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I'm bored so please RP with me!!! More details at the bottom!

I Will Ring a Bell has been released! Please try it out!

Hello everyone,

I'm PorcelainWhiteRoses! So since I've attracted a lot of attention and its almost been a year since I started using this website I've decided its time for me to actually get serious with my profille page. So the profile page is actually going to more about promoting my fanfiction rather than about me but I can atleast give some information about myself before moving onto my writing.


Since it's that time of the year again; I'll most likely take a long time to update. That's right, school's starting up again and now that I'll have less free time, fanfictions won't have such a large amount of updates. I'm currently trying to get really good grades to persue a career with vetinary medicine so I'll be very serious about my school work; it will come first before fanfiction.

In addition to this, I recently came nto some money and bought myself Tales of Vesperia and Persona 4 Arena. These two games are also gobbling up my time as well as school but since Vesperia has my full interest... I might make a fanfiction based on it! So this wi thing for those of you who read more than just one of my works of fanfiction! And one last thing; Uta no Prince-sama (a.k.a Utapri) has made its way into my heart and has become an obsession as well. Watching the rest of this anime has become one of my main focuses but it's only 12 episodes and i've halfway through so it shouldn't have that much of an influence.

And of course, I procrastinated too much an neglected to do my summer reading when school starts on the 30th of August. Yeah. I never really paid attention to the fact that my laziness affects my fans on fanfiction and you're all probably mentally killing me for doiing this to you guys; haha.

About Me

I'm currently fifteen years old and live in a small town in Northern Massachusetts. In a way, I'm kind of like New England when it comes to my fanfiction. I update without pattern and updates are in no way predictable. Even I don't know when I'll update my stories in general. Somewhere towards the end of my profile I'll put down what stories I'm currently working on. Some I might put down for awhile but if someone ever requests one to be brought to life, I'll do my best to revive it. But anyways, that's off topic. Right now I'm a Sophomore student in High School and I got my interest in writing fanfictions from all the ones I've read online. I've actually been writing since I was ten, starting with the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. And last but not least, I do have a Steam; I play Rusty Hearts, Pandora Saga, Terraria, and Team Fortress 2.

My Interests

I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to the things I enjoy. I mainly watch Anime such as .Hack, Fullmetal Alchemist, Uta no Prince-sama, Black Butler, Soul Eater, Deathnote, Fruits Basket, and many others. In addition to Anime, I actually watch normal shows! Well, at least more normal shows than Japanese Animations. I enjoy Doctor Who, South Park, Scrubs, Suburgatory, My Little Pony, Adventure Time, and Regular Show. And don't think it ends there; I play video games too! Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Disgaea, Tales of, Persona, and any game that has to do with Sonic the Hedgehog are in my closet collection. I'm not much of a reader (surprise, surprise) but I have read the first Twilight book, and the Warrior series. And movies? Cradle 2 the Grave, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, Hiyao Miyazaki films, and the Lord of the Rings series are the only movies I even bother with.

Update Status

1) I have an insane amount of writer's block with all my stories.

2) A lot of school work that prevents me from getting to my writing.

3) I've lost access to internet at home. (But during this time I am most likely working on fanfiction. Expect a lot of updates if this is the case.)

4) My life has become gobbled up by a new video game, anime, or anything of that nature

5) I just don't feel like writing

6) I have nothing that's keeping me from working. Currently Working.

7) Other; see top of profile

I will bold whichever status I am currently in. With the exception of number three for obvious reasons. So if there aren't any posts for a long time, and my status hasn't changed in awhile, you can assume I've been attacked by number three.

Fanfiction Status

How Could We Forget

Final Fantasy Childhood Chronicles

Hell Girl

Pokemon Shadows of Virtue

Tales of Graces f: Could One Change?

I Will Ring a Bell

Unreleased Story

The bolded title is the one I am currently working on. There may be two at a time.

Story Advertisement!

I Will Ring a Bell: Brave Vesperia is finally starting to adjsuted to the lack of excitement around when they recieve a request to destroy the Champion of Nordopolica's Colesseum. The client says that the champion is cruel, powerful, and very coniving and has reason to believe that the champion is behind a chain of murders, robberies, and public distrubences. A new recruit of Brave Vesperia is sent off on this mission to prove herself to the guild but also begins a whole new journey for the members of Brave Vesperia and their allies.


I will RP Tales of fandom roleplays with you guys! I'll use my own characters sometimes while other times use the canon characters. If you want a RP request you can email me or contact me at one of the destination below! I also have a new RP tumblr for Flynn Scifo @ commandant-flynn-scifo.tumblr.com

Contact Me At:

Deviantart: fangirlforever

Dragcave: TheFallenAngel6236

Tumblr: hatodorobo.tumblr.com


Playstation Network: TheFallenAngel62

Email: thefallenangel6236@gmail.com

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