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Hello humans, dogs, cats, you-tubers, and whatever other kind of animal happens to be perusing the interwebs. I am MDB, and I am an avid reader on the site. I was kidnapped by rabid rabbits last summer, and I still have their tiny rabbit voices in my head.

I am female, I am sixteen, I live in a moderately small town in Michigan(The state shaped like a mitten, for you Brits), I have three sisters that would drive anyone crazy, I still cry when Mufasa dies in The Lion King. The rabid rabbits told me that I should write more about myself, but I'm not really inclined to agree. The rabbits, they say strange things...

My favorite books include, but are not limited to, Harry Potter, Inheritance Cycle(Eragon), Uglies series, Chronicles of Narnia, The Host, Hunger Games Trilogy, and Inkheart. As far as pairings, I tend to stick mainly to these:

HP: Harry/Draco, Harry/Sev, Draco/Hermione, Ginny/Blaise, Neville/damn-well-anybody(have you SEEN Matthew Lewis?) and Scorpius/Rose. Oh, and who doesn't like Remus/Sirius. I obviously don't have a OTP, but if I had to choose, it would probably be Scorp and Rose.

IC: Mostly Murtagh/Nasuada, Murtagh/Eragon, and Arya/Eragon. Some Murtagh/Arya. I've gotten to the point where, excluding Galby, anyone with Murtagh is acceptable. Anyone with Galby is just sickening to me, I bloody hate him.

HGT: Peeta/Katniss(don't kill me, I'm allowed to like SOMETHING canon!)

My favorite TV shows are Avatar:The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Glee(yes, I know. Shut up.), and Stargate: SG-1, among other, far more nerdy things. My fave pairings are Tahnorra, Irosami, Klaine, Finchel, and Zutara.

I am a horrible human being. I blame the rabbits for screwing my pairings up so much. I tell you, I'm insane. I mean, Zutara? WHEN DID THAT BECOME A GOOD IDEA?

Umm, what else? I know! Soapbox time!


If you have bad grammar, spelling, flow, etc. then either get someone to proofread or DON'T WRITE. There is nothing more infuriating than a fic that looks like this:

"lol omg so my character is like superr awesum and he said, 'that is so totely tru, tho' and she said 'yea but don't tell mandy i says so' and he laffed"

No. Just no. Spelling and punctuation are part of writing skill, a part that others on the site are willing to help you with. But don't post that jizz. Author's Notes are one thing, but a story? God no.

Also, to flamers: "this sux" is not an adequate review. Tell me what is wrong, even if you must be nasty about it, and I will, likely as not, try to fix it. And I believe in the Oxford comma. No comma overusage accusations.

Finally, to everyone who favorites and NEVER WRITES REVIEWS: Compulsive favoriting is nice and all, but you can't never give feedback. It defeats the purpose of the site.

Thank you. Off the soapbox.

annirosec is my sister, and she writes for the Warriors series. Check her out, if you have time!

Everyone, go check out my new story on FictionPress! It is called 'Anaiim' and I am pretty excited. Here's the URL. take out the spaces!

http : / / www . fiction press . com / s / 3085883 / 1 / Anaiim

If anyone does not understand any of the terms I have used, or just needs a bit of help with the website lingo, PM me. Sometimes we fanfic-ers get a bit carried away.

The story "In Which Harry is Quite Different" is a slash, HP/DM. I'm starting with their first year and rewriting bits of the series with a gay Harry and Draco and *hopefully* about the same timeline. I will probably be very mean to Ron and maybe Hermione in this one, even though in the books I love them dearly. I'm pretty excited for it!

IWHiQD update 01/09/13: I am so sorry, guys, but I have to put this one on hold for a bit. Not permanently, I just...I need a bit to collect my ideas and make them work. I will post as soon as I can; meanwhile, everyone please don't kill me! And send me plot bunnies if you have any. I love my reviewers, you people are amazing. Thank you for staying with me.

I have a one-shot called "After the War" which is a scene of Harry on the streets of Chicago. I am considering making more one-shots, all possibilities of what Harry could have done post-final battle, if he left the wizarding world. Not all will be as dark as the first one. Pop in and see if you like it!

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