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I'm OBSESSED with One Direction, Janoskians and Union J. Hardcore boyband slut... can't you tell? ;) I love most boybands but there's so many I can't list them. These 3 are my favourites though. I love them!

Please vote for Union J on The X-Factor UK!

Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall, Luke, Skip, Jai, Beau and James, George, JJ, Jaymi and Joshy - I LOVE you guys. God bless your parents for not using a condom!

Just a little message for the AMAZING Stephanie Meyer. If it wasn't for you writing those wonderful books, I would be sat at home gaining ounces of weight OR at the supermarket yelling at Milk for coming out of a Cow! :)

Name: Amy Bratt (don't laugh at the hideous surname, it makes me sensitive)

Age: Fifteen. But apparently I look younger... it's the dimples.

From: A little place called Stoke-On-Trent in England - Robbie Williams is from there!

D.O.B: 15th May... apparently it is an unlucky day to be born - says a lot really.

Hobbies: Stalking One Direction on Twitter (Amy1D) and freakishly admiring the Quileute Wolfpack. Oh, and I always Google Map 'La Push'... 'cause I'm so amazing!

Remember if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's probably not an alcoholic spider...

Favourite Vampire: Carlisle or Emmet... it's hard to choose!

Favourite Werewolf: Why, why, WHY? That is way too difficult for my little brain...

Team Vampire or Team Wolfpack: TEAM WOLFPACK *insert wolf howling*

Twilight or New Moon: New Moon.

New Moon or Eclipse: Eclipse.

Eclipse or Breaking Dawn: It's really hard to choose booke-wise I would have to say Breaking Dawn but film-wise I'd say Eclipse

Breaking Dawn or Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Twilight or Eclipse: Twilight

Laurent, Victoria or James: Laurent - I was upset when they killed him off... I haven't read the New Moon book so yeah, it was a shock to the system!

Aro, Caius or Marcus: Aro. I wish he was my dad... AWKWARD TURTLE.

Jacob or Sam: Jacob

Sam or Quil: Sorry Quillster... it's gotta be Sammy Boy!

Embry or Seth: Difficult... probably... SETH... no Embry, no Seth, no... SHREK - oh wait, that's not his name... WAIT! I have it... Emery? No, no, no... Embry - yeah I like him, actually no... SETH...

Paul or Brady: PAUL! Alex Meraz makes me jizz, not literally of course!

Collin or Leah: Well, I don't know much about Collin so it'd have to be Leah.

Jared or Seth: Jared...

Favourite quote: "The clouds I can handle. But I can't fight an Eclipse..." - Jacob Black.

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'Eternal Love' Characters:



She paints a lovely picture. But here's the shocking twist. The paint brush is a razor. And the canvas is her wrist...

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I get asked this question reguarly so instead of answering the same thing all the time, you can check on here:

Who do you dislike in the Twilight series and why?

1) Bella: I never used to dislike Bella. In the books I used to think she was quite funny, but in the film Kristen portrays her as being a whiney, needy, attention seeking bitch. No offense to Miss Stewart (or as I hope, the future Mrs Pattinson) I love her a lot, but I don't think she's quite grasped the role of Bella correctly. But yeah... I don't like Bella. The stupid fucking slut cunt faggot whore bitch. ALSO! She's a user. Anyone can see that. She used Jacob when her pathetic sparkley boyfriend left her, she led him on to believe she "loved" him. And I'm even more angry with the fact she didn't even have sex with him! She didn't do anything with him. What was her intension with him?! GOD...

2) Renesmee: Let me start off by saying... OMFG HOW IN JESUS ABOVES NAME DO YOU EVEN EXIST?! Vampires can't have or make children so that just proves how evil and unwanted the little demon is and how something strange is going on. I can imagine her being as whiney as her fucking mother when she's older. Poor Jacob, being stuck with her for the rest of his life and having to wait for her and not get any action off other girls because he doesn't see them anymore. Come on, by the time they have sex his dick would've probably fallen off. Either that or the fact that he'll probably have to wank off until that time is quite upsetting. I mean Jakey come on, I'd satisfy you until then but you don't even know I exist. Anyway, Renesmee is the demonic spawn of Satan. Damien I tell you... DAMIEN!

3) Rachel: Okay the little skunk bag only came down to La Push for like a weekend and suddenly she gets the honour of Paul the sex god imprinting on her. SHE DOESN'T DESERVE THAT! DOES NOT DESERVE THAT AT ALL. Urgh, I mean... she's... he's... her famalam... urgh... I can't even put into words how much I despise the little cunt. I can imagine her being all high matinence and all "look at me with my Greek god boyfriend that you can't have because he's MY soul mate. Oh and my brother's an alpha so... IN YOUR FACE!" She is a little nasty. Blah...

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