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"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." - Benjamin Franklin.

Hi everyone. I'm not into having pages and pages as a profile, so I'll keep it brief. Currently, I only write fanfics for Hetalia: Axis Powers but if I'm feeling brave, I might venture out into the big wide world and try my hand at some other types.

I've been writing for a while, but obviously nothing too serious. Then university came along and all my writing had to stop, so now that I've finished uni, I've decided to start again and this time try something a little different. I'm also trying out new styles of writing, particularly short stories as I feel I have a tendancy to "waffle on" a bit in the longer ones. Rest assured though, the odd epic may creep in _

A lot of people have a deviant art profile linked to their profiles. For a while I was against having an account, but I now have one. I'm not entirely up-to-speed on using it, so for now there are only a few K - T rated stories on there. Someday I'll learn to use the account properly, but for now this is my main fanfiction publishing site. Still, if you want to have a look, I'm LadyTrampleton( on deviantart.

Writing is my skill. I'd LOVE to be a published writer/author one day, however I don't have the confidence. Maybe a few years down the line... who knows?

If you've added any of my stories to your favourite lists, or left me a review, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. People like you give me the courage and drive to continue writing. I want you to know that I appreciate you all; it's you people that keep the ideas flowing!

Anyway, if you're still reading this, a few little facts about moi:

Name: Lady

Age: Somewhere between old and too old

Happy reading! _


UPDATE: (15/12/2013) Wow, a whole 6 months since I last put something up here. That's impressive. As for my promise of more smut, it is on the way, however I'm going to be a party-pooper and upload a little something that came to me yesterday evening. Rest assured, the smut is coming. :)



As you may have noticed, I've been lurking on DA recently and decided to enter a little contest. This one seemed really interesting; instead of having free rein to write whatever you wanted with certain characters (as most contests are) each contestant was given an idiom which they had to use as the title and plot of their fanfics. Sounds cool right?

I have one more entry to write, then I'll probably switch back to writing what I enjoy most (and hopefully you guys do too!) which is some tasty, tasty smut.

See you later.


UPDATE: (27/05/2013) Hi everyone, it's been a while yet again. I've got to stop having such long gaps in between my fanfics. If anyone could make the day a little bit longer that would be great.

My next fanfic is a UKxNorway fic. Crack pairing you say? Well... yes and no. Historically, the UK does have a lot of shared history with Norway. With Denmark taking the majority of England, Norway helped himself to Scotland and Northern Island during the Viking era. Both the UK and Norway are Euro-skeptic countries and seem to have a love-hate relationship with the EU. If we're talking Hetalia cannon, then both use magic and see magical creatures, which make them 2 of 3 characters that can do that. So when you think about it... not really that cracky a pairing...

Enjoy! LT

EDIT: someone reminded me that it's not crack, but the Fairy Pair. Thank you to Musicforeverinmysoul, I had quite the brain-fart there! :D

UPDATE: (17/03/2013) Two fanfics in a day? Now I'm just spoiling you all! Enjoy!


UPDATE: (16/03/2013) Oh my, it's been a while since I've been here. Have some fluffy SuFin as an apology.


UPDATE: (27/12/12) If anyone would like to see the full response by Bergamont, please go to the review page of 'Slow Brewed Tea.'

B: “I’m amazed at how you distorted the truth without any hesitation.”

I too am amazed. Amazed that you’re still following me and checking up on me, like a parent watching a child. You must have a lot of free time on your hands, especially as I had a two-month break after your initial PM.

B: “I wrote to kurama and hiei fav girlf for she’d put MA-rating stories on ,.and there are no .20 hate-filled PMs as you claimed in profile.”

Well that’s your word against hers, who do you think I’m more likely to believe?

B: “she blocked me after I left reviews on her stories, how could I manage to PM her in such circumstances.”

By making 4 new accounts, as listed on my profile page and also by doing what you are doing now, leaving comments as a ‘guest’.

B: “The reviews are there, go check if they are all filled with curses.”

Did I ever claim your were cursing? ‘Hateful’ is the word I used, you do not need to curse to make your words drip with hatred.

B:“Though expressed in a harsh way , the whole time what I trying to say is that NC-17 novels are prohibited by the rating policy.”

I’m glad you finally admit it was harsh.

I would also like to point out that, if you are so against M rated, pornographic, smutty fanfics, why have you favourited 8 of them?

Two Lives, One Choice

American dreams in an English village

You're Doing It Wrong

Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart

Aldrig Ei koskaan

You Bastard Aru

My Imagination

We'll Meet Again

These are all listed on your biography as favourites and “My Imagination” comes with a variety of warnings. My fanfics are nowhere near as explicit as that particular favourite of yours.

No doubt you will change your favourites instantly, but my point is that you are simply a hypocrite. You charge in with the rules on M rated fanfictions, yet you obviously enjoy them enough to favourite them. I believe the only reason you have continued to cajole and provoke me is because I did not submit to your terms.

B: “Your behavior is far more malicious by deleting my comments and not mentioning you keeping uploading smuts on purpose.”

I have not deleted any of your comments. In fact, I’ve purposely approved them so other users can see what you are doing. And yes, I have uploaded more fanfiction because – and here’s the best part – people ENJOY them. If you look at the comments left by other users, you will see that the only person with a problem... is you.

B: You turned me into a nerd who’s a threat to all the writers in APH fandom.”

No, you did that yourself.

B: “It’s been an unpleasant experience talking to a dishonest guy like you thus I won’t respond to your accusation anymore.”

I haven’t publically accused you of anything. I gave my watchers the reason why I had left and also warned them of what to expect should you decide to review their fanfics. And as for unpleasant... well, I've been called worse.

B: “Your PMs are in the e-mail box, let’s just hope the support staff fix all.”

Your PMs are also saved in mine for when the admins require evidence. In all honestly, I don’t care if I get reported/banned etc. My aim wasn’t to make any sort of statement with my fanfics, my sole aim was to let other people see my work and get some enjoyment from it, which they did.

I will be continuing to upload my fanfics in the coming months.

UPDATE: (22/11/12)

Bergamont: Yes, those IDs belong to me, and I had mention it in the mail to the support staff.
You can kept on reporting me cuz I don't care my accounts being suspended.
If you don't break the rules nothing will happen.
Good luck for your report, and I'll report your smuts as well.
all you did is thinking you're innocent and don't take the policy seriously.
No one is jealous for your ability to claim smuts as creative work.

so long as you're on the site, don't act like you're a owner of it
and you're a tragic character cuz a user told you
you couldn't post lemon here.
The kurama and hiel whatever guy was also reported by me for making insult.
I can just write to the staff to ask if it is ok to upload smuts for the writer
thinks she's making progress in writing for the whole human race.
You can claim this cyber bully if you like, have fun then.


UPDATE: (18/11/2012) WARNING!

Everyone, I haven't been on this site for a while. There were many reasons, but the main one was down to the cyber-bully who threatened to report me if I didn't change my chapter in Bittersweet Entanglement. Well I did - as you saw - and they continued to watch me to "make sure" I didn't post any new M-rated stories. I don't know about you, but having that over my shoulder sapped all my creativity and and long story short, I left for a while.

Since then, someone left me a very nice and positive review. They also said I should ignore this cyber-bully and called them a "prick." Unfortunately, this cyber-bully - who was watching me and my stories because they have nothing better to do - saw this and has since turned on my poor reviewer. 20 hate-filled PMs a day she is getting from this bully, simply for reading my fanfic!

We have both reported this troll (admins don't seem to care about it, but I'm going to keep going until this troll is gone!) but I wanted to warn you incase this bully turns on you or thinks that your fanfics shouldn't be on this site. The accounts this troll has are:

bergamont - ID 4056282

twoberger - ID 4349020

violath - 4367576

vvthird - 4367672

zaburger - 4348933

I'm not asking anyone to join in reporting this bully. All I'm asking is that you be careful and watch yourself. should be a site that allows everyone to express themselves and their creativity. No one has the authority to decide what should be placed here except the admins, and no one should harass members by sending them truly awful, hate-filled messages.

Be careful everyone.


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