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Hi! Thanks for dropping by my profile! Feel free to poke around and find stuff you like.

Link for Day #27 of Awakenings (Aleksei)

Link for Chapter 7 of The Dragon Reborn

Link for Glass Princess (Falling Veils, Sophie/Bao)

Arp 273 and Hoag's Object (ring galaxy) from Of Roses (Falling Veils, Lera/Aleksei)

Make your choice, adventurous Stranger

Strike the bell and bide the danger

Or wonder, til it drive you mad

What would have followed if you had.

(The Magician's Nephew, C.S. Lewis. From Albatross (Falling Veils, Sophie/?))

December 2014 Update:

All progress re: NaNoWriMo has been abandoned. It was a bad time for me to try it, due to some nasty RL stuff I'd rather not talk about because it doesn't just involve me. It had been coming for a while, and unfortunately due to circumstances outside of the control of everyone involved, it all came to a head around the end of October, and stayed there until I went home for Christmas. The outcome was that I was too physically tired and most days too emotionally drained to even consider trying to put as much effort into my fics as I wanted.

I still don't know whether the issues will spring up again when I go back, or whether I'll be able to continue writing there. Like I said, it doesn't just involve me, and outside of what I was already doing there is very little I can do to change anything that happens.

Writing is a joy for me, something I love to enjoy doing. If I feel it's a chore or a duty, I hate it, and my work really, really suffers. I've seen it happen to my writing before, and I detested it.

So my apologies. There will not be vast reams of work for any of the stories I said I'd be working on.

BUT there will be work on them. Just... slow and steady. I never abandon stories, I just forget about them.

Poke me if you want a certain story updated!

March 2014 Update:

Those of you reading shadowritergirl's "Demons Inc" may recognise Zhi and Sirius. Whilst in my stories they only appear in Falling Veils at the moment, they may turn up in some other fics once I'm back from my self-imposed semi-exile in May.

Here are the bios/personalities I gave shadowritergirl for them.

Zhi grew up in the Winter Fortress of the Hundred Schools of Beylin Fist, as the eldest daughter of Bao and his bride Mara. The Winter Fortress is somewhat medieval in style, and so she doesn't understand the most modern technology. For example, music in the Fortress is always live. There is no electricity, and drinking water is drawn from the spring outside. The washing is done further downstream. Bathing happens in the pool under the training waterfall in summer (should they be there – the title of Winter Fortress is somewhat defunct as the Fist bladers now live there almost year-round) or in the underground pools below the caves which are geothermally heated. Food is grown locally or traded for with the local villagers down the mountain.

Because of her father and her 'uncle' Aguma, she is very close to the leadership of the tribe. This makes her sort of a princess to the tribe (or as close as they get to one) but she is her father's daughter and so she merely acknowledges this rather than using it to get what she wants.

Zhi likes running around outside and having fun, and is good at making friends. When involved in some group activity, she likes to be the leader. If she isn't made the leader, expect her to sulk for a little while. If the new leader can prove themselves worthy of the title to her, however, she will accept them and happily follow them, though she will always make sure to advise them as wisely as she can.

Like her father, she is calm and confident in battle, but unlike him, she is very much a solo blader (Bao may be powerful, but his best performance comes when he's tagging with Aguma). Her dad has always encouraged her to step outside the Winter Fortress and walk in the wider world. Due to the slowly-growing friendship between specifically Bao, Aguma and the Beylin Temple bladers, she has been trained to some degree by the Temple style, though her main style is of the Fist.

Sirius is a force of nature, pure energy wrapped up in brown hair and blue eyes. He wants everything to happen *now* and can be extremely impatient if things aren't going his way, or even if they just aren't keeping up with him. He can be rather scatterbrained when it comes to finishing things, as he lacks the patience to do finishing touches and just wants things to be *done* so that he can move on to the next bit. Understandably, in some situations this can leave a wide trail of semi-destruction behind him.

He loves outside spaces, running, climbing and jumping off of things (or out of trees). However, he cannot swim. He is very fond of the star he is named after, and is very smart. Considering who his parents are, this is no surprise. He's also physically strong, as he has to be in order to master the Rock Orso he owns.

He used to want a Leone, but discovered very quickly that Orso is far better suited for him. They make a strong, if sometimes argumentative, pair.

In battle he is analytical but often overambitious, going for risky attacks so that he can get to the "exciting" bits of the battle as soon as possible. Sometimes this backfires, but combined with his intelligence and his ability to spot weaknesses in the spin of the opposing blade, he can pull it off a surprising amount of times.

Sirius fights with his younger brother Rigel all the time when they are younger. They have always made up, though. Sometimes Sirius doesn't notice that he's saying something very hurtful, but he is genuinely kind and honest, and wants to make friends with almost everyone.

So... yes, now I actually have some MFB OCs. Oops.

Well, what can I say about myself...

First of all, I'm British (if the little flag up there in the corner didn't give it away). Hence the way that I spell some words and the (occasionally deliberate) use of specifically British idioms.

What I Write For

When writing about Beyblade, I'm most likely to write about the Blade-breakers, the Blitzkrieg Boys and BEGA, not because they all begin with B, but because I think they have intriguing and diverse personalities that are fun to write about and mess with.

I also write for the Metal Fight Beyblade fandom, because I think both series have their merits, and personally I think the characters in MF are easier/more fun to write stories about. But that's just my own opinion.

Axis Powers Hetalia has also joined the ranks of things I write for. The more humorous of these will almost certainly include bad attempts at phonetic accents, specifically French and German. They are not meant to offend, merely to reflect the style of the show. I don't write very much for this fandom any more, due to a lack of ideas and many, many other writers far more talented than myself in this fandom.

I write bits and pieces for Fairy Tail as I get the inspiration. These will either be ensemble fics or pieces focused on my beloved Raijinshuu, who don't get nearly enough attention.

Donten Ni Warau does not have nearly enough fics. I am working on this.

I have two stories for Prince of Tennis, and would like to write another one day. I have plans aplenty, but nothing complete.

I expand out into other fandoms as I discover them, so don't be too surprised if you AuthorAlert me for MFB or Fairy Tail and the next thing that shows up is something completely different!

General Information About Stories

My brother, The Muse Of Insanity, was one of my best muses. If you find something really hilarious in one of my Beyblade or Hetalia stories, it was probably his idea to begin with - I just wrote it up and polished it a bit. See 1588: Of Armadas and Tomatoes for a good example. Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, he has had to stop writing fanfic, so it's just me now, regardless of what it may say on his page!

I will always try to reply to reviews if possible, just to let you know how much I appreciate getting them. Feel free to ask questions about the fics and things that happen in them - I will almost certainly answer unless it's a significant plot point.

The vast majority of the time, I write friendship fics, because I don't think there can ever be too many friendship fics out there. I also have a slight obsession with back-story, and finding out how/why characters got to the places that they are in when seen in the series. I stay in-canon and in-character to the best of my ability, unless flagged.

Unless clearly marked otherwise, NONE of my stories will ever go on hiatus or be discontinued/abandoned. The thing is, I get lots of ideas all at once, and never enough time to write them. Occasionally, that horrid thing known as Real Life invades as well. So if there's a fic of mine which you like that hasn't had an update in FOREVER, don't worry too much - it will eventually be completed. You just might have to wait for me to finish work on one of the others first. You can always send me a message telling me to get on with it, and I might give you a better idea of when it will be updated.

I tend not to read yaoi fanfics unless they are the only fics available where the characters stay in-character... and because I dislike OCxCanon even more. That's not a snipe at OCs, because I have some of my own and I know that there are many well-written OCs around. But because I like to keep things canonical, I sometimes struggle to see how the new character fits in unless they are written very well indeed. That's not particularly well-explained, I know, but it's the best that I can do.

So many romance stories that I have read could make wonderful friendship fics, which I don't think there's nearly enough of (hence why I write them).


I use this algorithm to decide what rating to give to stories:

K – I am happy for anyone to read this.

K plus - I am happy for someone aged 8 and above to read this.

T – I am happy for someone aged 12 and above to read this. (Please note – Fanfiction dictates that the minimum age for someone on this site, at least with an account, is 13)

M – I am happy for someone aged 15 and above to read this.

This has been developed using a combination of the Fanfiction guidelines and the UK film ratings. I accept that every 8, 12 or 15 year old will be different, but in general I use the members of my family who are about that age to gauge whether or not the story needs a higher rating.

Current Projects

I am currently focused on my two current chaptered fics; The Dragon Reborn and In Whom We Trust, both MFB. When these have been finished, or at least restarted to a suitable degree, I will start posting new fics in various fandoms.

I am trying to find another idea for Unforsaken Road!

One-shots or other short stories will be periodically updated in between updates on the longer, chaptered fics. As always, if you want info on when a story will be updated, feel free to PM or review!


Nat Love67 has begun to translate To Learn Their Ways into Spanish, so go check that out if you understand Spanish (I, unfortunately, have never learnt it myself)

To Learn Their Ways traduccion

If you've read to here, I salute you!


All of the pictures used as story covers on my fics, except those listed below, are photographs or drawings that are available in the public domain and are therefore freely available for all use, as resources in the public domain are those for whom the copyright has expired, been revoked or is inapplicable. In other words none of my story covers, to the very best of my knowledge, break any copyright laws.

If you want to know more about where any of the pictures came from, message me.


An Englishman's Home is His Castle (own photograph)

November's Window (own photograph)

Downfall (own drawing, as seen on deviantArt)

To Learn Their Ways (own picture)

Awakenings (own photograph)

In Whom We Trust (own picture)

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