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I once had a fanfiction long ago (2 years ago). i thought I'd be awesome and write stories. But that never happened. I SORRY FANFICTION! . but alas! i am back! and ready to try this again! hopfully this time i will have somthing remotely ok to write about. My ideas always come from my dreams. Up untill recently i've just ignored them but now im writing them down, trying to decipher the meaning and how to make it make sense to the world around me. (I once had a reoccuring dream of my parents hiring a man to cut my fingers off as a child because I use to touch brekable things and such. I dont think ill turn that one into a story But hey! you can by all means... write a story about my fingers being cut off for me and send it to me. id love to see its capability.


I have a fasination with all things immortal (dont diss me for my vampires do not sparkle!)

I am pretty sure that my favourite author of all time would be Kresley Cole (drools) she manages to make me crush on ficitonal werewolves... PLEASE PEOPLE! READ HER NOVELS! THEY ARE AMAZING TO SAY THE LEAST!

Never been much of a witch gal. I love to focus on vampires and werewolves... on occasion ive had ideas for demons but that is a loooooong way down the track.

Lacuna Coil is my inspirating music for writing. I often lay in bed at night or on the bus ( i dont lay on the bus i sit. ) and whenever i hear 'Fragile' it gets my mind ticking. I do wish i could use those songs for epic high points in life. Like possibly when i own an exam (not likely) id like to have "EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!!!!" spring into the room. Or when im feeling particularly evil id like to have the theme song to death race playing in the backround as i swiftly and gracefully walk towards my intended victim. (of.course in my head im tall and skinny clad in leather...alas... my short stumpy legs and *loud storm* THUNDER THIGHTS!* MAKE THAT IMPOSSIBLY!)

I.NVR HAD GOOD INGLISH SO SOZZA FOR INCOMVENIENCE!. no really. im serious. Beta's of the world! IM HIRING NOW!. CALL ME!.

well now that ive thoughrally scared you all off. i shall keep writing my *british acccent* booooook thing.

Please... by all means... critisize me. nobody ever critisizes me. For once in my life id like somone to honestly tell me "that was fucking lame do it again. ". pardon my... french?. would you say the word 'fuck' is masculine of feminine?. Imma go ask my teacher.

OH!!!! i almsot forgot!!!!! My names maddy! And i am your God. ( recently changed the 10 commandments btw. its now ok to commit adultry. and steal from your neighbores. GO CRAZY)

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