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Hey Y'all welcome to the Texan style of writing. I am creative when it comes to writing, and you give me an idea I can make a whole series out of it. I am a teen but I am kind of missing saturday morning cartoons so I have gotten back into that kind of stuff.

My profile picture is of Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith from Panic! at the Disco.

Fave shows
-Ghost Adventures
-Paranormal challange
-Avatar the Last Airbender
-Danny Phantom
-Teen Wolf
-My Babysitters a Vampire
-Fairly Odd Parents
-Jimmy Neutron
- Icarly
The list goes on...

Fave Books
-Harry Potter
-Leven thumps
-Percy Jackson
-Hush, Hush
-Septimus Heap
-Artemis Fowl
-The Eleventh Plague
This is also a very long list...

Fave People
-Friends of course
-Zak Bagans and the rest of the GAC crew
-Adam Young
-Brendon Urie
-Spencer Smith
-Ryan Ross
-Jon Walker
-Dallon Weekes

Fave Author on Fanfic: Anna Marie22 for her one story Belle and Max which is amazing!

-Reading and Writing

I am 15 years old and I am so excited to finally get new ideas. I can not wait to get started. My nickname is Goose so y'all can call me that.

Hope Y'all enoy my stories cause I enjoy writing them. Please be a constructive critic and not just plain mean. Thanks! :)

I also want to have this in here!


Bethany: The Cullen Chronicles

Sweet girl but with a major secret to hide. She just moved with her entire family from 'Virgina' and is around 17 years old. Her older brother Xander is really protective though you don't see it when you first meet him. Her parents are...well parents.

Max or Ella: New year at white chapel things get weirder

Ella is just a plain old new girl that Ethan developes a small crush on. She is sweet and a cheerleader but she 'dies.' That's when she changes to Max, a vampire/werewolf/siren mix that Ethan falls head over heels for. She is strong and independent and won't go down without a fight. But has a special spot for Ethan in her heart.

Annalynn: Black and White Sheep

Her personalty is unknow to y'all but we all think she is a goody-goody. WRONG!

Annastia or Annie: The spellcaster and the Angel

Her real name is Josphine in the Angel world but she took Annastia's body when she died. Somehow she is the partner or mate to Benny even though it cannot be possible. She is beautiful and strong. She does go weak knee'd when she is around Benny but to all others she is strong.

Desarae:The Upside team

She is from Brazil and had just moved to Cordeleen Texas. Not one of the guys believe that she is the chosen one so she is put in a disposition. She is also stuck with 6 stuck up guys who all think they are the chosen one. She can hold her own but she is somewhat weak.

Zak: The Beginning of Danny Phantom

She is half ghost, half human like Danny is and she is his protector in a weird way. She has too many secrets to be trusted even though he does. She is stuborn and somewhat mean but who cares?

Phoenix a.k.a Fox: The Hero of the Night

Phoenix is best friends with Ethan and Benny; who sometimes take her for granted. She is extremely smart and cleans up pretty well. She is special in a way that y'all don't know and neither does she. She will do anything to protect her friends and maybe one o them is a little bit more than a friend.

Choose 10 random characters or people and then answer the questions below.

1. Brendon Urie
2. Ethan Morgan
3. Ryan Ross
4. Danny Fenton
5. Benny Weir
6. Scott McCall
7. Stiles Stilinski
8. Alison Agent
9. Lydia Martin
10. Fox (my OC)

What would happen if 1 and 3 ever got together?
Honestly? I wouldn't be suprised, actually if Brendon was gay Ryan would be the only one that I would except. :D

Is it possible for 7 and 10 to ever get together?
I mean it could be possible if Stiles jump universe's and proposed to Fox on the spot. I think Dylan O'Brien is pretty cute so I approve of this.

Would you date 1?
What kind of question is that? If Brendon Urie was not married then of course I would date him. i like his wife though, Sarah's really cute.

Could 2 and 5 be best friends?
No!!!! They would never be friends in million years. Never!

Why would 6 and 9 fight?
Over Alison, I guess?

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Hero of the Night reviews
My name is Pheonix Scarlet. I like to be called Fox. My best friends are Benny Weir and Ethan Morgan and we can't be seperated. But when vampires got in the way, I began to change physically and mentally. I will do anything to protect my friends even if it makes me be something I'm not.
My Babysitter's a Vampire - Rated: K+ - English - Mystery/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,169 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 3 - Published: 3/14/2013 - Benny W., Ethan M.
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