple before on ff.net so I decided to make one. You'll seriously never guess.

I will make my first ever Shakesperean like tragedy involving of course Raven. It will probably incorporate alot of mythology into it but who knows. This will be my first ever "Project" that I will develop my heart and soul to so it may take awhile for me to post it but when I do you better read with a tissue box close at hand!

Thanks to the great thriller writer that is Instant_Coffee I'm considering perhaps also writing something close to the movie Signs or Six Sense. so look forward to that.

Also alott of random one-shots

Favorite color(s): Black and purple

or black and blue
and black and red
and also silver.

Favorite music: Rock! also Punk (not pop punk) and Industrial!

Favorite drink: Carmel Frappuccinno (from Starbucks)

Fav Chracters:

Raven (Teen Titans)

Rogue (X-men Evo)

Wanda (X-men Evo)

Kyra/ Jack (Pitch Black-Chronicles of Riddick)

Gaz (Invader Zim)

Mandy (Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy)

Dorothy (Big O)

Robin (Witch Hunter Robin)

Sam (Danny Phantom)

and any other under appreciated gothic girl!

Pairings I support or love:

Rogue/Remy! *X-Men evo*

Rogue/Scott!( hey it's kind like rob/rae if u think about it)*X-Men Evo*

Robin/Raven! *Teen Titans*

Raven/Speedy (if she can't have robin get her the next best thing) *Teen titans*

Raven/Aqualad (Odd I know but she did like him in that one episode) *Teen Titans*

BeastBoy/Terra *Teen Titans*

Starfire/BeastBoy *Teen Titans*

Kyra (Jack)/ Riddick *Pitch Black-Chronicles of Riddick*

Gaz/Zim (scary but cute couple) *Invader Zim*

Danny/Sam (another goth girl/ leader pairing!)

Rogue/Wolverine *X-men movie* (It's illegal I know but hey...n/m)

Couples I don't support or despise:

Robin/Starfire! ( I'll read it but I could give you a whole list on how this pairing is insane and unbelievable) *Teen titans*

Raven/ BeastBoy ( please don't get me started! I'll read fics on this couple but I still don't belive in it...its the same with Rob/Star)

Cyborg/Raven or Starfire (not his type of woman I would think)

Rogue/Bobby Drake (Get him off her! someone please bring in Remy to kick his butt!)*X-men movie*

Any body else who isn't Kyra(Jack) with Riddick is just plain WRONG!

Authors whom I respect or admire:



King cheetah

Dark Weezing

This list is still growing so...YOU could end up her as soon as I get my lazy butt up and read more.

Weekly Latin saying:
vita non est vivere sed valere vita est _ life is more than merely staying alive
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