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My storiesTopless-REWRITE (M Phineas and Ferb) Drunken Hearts (T Phineas and Ferb) Red (M Adventure Time with Finn and Jake)

My mind can be scattered at times when I write stories but it seems to work!

Anyways, here's a bit about myself

I can be a total asshole if you push my buttons. I LIKE BUTTONS


I like Rock/Alternative/Metal/Rap (Crown the Empire and We Came as Romans..yeshhhh)

I am Christian. I'm a girl!

My home state has bipolar disorder!!

Mein Inspiration for starting fanfiction!! Check them out!!:



Comment person-



I support those of different race language origin sexuality prefrences etc.

I also seem to say fuck alot. Which happens quite often in my story.

I have seriously written a short horror story if you will. It's called dance with the devil. It's good if I may say so myself.

Tanz Mit dem Teufel

(Dance With the Devil)

You all know that Halloween is fun. It’s full of spooks and frights and tricks and treats. People tell stories to scare others. Some are legends, some are ghost stories, and others are absolutely true. Now, I wouldn’t say that this one is true, but it’ll keep you on edge.

The year: 1927

The place: Munich, Germany

The girl was 15 years old.

It was her first year in school since she had to stay with her family after her father’s death.

It haunts her dreams to this day.

She swears that he still walks among them.

The school was modern for its time, yet old fashioned with its people.

It was Mid-October. Next week was Halloween to be exact.

Surprisingly they would have a dance to celebrate the occasion, including all the frights that time would imagine.

She was walking through the halls of the rundown school the day before the dance.

Oddly enough, her mother told her not to go to the dance. She just shook it off.

As she was heading to her next class, she realized she was the only one in the room. She closed the door.

She began working, not even noticing who was standing beside her. He tapped her on the shoulder. She jumped.

It was her father in his old miner’s clothes. Dust caked, blood soaked uniform, a gash on his left side.

You would think she would scream.

She asked him what he was doing there. He had said that he just wanted to see his little girl all grown up.

She later asked how he got past the door without her noticing.

That’s when she realized it.

He was dead.

She could see almost right through him.

The night of the dance was an interesting one. Autumnal leaves were falling throughout.

The school had decided that it would be a costume party so everyone was dressed accordingly.

Zombies, vampires, ghost, were all in attendance.

She was the only one who seemed out of place.

She was wearing a mask that made her look as if she was part of a masquerade, wearing an elegant dress and a golden mask.

She was beautiful really.

A particular one dressed as a vampire caught her eye.

“Dance with me.” He said.

Before she was even able to reply, she was swept into a quick waltz.

They could have sworn that they were the best dancers there.

It was 11 o’ clock. One hour before everyone was to leave in secrecy.

She honestly was having the time of her life.

She completely ignored the fact that her mother told her not to go.

She was being spun around by her partner, not noticing what was truly happening to him.

When she saw him, he had blood dripping from his mouth, eyes rolling to the back of his head, nearly vanishing to her sight.

His head slowly tipping back.

She screamed.

No one took notice.

They continued dancing.

It was nearly midnight. She took one glance at him.

Blood was still running out of his mouth, but he was now looking at her with a bloody, toothy grin.

Wide eyed and with advancement, he leaned in and kissed her.

Stepping back, he was satisfied at the fresh blood stain on her check.

She turned away from him only a moment, but when she turned back, he was gone.

She looked over to see if the rest had gone.

They hadn’t.

They were now levitating. She wanted to get out but she couldn’t.

The doors were locked. She began to panic.

The people around her started chanting nonsense at her.

She wanted to scream. She couldn’t. They had taken her voice.

They began moving closer and closer.

She was soon surrounded by them.

There was nothing she could do.

The stroke of midnight rang out with expectancy. She looked up as if that ring was the last thing she would ever hear.

She saw them. Truly saw them, smelt them.

Mangled faces, jawless men, broken women. She could see through them. They smiled at her. All of them.

“Who are you?” She said

“We are the people of this land. We walk among you. We will never leave.”

They all faded away, leaving her in the dark, paralyzed with fright.

So, the moral of the story is:

Listen to your mother, and you won't be walking among the dead..

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