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Hello to everyone who is viewing my profile.

You can call me Doom.

I am a fan of Shugo-Chara, PokeSpe (Pokemon Special/Adventures), Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, and Somewhat of a Gakuen Alice, Haruhi Suzumiya, and Clannad fan.

Thank you all for looking at this!

About me:

As you know already, I'm Doom. This is my second account on Fanfiction, I used to share with my friend. I like to draw manga, read manga, watch anime, play Pokemon Video games (I use an emulator), and eat Lychees. That is about as much as I will reveal about myself. However, I'd be happy to talk about the Manga/Animes I watch and read.

Shugo-Chara Section:

I started reading Shugo-Chara manga I found one day in the Public Library. I saw Amu transforming into Amulet Spade and using “Colourful Canvas” which I found Interesting. So I decided to borrow it and read it. Soon I got addicted to the plot and I had to read more. This leaded to reading the whole Series (And Encore), and watching the Anime. So now I am one of the fans waiting ‘Patiently’ for (Hopefully) more books.

Favourite Characters:

I like Nadeshiko/Nagihiko, when She/He gets angry and Character changes with Temari. It’s funny watching the “Chin, Ton, Shan…Rooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrr!!!” It’s completely the Polar Opposite of Her/His Normal Personality. Also, the Ningata makes a awesome finishing touch. I also like Rima-Chan, her evil personality is great, along with her jokes and ability to make people laugh.

I like Il (Iru) because of her devilish personality and her reactions to El (Eru). Yoru is my favourite character out of all Chara and Non-Chara characters. He is a cute cat, that reacts funny to Sardines, Cattails, ect. It was so cute when he was worried for Ikuto. I also like Dia, when in the Puuchi Puuchi part of Shugo-Chara Party, Her advice squad with Ran is Cute and Hilarious.

I like Amulet Devil (Amu and Il) and Lunatic charm (Utau and Il) out of the CharaNari/Character Transformations because of their Devil like Appearances and Attacks. I also like Pure Feeling, because it looks like mini Amulet Dia/Diamond. The outfit is really cute too!

Hated Characters:

Ikuto, Tadase, Lulu, Nana, Kiseki… I can name off quite a few. They are all Cocky, annoying, Some Gay *Cough Cough, and some have VERY weird perfect hair.


1. Kutau- I never really thought about pairings before seeing Kutau in Encore, so I support it the most, being the first pairing. Even as I read more Encore, the First Chapter was still the best. Plus, the ramen contests were funny. The Kutau Chapter was shocking though, Peach-Pit did lots of Fan-service…

2. Rimahiko- Their fights are cute, and they both happen to be my favourite girl (Yes, Girl) characters. To me, after the Kutau Chapter, Rimahiko was a bit dull. Though there was a lot more hints about it in the Manga and Anime.

3. Amuto- Why isn’t this first place or second place like on a normal Shugo-Chara fan’s list? Well Amuto is good and all-Much better than Tadamu- I’m not an entirely big fan of Canon-ships (I support them, but I don’t fan over them).

4. Kaiya/Yairi- There were no hints about it at all in the anime or manga, then suddenly it popped up in Encore. I guess Peach-Pit just wanted to pair everyone up? But it’s okay. There personality is opposite, which makes it fun to read.

5. Rikkaru- Technically, this is tied with Amuto for me. I do like it, hyped up Rikka and calm and logical Hikaru.

6. TadasexDeath? *Is shot*- Fine, Tadalulu- My two least favourite Characters together… Or more like to get Tadase out of the story…

What I write about Shugo-Chara:

Mainly OC and their Chara stories, or Humor based Shugo-Chara Talk-shows/Truth or dare. Sometimes I write reaction stories- Character’s reactions to something that was shown off screen. I don’t write pairings… Unless specially requested.

PokeSpe Section:

Pokespe was introduced to me when I bought the third Volume in my Hometown (Not telling where), and I started getting interested in it. Then I started searching up the characters, and reading the other volumes. Soon, I got obsessed over it. It kind of introduced me to manga.

Favourite Characters:

Yellow! Definitely Yellow. She is calm, kind, and cute. Adding in just a bit spice when she is angry- then BWA HA HA HA HA HA!! World Domination time. Blue (The girl) is pretty awesome too, I like her lock picking, Black mailing, Stealing, ect. Skills. Unlike lots of other people, I like Blue in her FR/LG clothes,Crystalin her HG/SS clothes, Gold in his HG/SS clothes, Silver’s hair in FG/LG… You get the point. I like their new looks. I also like Charizards… You know the one that Green has? Yeah. That one.

Hated Characters:

Ruby- He is so darn girly with an ugly hat.

Platinum- She’s a snob, and girly, rich, and spoiled.

Emerald- Ever since he appeared, what happened to Red’s title of the Battler?


1. SpecialShipping- You have to admit. It’s Canon. It’s (Like Kutau) that got me into PokeSpe Pairings. Oblivious Red and Shy Yellow.

2. MangaQuestshipping and OldRivalshipping- They are both tied. MangaQuest because of Pervert, Rash, and Impatient Gold, and Calm, Kind, and Logical Crystal- Total Opposites. YetCrystalcan control Gold. OldRivalshipping is almost Canon too. I don’t know why this is sometimes considered a crack pairing. Smart, Cold, Calm Green, with Cheery, Sly, sneaky Blue. They both have the brains, and the “Pesky Girl” Comments add the perfect touch.

3. ChessShipping/Ferriswheelshipping- I don’t mind either one, but I’m more on the Chess side. After the pictures I saw of them, the brown hair, black eyes and clear eyes, they look good together. N and White? I just go with the flow. It’s kind of a second OldRivalshipping.

4. ChoosenShipping- Yes I support OldRival and Choosen. Silver’s protective over Blue, yet Blue flirts more with Green… It’s and nice triangle.

5. Franticshipping and Commonershipping- I support both of them but I don’t fan over them.

What I write about Pokespe:

It’s kind of like Shugo-Chara, Parodies, and of course crossovers of the awesome PokeSpe and the Wimpy Anime (No offence Anime-Lovers, I watch it too… Except half the things in there isn’t logical).

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