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Hey there. My name is Aggie. Age 20, living in Canada. Over here is where I am going to post the progress of each of my fanfiction so you will know when to look forward to the next chapter. Sometimes, if the time between each chapter is very long, I will even put cookies for you to enjoy so please check every now and then if you are a fan of my fics.

Updated News on June 19th, 2007

It's summer again, so I'm slowly working on my fics. I will try to get Chapter 4 of PGAtG done soon... THERE'S A COOKIE FOR IT BELOW!

P.S. For those reading my hack SIGN fic. I swear I'll finish it. It has about two chapters left in it. It's my favourite fic that I've done, despite the crazy angst, haha. I gotta thank all the reviewers. I won't let you guys down.

Predestination Goes Against the Grain - Chapter 4 = 4,600 words so far. CURRENTLY WORKING ON! COOKIE RIGHT BELOW!

Disappear... disappear... Fate said in her mind, trying to picture herself dissolving into nothing. At first, the image of herself was still there. She could see her head tucked into her chest, with her eyes closed shut, trying her best to meet her goal. And then, she noticed something. Her tail was not there! Perhaps it was working. She concentrated even harder, this time, looking at only her wings. In a matter of seconds, they left the picture. Fate concluded that the only way to do this was to concentrate on each part of the body individually. She moved onto the paws, then her whiskers, her ears, until nothing could be seen except her eyelids. With complete focus on them, they soon left with the rest of her body.

Once this process was complete, Fate slowly opened her eyes. Everything looked exactly as it was. She started at the wide-eyed Chaos, who seemed to be shifting his head from left to right.

“Oh.. no.. Fate.. where’d you go? Could it be? Have you truly disappeared?” Chaos said with almost no emotion in his voice. Fate was oblivious to his mockery. She assumed that he was truly surprised.

“I’m right here!” she shouted in response, delighted that it worked. She looked down and, in fact, her entire body was gone.

hack SOUL -1,300 words of Chapter 7 have been written so far. This is going to be one messed up chapter, but I'll try to make sense out of it. ON HOLD!

A New Subordinate - 400 words into Chapter 3! ON HOLD!

Heart's Perplexity - Will be worked on shortly..

Poisonous Delight -1,500 words into Chapter 1! ON HOLD!

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