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Author has written 15 stories for Invader Zim, Rio, Looney Tunes, Pokémon, Ninja Turtles, Wreck-It Ralph, Ouran High School Host Club, Ever After High, and Brothers Conflict/ブラコン.


I am one of those people who loves their OCs very much. So if one of my OCs stay in a category, it stays in that category.

Gender: Female

Birthday: December 23

Favorite Color: Teal

Favorite animals: Too many to list


A New World

Natalie: A smack talking canary. She's nice but also tough, sarcastic, and sassy. Natalie is always looking for some adventure. She's a lover of music. She doesn't care what people think of her. She's always calm but will snap if someone makes fun of her friends or family (also Nico 'cause she hates him). She has two older brothers so Natalie can fit in with the guys easily. Nico drives Natalie insane (in a bad way) with his charm and really does not like him. She'd be voiced by Katy Perry.


Natalie and her brothers' eyes up close:

Natalie and her brothers' eyes from a distance:

Genevieve: A sweet little purple French bird and Natalie's best friend. She has a thick French accent and can speak perfect English but it's a habit of hers to add some French words. Genevieve left Paris for Virginia when she was old enough to leave her nest. When she arrived three birds harassed her, that's when Natalie stepped in and the two became fast friends. Like Natalie, she loves music but when she sings, her accents drops. Unlike the stereotypes, she's not a flirt but the opposite, shy. She'd be voiced by Kimmy Robertson.


Inspired by:

Buster: A sensitive canary and one of Natalie's brothers. Buster loves his brother and sister very much and is very protective of Natalie. He doesn't like violence but will use it if necessary. Buster is a bit of a neat freak. He may be sensitive but he loves to have fun and do the extreme. Buster doesn't like Nico at first but he eventually warms up to him. Buster is also in love with Genevieve and is a bit shy around her. He'd be voiced by Zachary Levi.

Logan: A thrill seeking canary and the oldest of the canary siblings. Like Buster, he's always looking for something dangerous to do and loves to have fun. Logan's messier than Buster. He's also protective of Natalie but wants her to be happy so he and Nico get along just fine. Logan always makes fun of Buster and his crush on Genevieve. Unlike Buster, Logan loves anything violent and he always wrestled with Natalie. He'd be voiced by Avan Jorgia.

Both of the brothers:

Robin: A North American robin and Nico's rival. Robin is also the bird that Natalie's in love with. He is very sweet and the definition of a gentleman. Robin and Nico used to be best friends, along with Pedro, but they both opened clubs and, believing that their club is better than the others, became rivals. Even though he maybe sweet, Robin holds a dark and dangerous secret. He'd be voiced by Elijah Wood.

What is This?

Zel Brooks: Dib's best friend. Zel is extremely lazy and loves sweet things. She doesn't really believe Dib when he talks about his paranormal things so, not to hurt his feelings, pretends to or does believe him when he shows her proof. Zel maybe lazy, but as a child she grew up with gymnastics and karate. She loves to draw and is really good at it. She doesn't care if Zim's Irken (she finds it cool) and loves Gir. Zel can be tough when she wants and hates it when Dib's being bullied. She'd be voiced by Bridgit Mendler.


Who's that Chick?

Ariel Dulley: A mute white mouse. She's very sweet but also very boyish, a bit sassy, and stubborn. Ariel has a very kind heart but get her really mad and she will break you. She has a sister, Alyssa, and a brother, David, but they were separated from each other. Ariel also gets very irritated easily. She either communicates by writing or by her body language/eyes/facial expressions. She is best friends with Lola and Tina. She'd be voiced by Ariana Grande.


PMD: The Adventures of Team Thunder

Aria Sparks: A tomboy Pikachu. She has a great sense of humor and loves to sing. She's not exactly lady-like and prefers to play rough and dirty. Like a Zorua, she's mischievous and loves to pull pranks on people. Her appearance and size make people think she's weak, but with all the training and strategy she's done, she as strong as can be. Aria cares deeply for her friends and tries to protect them. She'd be voiced by Elizabeth Gillies.

Ari using her infamous Attract:

Dean: A care-free, but hard-working Oshawott. Dean strives to do a mission right, but wants to impress Ari for he is in love with her. He mostly uses Razor Shell so his swordsman ship can impress the Pikachu. Like Aria, he's a bit mischevious and loves to pull pranks on the apprentices as well. Dean has done a lot of training with Aria before they joined the guild, so he's very strong. Dean can also be a bit shy around Aria. He'd be voiced by Kendall Schmidt.

Chase: A calm Riolu. He is usually found leaning against something. Like Dean, he is in love with Aria and tries to impress her by his cool and collected attitude. He and Dean don't like each other and they always fight when their leader isn't around, but they pretend to like each other if she's near them. Even though he doesn't like Dean and rivals for Ari's heart, he has the Oshawott's back because they are teammates.

Team Thunder:

We're in Rio!

Diana Lopez: A sweet yet sassy girl. She loves the movie Rio but doesn't go all fan girl. Diana has a sister and is very protective of her. Diana is a friendly girl and tries her best to make friends, but if she doesn't like you, she doesn't like you. Since her eyes are gray, people try not to make her glare at them because the cold gray sends shivers down their spines. Along with Lyza, she's been sucked into Rio as a canary. She'd be voiced by Sofia Vergara (Carmen from Happy Feet 2's voice).

Diana as a canary:

Lyza Wood: A gold-hearted girl. Lyza was an orphan when Diana's parents found her and took her in. Lyza is a smart, calm girl, but will blow up if you push her last button. People stereotypical her a lot, thus causing Diana to come in very protective. Like Diana, Lyza is friendly and when she doesn't like someone, she still tries to be nice and polite. Diana admires Lyza's style because it's unique. Lyza's been sucked into Rio as a red-crested cardinal. She'd be voiced by Cathy Nguyen.

Lyza as a cardinral:

Pokemon Black: the Truth Behind it All

Alice White: My Pokémon Black story's Hilda. She knows a bit about Pokémon before she started her journey by stealing Cheren's books. Alice loves her Pokémon a lot, often referring them as "her babies". She can be a bit stubborn, but she's a hard worker and always puts her friends and Pokémon before herself. Alice doesn't like Cheren's sassiness and tries to find a way to match his by doing the same. She'd be voiced by Nicole Kidman (Norma-Jean's voice from Happy Feet).

Alice with Bellona:


Trials Of Love

Norma-Jean Beauregard: A sly, cunning, pick-pocketing 15 year old girl. She is very good at manipulating people into getting what she wants. She’s very aware of her attractive appearance and—if it’s male—uses flirtatious actions for her sneaky ways. Though manipulative and cunning towards others, her friends know that she’s a sweet and kind girl who uses her sly ways for good. They know that she’s a pick-pocket and don’t seem to mind much when she playfully pick-pockets them. Norma-Jean is a lover of the arts and goes to a performing arts school. Even though she’s from French descendent, she hides her accent and it only comes out when she’s really angry, panicking, and excited. She'd be voiced by Brittany Murphy (even though she's dead).


Her eyes:

(it's the blue one)

Memphis Beauregard: The loving and goofy 16-year old brother of Norma-Jean. Unlike his sister and mother, he doesn't have an accent, but it comes out when he speaks French. He's a bit of a trouble maker and relies on NJ to bail him out when in trouble with their parents. He's an optimistic boy who tries to look for the best in everything. Though carefree, he knows when to get serious in important situations and is protective of Norma-Jean. Memphis loves his sister dearly and is proud of her talents, not once feeling jealous of her. He'd be voiced by James Maslow.

Real Life Video Game

Megara Warner: A 23-year-old, Wreck-It Ralph lover. Meg is a nice and witty woman. She always has a smart remark ready when the time comes and has pleasure in using those comments on Ralph. Despite her being witty, she's very modest. She's oblivious to those who have an attraction to her and gets very shy when complimented. During her childhood and teenage days, Meg's younger brother had an interest in go-karts and the two of them would always race whenever the chance came, making Meg a decent racer. She'd be voiced by Jennifer Tilly (Tiffany's voice).

Ray of Sunshine

Pepper Sizzlefizz: She's a tsundere Italian girl. The Sugar Rush racers call her a "ray of sunshine" since she's always scowling and throwing insults at everyone. Though she is good friends with Vanellope since she seems to tolerate Pepper's attitude. She has a strong Italian accent and throws in Italian while speaking English, sometimes speaking in full Italian if she's frustrated or mad. She'd be voiced by Christina Ricci.

Her accent:

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