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Hello everyone! I'm silkyterrier34. I joined Fanfiction summer 2011. When I first joined I mainly focused on keeping up with my favorite stories and writing reviews. Now I'm actually writing some stories!

I've written stories ever since I mastered reading. Usually I would only share it with my parents and grandparents if anyone. I only wrote stories just to write. However, when I got older I realized how much I loved entertaining people. Plus, I always find myself wanting to express my ideas. This site is perfect for me. I get to release my imagination and make people happy.

One day I hope to be a screenwriter. But for now I can only share my ideas on here. I would love it too if you told me what you think of my story. It would help me with my experience. Thank you.

Fun fact only found on my profile: I chose silkyterrier34 as my username because I have a purebred silky terrier and a crossbreed of a silky terrier and Yorkshire terrier. The silky terrier, Chloe, was born in March (the third month of the year) and my other dog, Hannah, was born in April (the fourth month in the year). Both are in my profile picture.

November 17, 2013

My town has been hit by a tornado today. I'll never forget it, sitting in my basement and hearing the roar of the twister. Outside I could see leaves blowing, but other than that I had no idea what was going on. I closed my eyes and reminded myself that I had asked God for help and that he would protect me.

After the roar had left my father went upstairs. He said nothing had happened to our house and I felt safer. When I went outside I wasn't prepared to see the damage the storm had left behind. My grandparents who live across the street had lost their chairs that were on the porch (we luckily retrieved them). Plywood was stuck in the trees overhead and any of the fall leaves that were left on the trees were ripped off. Later I noticed that leaves were falling from the sky, apparently thrown there by the tornado. Crows kept cawing as they flew overhead.

None of my neighbors were harmed and I was very grateful, but then I went to the street next to us. All of the houses were gone on that street and my mind immediately went to my friends who lived on there. I went into the neighborhood looking for them and had found one, but I ended up worrying about my other friend for a few hours. In the street I saw trees ripped out of the ground from their roots, cars that were thrown into walls, and pets roaming without their owners.

According to the news my town was the town hit hardest in the state. I'm still trying to contact more friends of mine, and I left my house to a hotel because our power's out. My aunt's house was hit and now she has to live with a family member. My band teacher's house is also gone. People have already started looting the houses that were destroyed.

I am thanking God that none of my family was hurt. I still don't understand how my street was left untouched while the one next door was destroyed. Sadly many people in my town were left homeless or injured. One man was even killed. I humbly ask that you include them in your prayers.

Thank you.


I thought this story was too small to post as a real story on the website. That's why I wrote it on here!

I hope you like this very short Class of the Titans story! It explains why Archie is afraid of water.

3 months after the birth of Archie

Thetis, a sea nymph, ran to a two-story house in a quiet neighborhood about 2 hours away from New Olympia. As quietly as she could, she floated to a window on the second floor, opened it and went inside.

She took off her hood and examined the room. The room was small with a group of some stuffed animals in a corner. The rest of the toys were on a shelf next to a diaper changing station. And straight on the other side of the room was a crib with a mobile hanging over it.

Thetis walked over to the crib and found herself looking at her new grandson. He was surprisingly wide awake and stared at Thetis, curiously. His head was already sprouting little red hairs. That and the curve of his face reminded her of Achilles.

She slowly reached for Archie and picked him up, "Hello, there." She began to rock him in her arms while talking baby talk to him. Archie smiled and tried to grab Thetis' hair, but she brushed her hair behind her shoulder before he could. She pointed her finger at him and Archie grabbed it. Thetis smiled to see that he was stronger than the average baby, but then she remembered why she came here.

"Archie, years ago I failed to save my Achilles. Before I had been told the prophecy of his death I tried to make him immortal. I dipped him in the Styx river and assumed that he would be forever safe, but I was wrong. I had left his heel dry by mistake and it was the only mortal part of him. So when an arrow hit his heel it had the same effect as an arrow hitting a mortal man in the chest.

"I will not fail again. I may not be able to do anything about Cronus, but I plan to do something to save you from Scamander." She moved her hand so it was about a foot away from Archie's face and few streams of green light swirled out of her hand and fell onto Archie's forehead.

"Despite the fact that you are part sea nymph you will fear water. You will never want to get in it and will always keep your distance." Archie wouldn't blink as the fear seeped into his head. After a minute Thetis stopped and set Archie back in his crib. She hoped with all of her might that it worked.

At the same time though she felt terrible, "I'm sorry I did this."

Before Archie realized it she had dived out the window.

I plan on rewriting this a bit. What does everybody think?

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