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My name is Jacob and I am a 65 year old leukemia survivor that loves Harry Potter. I have been in remission since November 2011 and hope to continue. I am also a student at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh on line, where I am studying to become a computer model builder and animator. I live in the central Texas area of the USA and I have been hooked on Harry Potter since the first book came out and have read all of them several times and even have them on audio on my computer so I can listen to them while I do something else. I have been reading since I was 12 years old and in my opinion the books are a lot better than the movies. The movies are some director’s visual interpretation of the books and while they are all good, the books are better. Having said that, I believe Ms. Rowling made a mistake in the pairings in the books. There is no way a couple that fights and bickers as much as Ron and Hermione do in the books would ever get together for a happily ever after. Ms. Rowling had Ron learn how to treat girls from a book for heaven’s sake. None of his romance with her was real. As you can tell I don’t like Ron, especially after third year. In fourth year he betrayed and turned his back on Harry and if he did it once, the second time was easier, as he proved in the seventh book. I really don’t see Ginny getting Harry either. She grew up in awe of the Boy Who Lived and was saved by her knight in shining armor in her first year at Hogwarts, which only increased her awe of the hero figure. She was mostly a background figure in all the books with two kisses, one in the sixth book and one in the seventh. No romance was written between them in the story line, Just an implied two week romance and break up in the sixth book. Hermione, on the other hand, stuck by Harry’s side and believed in him through all seven books. They very seldom argued and got along famously. The perfect setting to fall in love as they get older.

My favorite fan fiction stories are soul bond and time travel adventures.

My favorite couple is Harry and Hermione. I also like Harry and Luna if Hermione is involved somehow.

Another favorite of mine is Professor Snape. He is an easy character to love or hate. In my story I made him bad at the beginning and changed him for the better.

This is my first attempt at writing a story and I have written seventy thousand words so far and have completed it through the end of first year. The story is all Harry Potter with ideas taken from the DC Comics Universe of Smallville and science fiction. This story is strictly AU (alternate universe) and I’m sure some of you will notice discrepancies between my story line and facts about the characters from the original universes. This is intentional and was written like this on purpose. The story is rated G for general audiences. While some of the terminology might be over the heads of the very young it should be a good read.

The title is: Harry Potter and the Magic of the Elders of the Universe Part 1

Synopsis: Harry and Hermione are genetically engineered beings that were sent to Earth to save it from itself.

11-01-11 Part 2 is now complete. This is my take on book two. The story is only about 31,000 words as I didn't need to do as much character building as the first one. This is a continuation of Part one from summer through the end of second year. I got as many details in from memory as I could and introduced some new powers for the characters. Again, the chapters vary in length. I am starting on part three and should have it out in a few weeks. I hope every one enjoys the story.

7-9-12 Part 3 update: I am working on part three. I have fourteen chapters done and just finished through the Christmas holidays. This one is taking longer than I had planned but I just keep coming up with more ideas to incorporate into the story. I will start posting the chapters pretty soon. I also broke up my first two stories into separate chapters and will re-post them as well. One thing to remember when reading this series is it is AU with Harry and Hermione being sent to Earth by the Creator of all Things to save the whole planet from itself. You will see what I mean a bit when you read the story. It is a combination of science fiction and fantasy. Part DC Comics Superman universe, part Harry Potter with some Star Trek and other science fiction thrown in. The third part loosely follows the story line for book three of the Harry Potter series. The books and movie had Harry playing a lot of quiddich and trying to deal with the dementors with the threat of a mysterious criminal as a background. (Serious Black doesn't actually show up till the end.) My story has lots of action and I tried to be a bit more descriptive in my writing so I hope it works out okay.

Answers to some comments: I had some comments that my characters appear to be too powerful. They are that way for a purpose. In the overall premise of the story, Harry and Hermione were sent to Earth for a greater purpose. Voldemort is just a minor nuisance to them that will be taken care of when the time comes. Also, the dark marks the death eaters have in my story are nothing more than a way for Voldemort to mark his soldiers and he also uses the mark to leach their magical power and life force. He doesn't have any nasty rituals or murders needed to get the mark. He lures them in, marks them, leaches magic and life force and controls them through the mark. If he dies, they die. The marks are what's keeping him alive at this point of the story. As for horcruxes; he had made one from the diary and one was put into Nagini, his familiar. He was attempting to do a third one when he went for Harry in the first part but that failed. He doesn't know the diary was destroyed and may be reluctant to try again after his failure. More on that in part four.

8/9/2012 I received a couple of reviews from some concerned people. They were concerned about the ages of my two protagonists being married and sleeping together. First, they are children, children don't think in the same terms as adults with experience in such things. Second, despite being born on Earth from Earth parents they are still considered aliens from another planet. They are different from us in so many ways. They are super smart because of the Nano-probes and very mature mentally despite their ages. It will be explained further in chapter sixteen of part three, which I am currently writing. I've been married thirty six years and have three kids and seven grand kids. This series is rated G for general audiences, no bad language and no sexual innuendo. I don't feel comfortable writing about that kind of stuff and never will. Please just enjoy the stories by keeping in mind our heroes are aliens and are different from us in the way we think, feel and talk. The new chapter should be out in the next week or two.

8-12-2012: I just finished re-editing part two of my story and separating out the chapters. I wrote this story and part one while in the hospital on a laptop. It took me this long to figure out this web site on how to redo the stories. As I said, I re-edited the story and made a lot of corrections for missing words and put everything in the present tense. I added a little to some of the paragraphs and sentences to hopefully help them make more sense and add to the excitement to some of the scenes. Please let me know if you catch something I missed.

8/24/2012 New story added and third part completed. The Elders Take a Side Trip. For some reason this line was cut in half when uploading my story. E.ell.dd.ee.rr.s.s.s.s, I'm starting to wonder if I am using the wrong font as I write and the web site looses something in translation between fonts. I've gotten more than one review about misspelled words. I use Word 2010 with spell checker turned on so I always catch them on my end. I will look into that and go over my stories once again just in case.

9/30/2012 Part four added. First two chapters are up. This story will have a lot of science fiction and magic mixed in. I am an art student and will try to make some illustrations occasionally to show something I write about. I will have to post them here as a link to another web site.

This link, http:///albums/o232/jjslll54/Republican_Palace_Baghdad_Iraq.jpg, shows the size of the Elders ship compared to the palace.

This link, http:///wp-content/uploads/2011/12/jedi-consular-gear.jpg shows what their jedi robes look like except they are dark maroon instead of brown.

The actual story from the book starts in the second chapter and will be intermixed with other things the Elders do. Please enjoy and send feedback.

5/9/2013 Hi Everyone. It's been a while since I updated my profile so here goes. I am still working on the Elders saga and am almost finished with part four. Just a few more chapters to go. Not sure yet if there will be a part five yet. Don't know if I want to deal with Umbrige or not. I am also working on another story that has several chapters done and will start posting today. The story is an adult version of my saga with a bit less science fiction in it. Not sure if I will add it later, we'll see. The stories name is Divine Intervention and it will have an M rating for language and content inappropriate for younger readers. There will be no quote "Lemons" unquote, like some of the other writers like to do. That kind of stuff is not necessary to make a good story for a public web site like this one. There are plenty of adult sites out there for that kind of thing. I try to write at least five thousand words per chapter so updating may go a little slow. Also I am an online college student and have other obligations as well. I hope you like the story.

7/4/2013 Just a short update. I haven't abandoned the Elders story. Life in general has gotten in the way. (I am a part time college student ) My other story Divine Intervention is a work in progress, I have chapter 7 ready to upload and another one in the works. I have been getting some haughty reviews from some guest readers. My advice is if you don't like the way I write my stories is to either write your own the way you want or read someone elses. There are over 600,000 Harry Potter stories on this site and you are welcome to read them. Just like all of the authors on here we write for our own entertainment and make no money from our writing, so it is not like you have spent any money on an inferior product. I do appreciate constructive reviews, even if they tell me how bad my writing is. I am well aware my characters have super powers and that is they way I have written them for these two stories. As I gain more experience in writing I might come up with stories with a bit more conflict in them. Right now I am considering some kind of super villain or arch nemesis like in the superman stories with General Zod or Lex Luther. We'll see.

2/28/2014 Hi Everyone. Just an update to let anyone interested know that I am going through my elders story and correcting what mistakes I find. I did find quite a few spelling and punctuation errors and have corrected them. I have finished with part one and will be changing out the chapters in a bit. I did change a few things around and add a few lines here and there, hopefully to clarify some things and make it easier to read. As you know I like to write in the present tense where I will write says instead of said, which is past tense. I am trying to give everyone a sense that they are standing next to the characters as the action happens vs writing the story as if it happened years ago. I hope that I am improving somewhat in my writing skills to make my stories easier to read. I am still working on Divine Intervention and have two other stories in the works with about four chapters each written. One of the stories is called Reality Shift and is about the Elders being shifted to an alternate reality. The other is called True Love and is another travel into the past story. I will start posting chapters soon. That's about it for this update so I'll see you next time. Happy reading all.

11/23/2014 Just an update to let everyone know I am still here. Have two new chapters for Divine Intervention almost ready to post. I will get back to Reality Shift eventually. Divine will go off on a tangent for a chapter or three and then back to school for the Pendragons. Slow updating is due to more and more time needed for my school work. I am an on line part time college student majoring in Media Arts and Animation. Constructive reviews are always welcome and a note to flamers. If you have not written a story of your own, you have no leg to stand on about how I write my stories. If you don't like the way I write, don't read my stories. I write for my own entertainment and share what I write for other like minded folks to enjoy. We writers on this site are not being paid for our work so we don't have to meet anyone's standards but our own. If you have ides about how a story should go, then by all means write the way you want it to go. I have nothing against any who want to take one of my ideas and put their own twist on it as long as it is not a word for word copy with just a few changes. A note to me that you are doing so would be appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Till next time.

11/14/2015 Wow, it's been a year since I updated this. Thought I would add that I am still actively writing when time permits. I just posted another chapter for Divine Intervention and am almost finished with the next one. I apologize to my fans for taking so long to update my stories. I have just started my forth year of college studies which take up most of my time. For my Creative Writing class I wrote a short story called "The Life and Times of Charley MacDurvish". It's about a magical being that is trying to answer the question so many of us ask ourselves. 'Why are we Here?" My professor told me I should try to get my story published and I might do that some day. The story is about the length of one of my chapters and constructive feedback is welcome. Until next time. Happy Thanksgiving.

6/12/2017 Thought I would stick my nose in to let anyone interested know I have not abandoned any of my story's. I just completed my college degree in Media Arts and Animation, so I have a bit more time on my hands now. I am currently rewriting Divine Intervention from present tense into past tense and correcting numerous punctuation and spelling errors. I'm also changing a few lines here and there to try to add a bit more depth in some areas. Be patient and new chapters will be out soon. I am currently on chapter 5 in my rewrite. I appreciate all of the PMs I have received and the reviews. I will start releasing the rewrites soon. Thanks.

2/4/2018 Hello everyone. First, I am sorry for the long delay in updating. My muse went on vacation as I finished up my college degree. I am now the proud owner of Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Arts and Animation. This degree, if so inclined, would allow me to be part of a team that builds the newest video game, movie, TV show, Commercials etc. I am currently retired and living off disability payments as my cancer and the blood infection that followed nearly did me in. Enough of the boring stuff. I have revamped each of the chapters in my Divine Intervention story. I fixed most of the punctuation errors (there might still be a few). I changed to past tense for the story, along with adding and changing lines within each chapter. My hope is this will make the story more entertaining and easier to read. They will be uploaded very soon. Also, a couple more paragraphs and the next chapter will be complete.

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