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Author has written 8 stories for Digimon, and Naruto.

UPDATE: In honour of NejiHina week 2016 starting from today, the 11th of December, I am planning to write a series of drabbles with each chapter being the prompt of the day. However, I’m not sure if I’ll be following the days as I have a LOT in my plate right now, but I WILL be taking part. I LOVE NejiHina! I might make a fanart too!

Follow me on /blog/hakke-kusho under the prompts #NejiHina #NejiHinaWeek and #NejiHinaWeek2016 as I’ll be posting fanart there and sharing other NejiHina content!

UPDATE (October 20th, 2016): Still alive and well, surprisingly enough. I keep coming back to this site for some reason. I'll see if I can resume my previous stories after I get done with the current clutter in my head of Naruto fanfictions. My plans are a few Neji x Hinata stories I have in mind and I definitely want to work on a Kiba x Sakura as well soon. I also finally let a Naruto x Sasuke out of my head as well in my kind-of-connected multiverse chapters of The Butterfly Effect.

UPDATE: I have not been in fanfictions for AGES O.O The last time I have been on is apparently 2013, and there's one month for 2015 to end now! Does anyone even do old fanfiction anymore?

As I have this pretty space here to babble on, let me fill it with some random stuff I might update later, as right now I'll only write stuff which are coming to my mind.

I'm female, and my name isn't Lillie. It's the name of one of my favourite OCs. (I like to see OCs in fanfictions)

English is not my first language, but I can probably write better than you :P Lol jk. I love to write, especially romantic fanfiction between my favourite pairings.

Youtube account:

I'm a big fan of animes, especially

Digimon Frontier Naruto (I like to believe Naruto ended after the Pain arc, the continuity after that is... not so good. I love many fillers, like the Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls) Ao no Exorcist Ao Haru Ride Beyblade Death Note (tho i hate the ending, in my version Light succeeds in writing Near's name with his blood, so everybody dies XD) Pokemon (before it got all pathetic with above 500 Pokemon and with their on-going journeys they're still the same age and virtually every episode is the same with Team Rocket, which used to be cool.) Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (The Wallflower) Vampire Knight

These animes will forever remain my all time favourite!

What I like (and hate) to read:

One of my all time favourite ship and OTP is Neji and Hinata. Some people believe that cousin and cousin is incest, but in my culture and many many others, cousin marriages are not only very common, but actually preferred. It is mostly in the West I presume that cousin couples are demeaned. And (SPOILER) one of the main reasons Neji was killed off was to play cupid for Naruto and Hinata, and even that didn't work out and they had to make a different movie for it. Because the audience of Naruto in the west adore Hinata and the canon couple of NaruHina, they had to appease them in some way obviously, as they look down upon cousins. The original couple is Hinata and Neji, as implied in the interview by Kishi and the enormous references in Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth. The ending of Naruto was also completely fan based, just to make majority of the fans happy. Blergh.

I’m a huge Takumi fan (Takuya X Izumi from Digimon Frontier) so if you’re a Takumi writer or happen to know a good Takumi story, or even if you’re writing about another Digimon fanfic and your story has Takumi in it, contact me!

I like long chapters with detail. Not so much that it makes it really boring, but enough so there aren’t any jumps in the story and it goes in a smooth and steady flow.

I like my fanfictions with the anime series as a background. It isn’t a must, I can stand it, but sometimes I don’t like it when in a fanfic the events of the anime haven’t even occurred and some of the main characters don’t even exist. I feel that then instead of using the characters of the anime, a writer can easily create his or her own characters and write an original fiction novel with the typical high school drama setting instead of wasting their time creating a fanfiction in a typical high school drama setting. It also gives other lame excuses of human beings a chance to steal your work and portray it as their own anywhere by just changing the names of the characters.

I love stories with Dark and Comedy themes. Weird combination, I know, but I don’t necessarily mean that in a same story. I love a good Mystery or Hurt/Comfort story, they’re the types which appeal to me the most. But I like it when I’m feeling dull and depressed (which is mostly all the time) I have something to read which will provide a good laugh.

I see most fictions out there with the Drama setting. But when you open it and read, you immediately begin to weep. Some people don’t even know the MEANING of the word drama. Let me clear it off here. People, Drama doesn’t only mean bad and tragic things falling one upon the other like dominoes on your Mary-Sue protagonist; Drama is actually a combination of Humour and Tragedy. Sometimes, I feel there’s enough Drama in my life so I seriously don’t need to worry and burden myself with other people’s problems, and to top it off fictional people’s countless and seemingly endless problems, and I know everyone feels the same.

I hate sexism. Most lead characters I've mentioned in the aforementioned point are girls. And seriously, most of the Mary-Sue protagonists in “Drama” stories do happen to be girls. WHY? Are boys’ lives too dull for there to be drama in their lives? They make it look like that a girl is the only one who has problems and is mentally unstable and over emotional or something! This is so sexist! Not to mention so ANNOYING!

In Pokemon, my favourite shipping of all time is CONTEST-SHIPPING. That's May and Drew for those who don't know. Let me mention that just like Takuya and Izumi, I don't like to see these two paired with anyone else either! I mean seriously, it makes me wonder about those who despite watching the Advanced series, and DIDN'T fall in love with this couple are mentally retarded or what. Though those who have played the games and say May looks better with Brendan, I won't argue there, coz I played the game before watching the anime and I liked them too, so May and Brendan come as a close second. I really love HOENN-SHIPPING as well, along with SINNOH-SHIPPING (Lucas x Dawn) and maybe SCARF-SHIPPING (That's Lucas x Dawn x Barry).

I might write about the ships I mentioned here in the future.


1: And The Reason Is You: Digimon Frontier. I might not update it for awhile, at least not until I'm well underway with Heart Hacker. I pour my heart into all of my work, but as I'm attempting a Humour story with this, I like to write lots of dialogues and weird settings to properly explain stuff. So the chapters tend to be sort of... long -_- Planning to write 25 chapters excluding the prologue and epilogue. I have so much in my mind with this story coz of the many characters I've included that I'm planning on writing a sequel also now only. On standby.

2: Heart Hacker: Digimon Frontier. A mystery. Normal length chapters. 25 chapters planned including the Prologue and Epilogue. Currently on standby.

3. Dogs and Bitches: A Naruto story. I might expand it into a multi chapter depending upon circumstances and response or include this into another story. Spawned from the process of relieving my brain.

4. The Butterfly Effect: Naruto multiverse time-travelling story. I'll explore different universes and update it whenever I get time. I'll try to be fairly active.

5. Never Let Her Know: Naruto fanfic. A Neji/Hinata fic I had a lot of fun writing. One of my all-time favourite OTP. Rated M, to be safe. COMPLETE.

6. How the Hunter Became the Hunted: A Kiba/Sakura fic which was originally intended as a multi-chapter story but then combined as a oneshot when I realized I might take ages to update :( Because of that, it might feel rushed towards the end and the characters' feelings misunderstood, which was certainly not the intention as I had a before and after initially planned. I might include it, if someday I suddenly feel like it.

7. Words, Hands, & Hearts: An experiment which expanded into 9 chapters without even realizing! I can only hope I remain loyal to this story. ONGOING.

8. A Twist of Fate: A Neji/Hinata fic based on the themes and prompts of the NejiHina Week 2016. I fully intend to complete this story because NejiHina is like my therapy, and I might even generate a spinoff of Pride and Prejudice.

Favourite Couples from Digimon:

Kanbara Takuya and Orimoto Izumi (Takumi) Yagami Taichi and Takenouchi Sora (Taiora) Motomiya Daisuke and Yagami Hikari (Daikari) Koushiro and Mimi or Joe and Mimi


Digimon is my all time favourite seires! I like to state here that I used to be one of those idiots who after only watching the Adventure series said that Digimon sucks after Adventure 02 coz of the new characters and different Digivolutions. These people only watch one or two episodes before saying this. I should know coz I used to be one of these ppl. But my love for Digimon compelled me to sit through the whole seasons. Let me tell you Digimon ABSOLUTELY FRIKKINGLY DOES NOT suck NOR does it go downhill after Adventure 02. Each season is completely awesome in its own way.

Favourite Couples from Pokemon:

Ash and Misty or Brock and Misty May and Drew or May and Brendan.

Favourite Couples from Naruto:

Neji and Hinata (NejiHina) Kiba and Sakura (KibaSaku) Naruto and Sasuke or Naruto and Sakura (SasuNaru or NaruSaku)

I love books also, and my favourite authors of all time include

Christopher Pike Stephen King J.K Rowling Rick Riordan Sidney Sheldon Meg Cabot

These authors r the ones who especially kept me on my toes and made me an insomniac. I look a lot at the plot and setting, and as obvious, I always prefer the reading rather than watching, so needless to say the Twilight saga has for now remained the only story for which I'd prefer the movie over the excuse of a book anytime. I could really use those precious hours of my life back I wasted actually reading the whole damn series before forming any steadfast conclusions.

Random favourite couples:

Futaba and Touma from Ao Haru Ride (though Futaba and Kou is ok as well) Neji and Hinata Sasuke and Karin or Sasuke and Ino Takenaga and Noi from The Wallflower Draco and Hermione Gabrielle/Allegra and Michael/Charles from the Blue Bloods series. (I HATE how Gabriel became so absolutely selfish. I mean, she left Paradise for her people and now she suddenly couldn't care less because of a stupid infatuation when shse had so many other responsibilities? And she became estranged from Michael because she thought he acted selfishly when she ACTUALLY DID THE SAME THING LATER? If she feared that her feelings for Bendix would not remain the same after she took another familiar, then she doesn't even love him enough to break a centuries old bond and risk the lives of so many others and watch as her so-called lover died because he didn't care, nor was their story half as interesting as it was hyped up to be! Then waking up after so many years, she cares about the world again when she didn't even care for her own daughter growing up alone? SNORT PHISH!) Schuyler and Jack and Mimi and Jack works too. (I don't mind Mimi with Kingsley as those too have it interesting, but again, Mimi I like as she was intent on following her duty always and only gave it up because Ms. Melissa had to introduce someone to keep Mimi busy with and not make us feel too sorry for her) Kevin and Gwen from Ben 10 Powerpuff girls and the Rowdy Ruff boys XD Andropov and Kluke from Blue Dragon Severus Snape and Lily Evans Mia Thermopolis and Michael Moscovitz Zero and Yuuki (though it was OK how it turned out in the anime Vampire Knight anyway) Percy and Annabeth and Luke and Thalia from Percy Jackson Leo and Hazel from Heroes of Olympus Reyna and Nico or Rena and Jason is ok too Julian and Jenny from The Forbidden Game Fred and Daphne and Velma and Shaggy Sita and Ray or Sita and Yaksha from The Last Vampire Buffy and Angel Makoto and Sekai from School Days (as again, Makoto and Kotonoha is also fine) Rapunzel and Flynn Anastasia and Dimitri Max and Mariam and Rei and Mariah from Beyblade Kaede and Kaoru and Azumi/Haruka and Setsu from Mirmo! Gabriel and Kaitlyn from The Dark Visions Kim and Ron from Kim Possible Damon and Elena from The Vampire Diaries Katniss and Gale from The Hunger Games series

That's all folks, And of course, SAKUJO!

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