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Poll: Ok so, I'm stumped on what to do with Vengeance is a Bitch, I have few ideas and I like a few of them myself but I shall let you guys vote because I don't know what to do, some are going to be alternative endings of a previous option, but rewrite will be an option and you can either pm on what you would like to see happen, or I'm going to allow multi-selection 2 maybe 3 selections, just depends on how many options there are. Vote Now!
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ok so I was going to post another story up soon, but it involved Mikey Way getting the girl and well, with the whole he cheated on Alicia thing(idgaf if its true or not) I'm rewriting certain parts now, maybe the entire story because, Killjoys (MCR) meets Deathbats (A7X) meets The Wild Ones/Rebels (BVB) and P!ATD (I don't have a cool name for them) yo form an army to defeat BL/ind sounds really fun and kind of kick ass so expect that before lets say June. . and I'm putting a poll up to see what's next for Vengeance.

Copy and paste this, bold what you are, SCREW STERYOTYPES!!!!!!!!

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