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Bon jour! My name is Cassius, or to my closest of friends, Marian (Mar-e-in). About my stories, which isn't much, I haven't updated them as I'm writing them all out first. I like to write angst, action/adventure, drama, and romance (hence I am an avid Slash reader)

A bit about myself:
-insane (trust me on this 1)
-love writing about vampires
-evil (oh yeah!)

fav. books-
1.)Harry Potter
2.)Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles

Fav. HP pairings:(I need to rave)
1.)HP/SS- They're my fav!
2.)HP/TMR- Any kind really; noncon, bonded, etc.
3.)HP/DM- There's a fine line between love/hate
4.)RW/HG- ron's always jealous when hermione mentions Viktor and Herm didn't like the way Ron hooned over Fleur.
5.)SB/RL- a lil' more then friends I think

Pairings I hate:
1.)HP/GW- they're bro/sis
2.)HP/CC- Cho's supposed to be mourning over cedric
3.)HP/HG- reasons said: HG/RW
4.)HP/RW- ew! that's almost incest
5.)SS/RW- I need any words on how WRONG that is??

If I were at Hogwarts:
1.)I would be sorted into Slytherin of course!
2.)I would be a chaser for my team (and if there already filled out, there's gonna be an unsuspected funeral *looks around innocently*)
3.)I'd have the highest grade in potions(cause I love my Sevvie *eyes widen in adoration*), Charms, DADA
4.)I'd threaten Potter and his lap dogs *throws a cupcake at ron's head and quickly runs away before spotted*
5.)I'd work for Voldemort(i'm a loyal death eater *smiles evily*)

Through the dark and dreary night
Saloutted against the golden full moon
A figure stood in waiting,
Waiting for the right time; soon.

The dark appearence, full of misery
drives a chill up your spine; melt
the figure fights an eternal battle
with itself, it has felt.

For years he had wandered
and nothing had saved his troubled mind
because he had sold his sanity
looking for an answer he couldn't find.

And as he stalks his isolated prey
he sends out a disprate cry
while he takes a life for his; crimson
he is a sorrowful vampire who wishes to die.
~poem by Cassius de Lioncourt

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