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Hello fellow Fanfic writers!!!!!

Just so you guys know, im new to this whole writing fan fic thing so be nice plz...(although I would take some contructive critisism)


Who: Hmm...I'm not going to tell you who I am exactly but I will tell you that I am an ambitious writer who loves to explore now techniques and read other's work. I am a person who listens to my readers when they have constructive criticism for me to improve on my stories. I really hate flames because it is just downright rude and uneeded. Overall, I just love immersing myself into the world of fanfiction.

What: what I love about fanfiction is the level of freedom a writer has for characters that he/she loves. Being able to take characters that would NEVER be together in the original story and putting them together as a couple is fresh and imaginative. I love how everyone has a different interpretation of the character and puts them in a different scenario. After becoming a site user, I love posting my stories to share with everyone and reading the reviews to see how I can improve.

When: I started getting into fanfiction when my friend introduced me to this site. I absolutely fell in love with some of the writing here and created an account. I started writing a couple of fanfiction myself and the rest is history.

Where: Fanfiction can be written anywhere! Ideas can come from the strangest places. I am a firm believer in not sitting at a computer and staring at a blank document but just let it flow out smoothly. Usually, my stories come from the imagination and sometimes loosely based on my personal experiences.

Why: There are many reasons why people should read/write fanfiction. It's a way of expression for the writer and an exploration process. First off, it's just plain fun and easy to do in your spare time. It's also a way to really relate to your favorite character by stepping in their shoes.

How: I usually start off with a simple idea (usually the end) and the idea blossoms from there. Writing a facfiction isn't very hard. Part of the process is to just let go and not care whether someone is going to judge you. This is YOUR writing. No matter how many people tell you that your story is bad or that it shouldn't be posted, if YOU think it's good and YOU'RE proud of it, it shouldn't matter to you what others think. In fact, show those haters off and keep writing. Don't ever stop.

Just a little bit of myself as a writer. I hope you enjoy my stories and thank you for taking the time to read them.

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A 'missing' scene I thought up. Picks up, not right after, the Green Hornet and Kato imposed themselves on poor Lenore. But she can easily hold her own, even against those two. Written in her point of view.
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Black Widow by The Dark Knight's Revenge reviews
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When Worlds Collide by D.E. Lewis reviews
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Trapped! reviews
During their trip to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, Mike Teevee, Violet Beaureguarde, Veruca Salt, Augustus Gloop, and Charlie Bucket wonder off and discover an old arcade game. They literally get sucked into the game and land in the world of Sugar Rush. Will the children be able to go back to their own world or will they embark on a candyful adventure? Read and Review!
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The Other Side Of Kato: A Green Hornet FanFic reviews
We all know and love Kato as the crimefighting badass that always has Britt's back. But do we really know Kato when he is not bickering with Britt or working on the Black Beauty? Based more on Kato because I think Kato deserved more screentime in the film! Note: Some chapters contain sexual sequences but you will be warned when they come up. Please read and review!
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