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Hey y'all!
LoL, um, where to start, where to start...I guess my stats.

Name: Marie

Age: Ah ah, no way I'm telling you!

Gender: Gee, with a name like Marie, I must be a guy! (said like a ditz)

Siblings: One little sister. Her name's Keyla (kay-la)

Pets: Uh...a dog and a cat.

Race: I'm mixed white(mom) and black(dad--NO! it must be another mother! *acts shocked* -_- stupid people)

Hair: Black with green tips (I love it!! it's sooooooooo cute!)

Living: yes!I'm alive and kicking. LoL, no, um, really, I'm a Washingtonian! Good ol' Federal Way

Boyfriend: Not yet. Working on it. See, he's like my best friend, so I'm not sure that I want to go out with him, just cuz I don't want to ruin our friendship.


Fav Group: Smile.DK Now don't get me wrong, I hate techno-popish stuff. Rap is my all-time fav, and I practically worship Ja Rule, Eminem, Missy Elliot, and 50 Cent. But I gotta say, I downloaded one of Smile.DK's songs on accident, and I can't stop listening to them now! I'M FUCKING ADDICTED!!!!!
If anyone knows where I can get on of their joints, IM me. It's GoldenTenshi14, but I'm not on to much. So it'd be better if you emailed me. Yup Yup! ^_^
(I swear, email's like THE greatest invention EVER. Besides Seto Kaiba and other animes of course. Heh. ^_^U) Uh...well, w/e. Most of that stuff was dumb, and I'm not sure why I put it up there, so Ima gunna stop there. LoL, well, what can you expect from a dumb person like me with my measly IQ of 141? Oh, that kinda makes me really smart, huh? LoL. Well, w/e.

OH! One other important thing that maybe I should say...
I have a dark side.
A yami, if you will.
She appeared when my dad and I started hating each other, so she comes out when we have our yelling fests. Thank God she's out right now or she might burst in and completely interrupt me. Heh, she's just a little rude. ^_^;;
So here are her stats:

Name: Shanae (shawn-a)

Age: Uh...however old she is. I really have no idea!

Hair: Black with darkish-greenish stripes in it. She likes copying my, cuz her hair was originally just black. No DUH (-_-)

Eyes: Crimson, as opposed to my brown ones.

Current bf: She's trying to get Seto Kaiba, and she's quite suceeding. That's why she isn't here right now.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's enough about her. Let's talk about me!
'Shanae's gonna kill me when she finds out I stole her spotlight'


My Favorite Anime*
-Yu-Gi-Oh!, hands down.

Other Awesome Animes*
-Yu Yu Hakusho
-G Gundam
-Weiss Kreuz
-Rurouni Kenshin
-Love Hina
-Dragonball Z
-His and Her Circumstances
-And many, many more! Yah, well, that could go on for awhile. So on to the next subject.

*My Favorite Guys*

-Malik Ishtar (Mmm...YUMMY!! My goodness, the boy is fucking hot! H/e, I don't like his Yami. I mean, he's alright, but just a little...insane.)

-Ryou Bakura (Oh wow, can you say "kawaii"??? *sigh* Too bad my sister put a claim on him in our lil' game we've got going on. Pooh.)

-Yami Bakura (Humm, evil, hot, sexy, insane...sounds like the perfect guy! Hey, what can I say? He beats people up, so who knows? He might be awful good in bed! *wink wink*)

-Otogi Ryuji (Umm...dicey? See, the guy's too damn hot for his own good, and he knows it. And that's why I love him. However, he needs to get rid of that damn earring. I mean, fo' reals!)

~~~Yu Yu Hakusho~~~
-Youko Kurama (Mmm...tasty. Ohh! HE'S SO FUCKING HOT!!!I CAN'T STAND IT! >. -Kurama(non-youko) (Now this guy's really sweet. Like, candy cane sweet! ^_^ I like how he's all cutthroat in battle, but he tries to never kill them unless absolutely necessary. And I gotta say, kudos to that guy with the funky little box that turned my man to a demon!! Or, to his younger stage. AWW, WHATEVER! YOU GET IT!)

-Jin,the Wind Master (You all remember that little orange-haired demon that Yusuke fought with the Scot accent, right? That's why I like him:his accent. Hee, my friend Victoria thinks I'm crazy for that, but hahahaha, she's just jealous cuz I claimed him before she did! >:D)

-Sha Gojyo (Oh. *shivers* The way he swings that blade, the way he inhales deeply on his cigarette...even the way he talks...*swoon*)

~~~Weiss Kreuz~~~
-Youji Kudou (My GOD, he's sexy as hell, however, as my mom puts it, "Honey, he looks gayer than the guys from the Village People." Oh whatever! He doesn't...kind of. But what can I say? He's hot hOt HOT! *squeal*)

-Kouga (Kudos to my lil' wolf demon! He's all, "fuck you Inuyasha!" Well, not actually, but still...)

-Inuyasha (non-human)(Heeheehee, my cute little half demon! I swear, you know when Kagome's all rubbing his ears in ep numbero uno? I would do the same thing!!)

-Miroku (*sigh* Alas, the perverted monk is my friend's in our lil' game. FUCK HER.--Not literally of course.)

-Inuyasha (human) (OMG, he's sooooooooooo cute when he's human! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! And that about sums that up!)

~~~Rurouni Kenshin~~~
-SANOSUKE SAGARA (OMG, HE'S HOT, HE'S HOT, HE'S HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! But seriously folks, he needs to take that muslin off sometime.)

-Captain Sagara (Aww, so who gives a damn that he's dead? You can be dead and sexy at the same time! Dead+Sexy= dead sexy!!! LMAO.)


Okie dokie folks, those are my top favorite animes. And so, we go on with stuff about my favorite favorite favorite anime.

You'll often see me put 'Ryou' and 'Bakura'. To clear this up now,
Ryou= Non-yami Ryou Bakura, whereas Bakura= Yami Ryou Bakura. So, just keep that in mind. And along with that, the common 'Yugi' and 'Yami' thing should be pretty obvious--Yugi=non-yami, Yami=yami Yugi. And also, with Malik and Marik, well, if you're a true fan, you should know that Malik is the non-yami, and Marik is the yami. But noooooooooo!!! The stupid people at 4Kids, or w/e the place where they dub the show is had to make it all confusing like and get the names wrong! FUCK THEM!!!!!!!

--Oh, speaking of 4Kids, they're gonna have real problems soon with the series.
See, I’ve read on different sites what happens in the show the next four eps, and the four eps after one ep after the first four I was talking about (You follow? Uh, put it like this: Eps 1,2,3,4, then skip 5, then 6,7,8,9. Of course, those aren’t the episodes I’m talking about, but you hopefully get it.).
See, first off, true fans should know that the actual first series was not shown in America, as Yami was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too violent in it.
-_- Well, w/e. But also, they’re going to have problems editing the show now.
They’re coming up on a really dark and sort of depressing part of the series now, and Malik (called Marik in the dub) gets, well, Malik-like!
See, okay, lemme explain a bit. BTW, spoilers here, so take heed.
In the next four episodes, Anzu, Jounouchi, and Mokuba have been taken hostage by the Rare Hunters (wait….I think Anzu and Jou were already taken. Oh well, w/e).
To get them back, Yugi and Seto have to team up in a tag-team death duel against two of Malik's minions. Their duel is to take place on the top of a skyscraper.
On top of the skyscraper, there is a glass roof, which is separated into four square sections. Each player stands in one section, and for each section, there is a bomb. The bombs are set to go off when the player's life points reach zero, exploding and breaking the glass in that section. The player then falls to their doom, falling one hundred-something stories to the ground floor.
The dubbers have been able to get by the past death-duels by turning blades meant to cut your legs off into energy disks that send you to the Shadow Realm and stuff along that line, but they can't exactly do that here. A prediction that one my friends came up with is that they'd paint a big black blob under the glass, so that when the glass breaks, the player gets trapped in that Shadow Realm that 4Kids seem to love so much. (Don’t get me wrong, I do love the dub! Especially Seto’s voice! *swoon* Eric Stuart plays our fav CEO, and also Brock and James from Pokemon)
The episode after that is sort of pointless. It’s all Seto, Mokuba, and Yugi, flying in Seto’s helicopter, remembering everything that’s happened in the series so far. Oh, plus, Seto finds out about Yugi’s alter-ego.
The four eps after that are another duel, and again, it’s a death duel. You might already know about it: Malik has taken Jou and Anzu under his control (LoL, I hate Anzu!! Hearing her voice combined with Malik’s is kinda freaky though) and Yugi has to duel Jounouchi. This takes place on a dock at Domino Port, where Yugi and Jounouchi are each cuffed to a chain connected to an anchor, which is THEN connected to an overhanging thingamabob. The only thing that keeps the anchor connected up there is a (surprise, surprise) bomb, which is set for thirty minutes: the duel has to be completed by that time. If it doesn't, then the bomb goes off and both players are dragged to a watery doom. If one player manages to take the other's life points by that time, then a box at his feet opens with a key that will free him from the cuffs. That player then has thirty seconds to free himself before the bomb goes off, taking his opponent under- and him, if the cuffs aren't off in time. Now, Seto and Mokuba are there as well, soon to be accompined by Honda, Shizuka, Mai and Otogi (YAY!!^_^) but they can't do anything, because Anzu is strapped to a chair with a crate attached to a crane hovering above her head- if anyone interferes, the crate drops onto her head, killing her instantly (die Die DIE!!!!!! {insert an evil laugh here}.
But the real reason that this duel is supreme is because you get to see Mai drive her car, Malik's obsession with ice cubes is revealed, Kuriboh has the most AMUSING faces, Otogi beats down a whole gang of Rare Hunters with dice, Anzu speaks with Malik's voice, Seto tells a joke (which isn't really that funny, unless you consider the fact that it's SETO telling it), and Yugi admits his love to Jounouchi (I am SERIOUS!!). It's kind of sentimental, too. I suppose that's the point of the entire duel. But it's kind of hard to concentrate on the seriousness when Seto crashes his helicopter into a crane and impales a Rare Hunter with a Blue-Eyes, LoL.
After that, there’s an episode where Yami Bakura sends Keith's minions to hell and gets their puzzle indicator cards. Then the next episode is one of my absolute favorites- it's PURELY Jounouchi/Mai! Then the next episode is the one where Yami Bakura ravenously eats a slab of meat (cool Cool COOL!!) on the Kaibamobile, or w/e the hell you want to call it.
But you know, I might be wrong about all of that, cuz I haven't actually seen the episodes.
I think I’m done ranting now.--

Oh, and the 'little game' that I was talking about obviously does not make the characters mine, my friend's, nor my sisters. The characters all belong to the people who created them, people whom I can't remember their names, so yah. So please don't sue me!!

*Yu-Gi-Oh! Parings That I Like (non-yaoi)*

*Yu-Gi-Oh! Parings That I Like (yaoi. there are lots here)*
-Malik/Seto (oh, yummy yummy yummy!!!!)
-Seto/Bakura (more yummers!)

*Okie dokies, now then! Characters that I can't stand in the show are as follows*
-Anzu Mazaki (she's my LEAST favorite! God she's annoying as hell! And someone clear this up for me: isn't she just going along with Yugi to get to Yami?)
-Bandit Keith
-Insector Haga
-Noah Kaiba
-Isis Ishtar
-Esper Roba
-Dinosaur Ryusaki

Yup yup! Hate 'em! So, I guess I love their bashings!!! {insert evil laugh here}

let's see...
The deal with my stories...

My main characters, obviously besides the YGO! cast, will consist of Shanae and myself, as well as some abrupt and random apperences from a few of my MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY friends. I'm serious about the 'many's too. I'm not ultra popular, but hell, even the queen of all likes me. So there we go!
I will ask that people not report me or w/e for making what are known as "Mary-Jane's" and "John Doe's" since I'm not exactly trying to make up any of that sort of stuff. Characters that aren't in any of the shows are either completely like my friends, or me, or Shanae. So yah.

Now with Yu-Gi-Oh! stories, I probably won't be making a whole bunch that have to deal with new Millenium items and crap like that. However, there will be a few that do. So yah, like I said before, no Mary-Jane shit please.

Now then...if someone would just show me how to get these damn stories up here...

Ja ne!
~I thought I was crazy Urameshi, but that takes the cake! You don't make bombs go BOOM in yer face!--Jin,the Wind Master (Yu Yu Hakusho)~

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