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Hello :3 I'm toodlepips and I like writing, or I wouldn't be here. Though I suppose you could like reading without liking writing...

1. Most comforting place, smell, sound and memory? - place: School Library (idk) Smell: coffee! Sound: Any songs from my i-pod are great. Memory: Walking through the village with my great grandma singing 'we'll meet again' by Vera Lynn (:

2. Your ambitions as a child and your ambitions now? - As a kid I wanted to be an Actress. Now I want to be a politician or a journalist.

3. Biggest fear - Watching my friends in pain "/

4. Qualities you would like in a partner - willingness to talk about feelings?

5. Traits you couldn't put up with in a partner - crudeness, perhaps.

6. What is the worst thing you have done to another person? (Let them down, lied, faked love etc) - I was too scared to lose my friends, so I joined them in falling out with another friend leaving them all alone who was all alone :(

7. What are your worst traits and features? - Cold Hearted, resentful and my face, ewe.

8. What are your best traits and features? - My Composure and Determination and my neck maybe?

9. How would you explain your idea of ‘true love’? - Feeling the pain that they feel, but a thousand times worse.

10. The biggest mistake you’ve made. - Letting myself be alone for my first year of high school because I was too shy to make friends.

11. Are you rational or more emotional? - That depends who I'm with, but probably more rational.

12. Do you think you’re very conscious of the feelings of others or more self oriented? -I'm conscious, but I often ignore them if they're in my way.

13. Greatest achievement personally. - Getting a B in maths. It's not my best mark but I tried so hard and I'm so proud of myself! :P

14. If you struggle to sleep at night, what do you do to try and soothe yourself to sleep? - I daydream about Hogwarts and listen to music

15. What irritates you most about society?- How closed off and bitter people are nowadays, including myself.

16. When you compliment someone, what do you tend to focus on? (Looks, intelligence, personality…) - I compliment on looks but in my head I'm always thinking about their personalities. weird I know!

17. Think of your oldest friend. If you met them now do you think you would still become friends? - We're not friends anymore :/ But from afar I can see she's still the same girl she was when she was 3, so perhaps.

18. Something you love to do, but feel guilty about after/during? - heheh, too many to name.

19. Would you like children in the future. If so why? - Idk. That depends on whether my career goes anywhere and if i marry someone rich.. ;)

THAT'S ME! :D If you actually read this and want to ask/reply - feel free to PM me (':

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