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Author has written 13 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, and Fast and the Furious.


I love being creative wether it is painting, writing or acting (I'm not in that business!). I develop my ideas and write all kinds of different stories, and being able to publish them here is fantastic!

I really hope you'll enjoy my stories and hopefully leave a review with your opinion. It gives me so much positive energy or if you rather give me constructive criticism - that's also good. It's always good to know what you need to do to write better.

Here are the longer versions of what happens in my stories:

Captain and Captainess to Atlantis Pirates of the Caribbean

This is a romance/adventure story with humor. A little lighter version where Jack and Angelica get married by mistake. Both have their eyes for a certain goal: Atlantis, but for two different reasons. Along the way, they face the infamous pirate Henry Morgan, as well as Jack's mother that does not precisely like her new daughter-in-law.

The man from apartment 512 Pirates of the Caribbean

This is a sequel to Como la flor. Jack is now an honourable merchant that is hired by a Lord to transport merchandize across the Atlantic Ocean. A surprise is that none other than Angelica herself, Jack's former lover, is the Lord’s beloved wife. A trip to London that was supposed to be plain business turns out to be so much more.

Ride to the Middle East Fast and the Furious

Dom and Brian get a call from Ian Shaw about Han's death. Immediately they take off and leave Letty behind. She is supposed to stay with Mia and Jack, while working on her memory loss. To watch her, Roman is forced to retreat to the house in L.A. But Letty has never been the type to stay behind, not without the memory loss nor with. Soon they are back into another action adventure on the other side of the world.

What is love? Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack and Angelica have previously shared a romantic relationship and they were about to get married. Right before the wedding ceremony though, Jack got cold feet and took off, ready to set sail again and try to forget about the cheesy relationship he could've gotten if he married Angelica. Apparently, he has given her much to think of, and she is filled with rage.

One of the towns he and Gibbs decides to plunder, is unfortunately also the place she chose to take a pause at. Spending the night at a tavern, she awakens by a noise and it doesn't take long until she face her former fiancé once again.

The Journey to Dimalia Pirates of the Caribbean

The ritual of getting the Pearl out is to kill Angelica at the habour of Dimalia. Needless to say, Jack has to bring his flame there but along the journey, he discovers feelings that he wasn't previously aware of. Nothing makes it better when she has her husband, Eduardo whom she married on aboard with them. All the while Barbossa is out on the sea, sailing his Queen Anne's Revenge in an attempt of finding Angelica as well and bring her to Dimalia himself.

Ruling the Wind and Tides Pirates of the Caribbean

- Sequel to The Journey to Dimalia. Now, Gibbs has been sent to Cádiz in a mission of bringing Angelica and Antonio to Jack. Instead, there is only Antonio to bring, since Angelica has already taken off to find her long-lost friend, the infamous pirate woman Anne Bonny.

After much deals passing Jack, he finally can take off and find the chest that can rule wind and tides - together with Angelica and Antonio. Unfortunately for them though, Eduardo, her ex-husband is out on the sea as well with the marine, in search of finding her and Antonio. But maybe Syrena and Philip can help the Sparrows along the way?

Euphoria, Furious Six Fast and the Furious

Letty has worked for an organization right next to Leon during the time the old gang performed a heist in Rio. She even has a new boyfriend and is quite comfortable in her new position, even though she is 'dead'.

One problem she isn't aware of, is that Hobbs and Fuentes have found out about it and has travelled all the way to Berlin to take her as a bait. To addition, Han and Gisele have checked into the same hotel as the agents and somehow overhear their conversation about Letty. Soon enough, Mia, Brian and their new daughter Alessandra are all out on autobahn in search for Letty.

And Dom might be the last one to find out about her, but surely the first to lay his eyes on her.

A Spanish Lullaby Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack gets his beloved Pearl out of the bottle by help from Angelica, an attractive ill-tempered woman who also happens to pop up from his past. Together they made the deal of her helping him receiving the Pearl, and he'd bring her to Nassau. A pirate town not many people dares putting their foot. She has a secret comission of her own to give Hendrick Lucifer revenge of what he has done to her, but to complete the absolutely insane event - she must let Jack stay out of it. He'd only stop her from doing her biggest mistake ever, even if she refuses seeing it that way.

Along the way though, a little lass called Elise joins Angelica and she immediately cares of the girl. Together they take off to Nassau before Jack changes his mind. Although, can his feelings really let him let her slip through his hands and sail into an assured death? Without him even knowing of what she wants to give revenge for?

Como la flor Pirates of the Caribbean

Escaping the piracy for a while in their early years, Jack and Gibbs decide to take a pause by working lawfully in Port Royal instead. Jack gets hired by a rich captain called Edward Teach, and begins working at his mansion as a servant. It doesn't take long until he meets Mr Teach's beautiful, yet snobby, young daughter. Nothing makes the already bad situation better when she is betrothed to a rich Lord, but slowly falls for Jack's charming ways.

(Forbidden Love)

If Once Fast and the Furious

Dom and Letty after Fast Six and Seven. They live in a mansion in Spain together with their family. Even though the perfect family-picture is hanging on the wall in the livingroom, Dom might have problems with his teenage daughter's boyfriend and his sons constant nagging...

I need your love Pirates of the Caribbean

According to Angelica, she was pregnant in the end of POTC4. This one-shot is describing an event/reason of why she believes so. A charming and drunk Jack combined with a hot Angelica, equals a steamy, smutty fanfiction.

It would really make me happy if you reviewed after reading a story, no matter if it's like ten years after I published it. :)

Lots of love/ valenelle

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