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Warning: Contains spoilers for FEAR!

I'm a huge GONE fan and that's why I joined this site: to read fanfics, and to soon upload my own. But that'll take a while, but it's about Jayden- my own character- and Drake. Update: I don't think I am going to put the first chapter up because it has so many plot holes. I wrote a prequel about Drake and how he went mad and it's coming up soon. Maybe tomorrow. 20/9-12

My thoughts of the characters after reading FEAR:

Favorite Characters: Quinn, Edilio, Mohammed, Dekka, Jack and Sam. Drake will always have a special place in my heart.

Least Favorites: Penny! Damn that little girl. Howard. What a disappointment. He only used Orc to carry his liquor and therefor wanted Orc to be an alcoholic again? WTF Howard! That's not how to treat a friend. I don't know with you guys but Michael did really kill off the people that we didn't really care much about.

I LOVE the Coates Trio, that's a big reason HUNGER is my favorite in the series. I HATE that Michael killed off Drake just to make him a attached zombie to Brittney. Please give Drake Merwin his old body back, doesn't matter its broken and all- FIX HIM!

1. Favorite Perdido Beach kid? Edilio (he was my first favorite)

2. Favourite Coates kid? Drake

3. Favourite couple? Edilio and Roger

4. Least favourite couple? I don't think that Michael has been making any mistakes with the couples.

5. Favourite part of each book? Oh God...I'll just put some cool part m'kay?

Gone- When Drake fights Orc. *sigh* good times, good times. And when Sam and his crew flees and meet Lana. I miss Gone. Never read it in English.

Hunger- When the Coates Trio are trapped in the nuclear power plant. ( teases and nagging at each other) and when Duck is a hero. Rest in peace my great great man.

Lies- The fire!

Plague- The part with the Jennifers' are cool and when Sam goes on an adventure with Dekka and Jack. And the battle with the giant insects.

6. Least favorite character? Brittney Donegal and Penny.

7. What do you think of Zil? He's a little hypocrite, that's what he is. A little thug- punk. But at least he was a better thug than Lance.

8. Favorite coyote? The first and only Pack leader.

9. Who has the best power? It has to be Caine's power. Just because Sam's power is too dangerous for me and Little Pete's too OP.

10. Worst power? Worst? hmm.. I got it. Brittney's power. It's so sad she never dies. Well, except for Sam's power but he won't just do it.

11. Computer Jack and Brianna or Dekka and Brianna? I like the drama between them, so I don't really know. I just think that Dekka should have known better about Brianna being a little kid and all. But I like Jack and he should have a girlfriend that actually likes him.

13. Saddest death? Not that many have died, but.. Duck. He's a f*cking hero!

14. I think that Drake with a girlfriend is... Well, as far as we are in the series; Impossible. But if so, it would be me. And not girlfriend just..y'all know what I mean. No, not like that..

15. I might pair...

Howard with No one! He betrayed Orc, he's dead to me. Oh, wait, he is dead.

Penny with Herself

Quinn with Someone outside of the "important people". He deserves not to have to worry all the time.

Sanjit with He can have Lana, it's okay with me

Orc with Astrid. Just 'cause I can.

The Artful Roger with Edilio. I think it's beautiful. That Edilio found love, not because it's Roger, 'kay?

Zil with Lisa. Just because he doesn't like her.

Albert with With someone of the three girls he brought with him to the island. I think they're too young and I don't remember anything about them but I heard he liked girls..

Orsay with She's just too weird to be in a relationship. hmm.. Bug then .

Brother John with Aaaw, with a sweet and smart girl.

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Ravage reviews
This is a one shot fan fiction that is about Drake Merwins childhood. It was before I read FEAR *spoiler* were we found out he specifically hates women. It's about how Drake lost his mind. This is my first fan fic, please tell me how it was it's really hard for me to tell if it's OK or not. This story contains violence and cruelty. The violence is not very detailed.
Gone - Rated: T - English - Drama/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,550 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 9/29/2012 - Drake M., unknown - Complete